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Thursday, June 20, 2013

For Maria Jones On (With Embedded Maps)


Classification: Query
Surnames: Andrulevicus, Andrulewicz, Andrulevich, Andrelovich
I don't know how much this would help, but understanding the background of the Andrulewiczes and your matriarch's journey to Magdalena may prove to be of some help (See map below.) . The Andrulevicuses are originally from Stakliškės and were openly Jewish. Some remained openly Jewish, with some even immigrating to other parts of Lithuania (See Nik Andrelovich below.), some to Ukranian Russia (Search for Vil'gel'm Andrulevich. This is who Great-Great-Grandma, later Alexandria Andrulewicz Czarnecki, had been visiting when Great-Granddad [later Anthony Czarnecki, Sr.] was born in Cuman [now Tsuman]). 
View Larger Map It was a 121-hour (5 day, one-hour) journey, which probably happened over years; though Great-Great-Grandma did have to stop between Lipsk nad Biebrza and Buzhanka nad Zvenigorodka when she gave birth to Great-Granddad, and that added 10 hours to a seven-and-an-eighth-days journey. Then again, your matriarch may have come this way (about an eight-day journey):
View Larger Map Searching for Surname (phonetically like) Andrelovich Number of hits: 1 Run on Thursday 20 June 2013 at 21:42:56 Surname Given Name Father Occupation Address Telephone # Year Page # Comments Town Uyezd Gubernia Publication Type ANDRELOVICH Nik Dvortsovaya Street, 4 1915 7 Vilnius Vilnius Vilnius Vsia Vilna (Ci Name Patronymic Year / Number Qualifications Town (type) Street Uyezd District Age Nationality ANDRULEVICH, Vil'gel'm Ser. 1906 / 56 Po promysl.nalogu Buzhanka (s.) Zvenigorodka ANDRULEVICUS, JONAS UNKNOWN [probably Stakliškės] 27 years old (