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Showing posts with label fairness. Show all posts

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Why I've Been Low Profile Of Late, Despite That Confronting Certain Evils Is Not Just About Me

To work up the courage to do what is right when your own loved ones arepersecuting you is tough, especially when they claim to want what is right whilethey actually would rather have safety—at least partly—in the status quo andnormalcy. Going out on a limb and literally risking your own limbs for the sakeof others becomes even tougher when your loved ones can force you to stop takingthat risk, despite that taking that risk is righteous and worth more than evenlife. Having nobody in lieu of your loved ones to support you—or to confrontyour loved ones—is all the more tough—and so is having your potential in-lieusupport system support your loved ones (even if they mean well in doing so).

That is why I have been low profile of late—and with nowhere to go if I takethe risk and am caught. I can only imagine, by the way, if the attitudes ofloved ones and positions in the cases of those such as MLK, Mark Potok, Jay Sekulow, and even Miep Gies had been like those in my case.