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Showing posts with label patriotism. Show all posts

Thursday, June 14, 2018

An (Actually-Not-So-) Early (-After-All) Flag Day Card


  1. Reilly did end up getting low-calorie treats.
  2. "Momma" had no idea that Flag Day is also World Blood Day (Speaking of which, please help "Momma" help the Red Cross to help Ellicott City!). When she saw it on Google, though, that's when she figured out that the pictures with the flashing red stars really worked for the Flag Day card.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Whenever I See A Bad Headline Regarding St. Louis And Vicinity...

I always hope that it does not involve an Andrulewicz in a negative way. For example, the main thought in my head when I read about a Missouri State Senator whom sat down during the Pledge of Allegiance was, "At least she's not an Andrulewicz." As I told a cousin on another side of the family, "The main thing that I can think: at least she's (as far as I know) not an Andrulewicz. I would be highly disappointed if she were." 

I can't guarantee that the State Senatorwhom is African Americandoes not have Andrulewicz blood, she's a shanda fur die goyim and if she does have Andrulewicz blood—after all, the Andrulewiczes (both the Anusim and the openly-Jewish ones) did not come here to express a "**** you" sentiment about the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem.

According to Granduncle Tony, of blessed memory, Julian and Alexandria Andrulewicz Czarnecki:

"There was no special items from Poland that were kept by the family that I know of.  They came with little and acquired everything they had in America.  Over the years all traces of Poland disappeared.  They were now AMERICANS and wanted to be known as such.  The Polish heritage was maintained through Church and their friends in the community..."

Even in the midst of pretending to be Poles and Roman Catholics, Julian and Alexandria Andrulewicz Czarnecki were proud Jewish Americans—and one of their sons died from his injuries in World War Two, though he has yet to get even a posthumous Purple Heart. As for other Andrulewiczes, for example, Joseph Anthony Andrulewicz was KIA in World War Two; and Thomas Bernard Andrewlevich and Jacob Andrulewitz were wounded.

Therefore, I only hope that the Missouri State Senator who kneeled during the Pledge Of Allegiance was not an Andrulewicz whom would disgrace the family name—and a Koheni one at that.

Friday, June 17, 2016

I Don't Care About This Country—It's Not What You Think

I don't care about this country;
I care about only me.
I don't care about this country's people;
I care about only myself within this country.
I don't care about this country's population;
I care about myself as an individual whom makes up a part of it.
I am not responsible for my countrymen;
I am responsible for only myself.
I don't ask what my country can do for me;
I ask what I can do for my country.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Congress Reviewing Jewish WW1 Vets Per Slights Against Them, And...

As a Messianic Jew with an Ashkenazi Anusi great-granduncle in WW2, I can tell you that (as I've stated before) I hope that they also review the Medals and decorations of WW2 vets. My great-granduncle Bernie Czarnecki, ne Bernard S. Chernetski (or Czarniecki), was born a Roman Catholic because his parents were Anusim who had escaped the pogroms in then-Russian Poland and Anti Semitism in their adopted home in Sugar Notch, Pennsylvania. Great-Granduncle Bernie was Pfc. Bernard S. Czarnecki, 111th Infantry Division Medical Core; and he took shrapnel to the head during his five years of service (Dec 12, 1940 - Dec 12, 1945). He died as a result of his war wounds in the Lebanon, Pennsylvania Veterans' Affairs Hospital and Homes on July 16, 1963; and never even received an honorable grave, let alone a Purple Heart or anything else even posthumously.