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Saturday, October 15, 2016

"I'll Go Potty, But Not Without A Belly Rub" And Related Incidents

That's how "Auntie Michelle" described the message that Reilly sent when she rolled over when "Auntie Michelle" asked her if she needed to "go potty". At least, according to "Auntie Michelle", "[my] sweetness doll finally listened and 'went potty'" when "Auntie Michelle" took Reilly "potty"—long after she should have taken her, which is the kind of **** that causes "Momma" snap & lose her **** at least from time to time, albe that it gives "Momma" time to write blog entries about Reilly.

(Nonetheless, being taken advantage of due to having a disability, whether intentionally or unintentionally on the part of "Auntie Michelle", is far from fun and a cause of why "Momma" often gets to bed late—waiting for Auntie Michelle to take Reilly "potty" and being in the middle of a blog entry when "Auntie Michelle" and "Reilly" come back inside often causes "Momma" to have to make Reilly wait to go back upstairs.).

Meanwhile, Reilly will do the same to "Momma"—that is, stubbornly not move unless she gets a belly rub—and sometimes refuse to move at all, regardless of whether she gets a belly rub—this is particularly not fun for "Momma" when, for example, she has to adjust her blankets at the foot of her bed to keep her perpetually-cold right foot warm or run to the restroom due to an IBS flareup (and incidentally, Reilly still barks like a banshee—or klipeh—quite often). "Momma", then, either persists and get stubborn Reilly to move, tries to get around Reilly if she can (since Reilly has taken up the habit of sharing a pillow with "Momma" and makes "Momma"'s getting out of bed and to the restroom on time hard when she won't move) or decides to fight the IBS flareups or sleep with a cold foot for Reilly's sake.

Here, Reilly is begging for Camille to play with her, although "Momma" thought that she was begging for a belly rub!

By the way, "Momma" is whom has encouraged Reilly to share her pillow—"Come on, Reilly. Move up."; "Reilly; put your head on the pillow."; "Reisy, do you want some more of the pillow?"—and having Reilly sleep beside "Momma" makes breathing for "Momma" a lot easier, especially when Reilly is not laying on the blankets and causing the blankets to weigh down on "Momma", whose colon (due to her IBS) is already weighing down on her diaphragm quite a bit of the time when she lays down (which is actually, as she's read, quite common in people which IBS).

"Momma", "Momma" should mention, has explained IBS flareups to Reilly with phrases such as "My bladder and my colon are acting funny." She's also explained IBS in more detail, though she's explained it per how puppies can understand it.

The day before, Camille laid near Reilly as "Auntie Nicole" was laying down for a nap. IBS is sadly part of what's kept "Auntie Nicole" from getting a job, although she at least gets to watch Camille (and Reilly) during the day and nap when she can (since IBS, comorbidly with Depression and other issues, affects her sleep; and Reilly has been affected by that.).

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