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Showing posts with label copyrights. Show all posts

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Toby Keith May Be A Song Stealer As Well...

He already got into trouble for "I Love This Bar" because he stole an idea. While nothing is new under the sun and one can't copyright ideas, one should at least try to credit the one from whom he got a very-specific manifestation of an idea. For example, he took a manifestation of an idea that Robert Earl Keen had, tweaked it a bit, and tried to make it his own--viz. "Bullets In the Gun".

I even read somewhere that he once said that he can't read sheet music, and the interviewer asked him what he does about publishing his songs, etc. in sheet-music form. After hearing the "Bullets In the Gun" controversy (hearing both songs as well--viz. REK's and "Bullets In the Gun", too) and reading that, I began to believe that Toby Keith is an idea stealer if not an outright song stealer. Listen:

Are at least the lyrics and the idea behind them all too similar too you?