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Showing posts with label moments. Show all posts

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sweet Reilly Strikes (Or Rather, Paws) Again

Just like last time, Reilly reached out to "Momma" with her paw. This time, put however, Reilly put her paw on "Momma"'s hand and put it back on her hand after "Momma" had to pull it away for some reason and then tell her, "Okay; you can put your paw back on my hand now." or ask her to put it back on her hand—since she appreciated her "dogter"'s sweet gesture.

Then Reilly put her paw on "Momma"'s arm before "Momma" decided to move over all of the way and rest her head on her arm, since she decided that both of them needed to get some sleep.

Reilly truly is an empath and her "Momma"'s girl.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sharp Tongues In Nostrils And A Hard Time Breathing: AKA...

Puppy kisses right up the nostrils! Ouch! Camille also licks my nostrils, despite the "no nostrils" rule. Meanwhile, I keep my mouth closed while I'm getting puppy kisses, and I've also implemented a "no ears" rule.

Incidentally, Cam even got a booger once (Yuck!). As I've said, Ri and Cam provide never-dull moments.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Those Little Moments When, For Example...

  1. Cam sits by the bathroom door due to not wanting to be away from whomever's in the bathroom
  2.  Either Cam or Ri come to lay by my feet as I'm at my laptop
  3. Ri comes to the computer get scritches
  4. Ri and Cam, like now, run to the door to greet whomever's coming home
  5. Cam jumps up and down when she greets whoever's coming home
  6. Ri and Cam beg for food