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Showing posts with label Florida_v_Anthony. Show all posts

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

George Zimmerman Is In Jail Awaiting Trial...

Can we, as Trayvon's parents and others want, just let the justice system play out now? As others have pointed out, this isn't Florida v. Anthony (2011). In Florida v. Anthony, there was a mother-- Casey Marie Anthony-- who clearly murdered her own then-2-year-old daughter, Caylee; tampered with and let the elements otherwise destroy Caylee's body, and otherwise hindered the investigation into Caylee's death; and left Caylee's death reported for 30-31 days while she went out and remorselessly partied to celebrate her self-created childless life.

In Florida v. Zimmerman (which may also become United States v. Zimmerman); there is either a deceitful and racist murderer, a mentally-ill or otherwise mentally-afflicted man who snapped or otherwise acted in an irrational and uncontrolled way, or an assaulted-and-battered neighborhood watchman who was defending himself and/or his community with the "Stand Your Ground" Law. For whatever reason (which may well be the second possibility, and thus may have helped to mitigate the circumstances and charges), Special Prosecutor Angela Corey charged George Zimmerman with second-degree-- not first-degree-- murder; although to be fair (as Judge Alex Ferrer explained on "The O'Reilly Factor"), certain kinds of evil or malicious intent in Florida can get one charged with second-degree murder as opposed to manslaughter, and as opposed to first-degree murder on the other end of the homicide spectrum in Florida v. Zimmerman

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mean But Poigniant (And Maybe Funny)


No. Michael Jackson was a child molester who got away with pedophilia as Casey Anthony got away with murder.
(And Michael Jackson was a pedophile. That the boy was scared into retracting his statement when he clearly saw viteligo in a certain area, as he described, is sad.).
However, a picture of when he was whiter would've made the point. When he was normal, he was okay, as far as known.
(But who knows what he was doing before the Pepsi-commercial set fire?)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Part of This E-Mail Had To Do With Certain Relatives, But There Was A Bigger Picture

Besides Chron's and OCD, there's much worse plaguing the Fosko-Rusnak Family: it's a spiritual sickness-- and one that might justly cost us any chance to make aliyah.

By the way, this e-mail correspondence is chronicled in recency order; because I frankly didn't feel like copying and pasting, and putting things in standard chronological order-- and besides; family history is often discovered via recency (instead of standard) chronology, and keeping the e-mail correspondence in backward order may provide comic relief for the fact that you have to read it in a down-to-up-- not up-to-down- order (Then again, the suggestion of any comic relief probably is a little sick.).

Neither did the prosecution in Casey Anthony's case, right? Unlike you and the rest of the family (or at least certain people in the family), I know that common sense allows for circumstantial evidence. By the way, if the letters weren't so bad, why did Grandaunt Mary Ann not give the dates or specific contents of the letters?

I am ashamed that some in the family are so corrupt as to hide what is a forgivable mistake that-- as forgivable as it is-- still needs to be dealt with. I am further ashamed that said forgivable mistake is being made to be unforgivable by being hidden and then, once uncovered, excused and/or justified.

I understand that US foreign policy at the time was isolationist, times were bad especially for Crypto and Messianic Jews in America (where being Jewish and a Christian was apparently supposed to be okay; but the "G-d forbid if you even act like a Jew for Jesus, let alone are a Jew for Jesus" and "the Jews are Christ killers" attitudes still applied), etc.

Nonetheless, Great-Grandma was reached out to by relatives who had that very "G-d forbid if you even act like a Jew for Jesus" attitude, because they trusted that even who they considered a meshumadah and koferah would do the Christian thing that she claimed to live by and follow the higher good. And Great-Grandma (so to speak) dropped the ball and cost lives by her actions.

By the way, there are those who would get word of what Great-Grandma did and snicker, "Oh; not only are Jews the Christ killers, now they even betray their own-- as if they didn't betray one of their own before!" Are you honestly okay with that, and all because we justify a significant reason why many of our relatives continue to hate the very name of Jesus (or at least our use of it), and why many gentiles continually blaspheme G-d and attack the Jewish people?

PS If you ever try to make aliyah, I won't blame the Israeli government if they won't welcome you-- they would have every reason to use that you justified a traitor to relatives who were trying to make aliyah!

In a message dated 7/16/2011 5:56:29 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [Kev] writes:


There is no evidence of any kind of coverup or wrong-doing. The letters I am aware of were written in the late 1940's, after WWII ended and after Julia had died. Mary Ann's mother reached out in a good-will effort to see how people were back home, and probably to also let them know Julia had died. Mary had five children to feed and times were tough here after the War too. How could she be expected to send money overseas?

Andrew Rusnak's parents were married in the same Greek Byzantine Catholic church on Nov 5, 1876 that Andrew and Julia were baptized at. Andrew's naturalization papers state he was born in Aryanidka.

Enough is enough, Nikki, your anger and rhetoric is missplaced. You have a right to your opinion, but you have no facts to back up your accusations.


[Misplaced.... We'll see what happens when we can't make aliyah because of him; then he can talk about "misplaced". Besides, as I mentioned in the video to which this blog entry is a description, the anger is certainly not misplaced.]


From: [Me. By the way, I don't see why they want to think that G-d is kidding about sin visiting the third and fourth generations-- and giving Non-Messianic Jews, or at least those who aren't Crypto and Non-Messianic Jews, and gentiles to blaspheme Yeshua.]

Subject: Re: By the Way....


What I disparage more than anything is the image that we have created of Great-Grandma as such: admirable. I also disparage the same with our family: how can we be admirable in covering up and/or justifying such actions as Great-Grandma did, and ones that were done to and within our own family? With a family-- especially where the Gospel is concerned-- a family must be looked at in how they preached and lived the Gospel within and outside of the family-- and that means admitting, repenting for, and looking for redemption in instead of covering up and justifying inexcusable mistakes.

What admiration is there in stopping correspondence with Vilmosz Rusnak and his brother-in-law (the husband of Pepi Rusnakova Grinfeldova) Zoltan Grinfeld (both of whom had children-- Fredi, hardly a year old; Sandor and Miklos, one of whom was 10 and the other 12) when they trusted even the oldest daughter of who they consider a kofer, a meshud; and she betrayed them and, to make it worse, hid what she did that caused them to both:

1) die in the Holocaust (all of the Rusnaks for whom help was asked died at Auschwitz and other murder camps; except for Tibor Rusnak, who understandably went to Ohio after surviving the Holocaust and did not talk to our side of the family in Pennsylvania)


2) Think all the less of Jesus because of our actions. Their (that is, Vilmosz's) dad Yehoshua Samuel considered Jakub and Maria Novakova Rusnak, the parents of Great-Great-Granddad Rusnak, as good as met (dead) and to sit shiva for over their supposed (Crypto) conversion to Slovakian Byzantine Catholicism. When Great-Grandma did what she did, she left the perception for Vilmosz et. al. that Jesus really did hate Jews and would even have his Jewish followers deliver Jews into the hands of the Pogroms, Crusaders, and now the Nazis.

I don't disparage mistakes as much as I do the unrepentant attitude toward them and the justification toward them. And how are we as Jews, as Rusnaks, as Christians going to be believed that one can be as Jewish as the Kosice and Zlata Idka Rusnaks were and believe in Jesus? That's a question that we as Jews and as a family have to look at-- we can't be preaching the Gospel while being remiss about a most UnJewish and UnChristian thing that was done within and to our family.

Besides, we don't know if Great-Grandma's uncle Stephen really was still alive in 1947 as Great-Great-Granddad's obit claims. He may have died in the Holocaust, too; and then how can we blame when fellow Jews scoff and won't believe the Gospel because of Jews like Great-Grandma, who betrayed her own to the Nazis' will?

In a message dated 7/15/2011 9:58:05 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, [a cousin] writes:

Hi Nicole,

I do admire your desire to research the family history. That is terrific. And I believe that each person deserves his or her own opinion.

That being said, I have 2 thoughts to share with you:

1. We did not live in such times and I feel strongly that if you have not walked a mile in someone's shoes, then you should not judge that person. Actually, that is my golden role; I am not perfect so I do not feel I have the right to judge anyone. Please give this careful thought.

2. I adore Grandma, her legacy and the family - and I politely request that you do not send me any further correspondence that speaks disparagingly of them.

Thank you,

[A cousin to whom I had to explain that I owe no apology to Great Grandma for standing up for at least the memories of Vilmosz, Dudus, Pepi, et. al.]

On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 7:00 PM, [I]wrote:

Remember that it was the Foskos and Hanzoks who go back to Diosgyor? Also, parish records do follow; and especially in those times for such a significant move, they or copies of them would have. Remember as I said, the parish records would've proved that we weren't Jews if they went with us from Diosgyor. There were no records until 1776, in more-Philosemitic Zlata Idka.

PS Andrew Rusnak claimed that he was born in Zlata. You found the connection to Kosice with Jakub and Maria (around or after the Yad Vashem records for Vilmosz et. al. were discovered by me. I still say that Great-Grandma Gaydos acted traitorous. Given that they viewed her and her dad and siblings as meshudim and sat shiva for him and his parents, no way did they have to ask her for help-- and she only served to turn them further away from considering Jesus as Messiah.

(Meanwhile, "money" en meir tuchus- I wish that Grandaunt Mary Ann, Grandma, et. al. would admit what Great-Grandma really stopped writing for. She and Grandma were 12 and 7 at the time-- about May 17, 1944 when the Rusnaks and Szymon Nowak (Shimon Novak) were murdered; and 10 and 5 or 6 when Iwan Rusnak was murdered. As for the others, we were much younger or not even born yet-- we couldn't have done bupkis. Yet to excuse Great-Grandma's behavior-- or at least hide it-- is entirely wrong, especially when other Jews have married into the family-- the Feldmans and Lavins, for example (and "Lavin" is a form of "Levy" or "Levi"-- "Levite")).

[PS Ally Shumack seems to hate that fact. But I don't mind that Fred McMahon's wife is a Levite. In fact, I kind of envy that-- as far as I know-- I'm a plain old Yehudi'ah-- not a Levi'ah or a koheinah.]

In a message... [Kevin] writes

Parish records don't follow one from place to place. Parish records eventually become genealogical dead-ends because these records don't list the town and place of worship for a child's parents. My baptismal record does not show where my mom and dad were born. But my birth certificate does.

Was Andrew Rusnak born in Zlata or in Diosgyor?

I'm on vacation now but will be happy to look more into this when I get home. Can you send me a copy of Andrew's nat papers and death cert? I don't have them.

Kevin ...
[Weirdly enough, Kevin gave me copies of quite a few of the documents that he was able to get copies of himself. And he brought up the 1776 date. Besides, a Hebrew woman with children-- who did ask Julia Fosko to pair up with her as a traveling partner on the Fredrich der Grosse(?)-- would not have asked Julia to do that were she a gentile girl. Jews and gentiles, especially Jewish women with children and single gentiles who were indeed at risk for being victims of unscrupulous men, did not trust each other back then. No sane Hebrew would've trusted that any unscrupulous man would not use any gentile to get to her and her children.]


From: [Me. By the way, I told that I'm not a complete dummy. I've done my research.]

Subject: Re: By the Way....

As far back as 1776, around the 1787 Hungarian deadline for Jews to take surnames. Also, read again-- "if we were Catholic in Diosgyor, that would've followed us to Zlata Idka. It didn't. You even said that no parish records exist until Zlata Idka, and parish records surely would've followed us because- were we gentile- surely we and/or Diosgyor would've wanted the parish records to follow us to distinguish us from Jews."

We are Jews; those Rusnaks were relatives; and we don't need to convert back to Non-Messianic Judaism-- I by no means indicate falling away or reversion, lest we do exactly what Hebrews 6:4-6 warns against.

[I told you that I don't advocate apostasy. Besides, as someone on the Jews for Jesus forums noted, Talmud Bavli is a "wicked book".]

In a message..[Kevin] writes:

The Zlata Idka parish records show Catholic Rusnaks, Foskos and Hanzoks as far back as 1776. The Rusnaks who died in the Holocaust could have been relatives, but we don't know. Your mom has a Shaw in her line, but separated by probably 10 generations from Jen.

[Appealing to Mom's and Jen's possible connection doesn't help any. Besides, Dad and Vilmosz, and my cousin Greg and Vilmosz's brother David "Dudus" clearly look like cousins.]


From: "Nicole C." [And if you keep reading, you'll see that I know and have learned history quite well, even if I'm not the brightest bulb in the bunch-- and I have to find some Yidish or Hebrew expression to use in place of the "brightest bulb" one. By the way, "Yidish" is an acceptable variation of "Yiddish".]

Subject: Re: By the Way....

As I said, look up Yad Vashem. I can give you various names (and you've seen them for the Rusnaks!). Besides, if we were Catholic in Diosgyor, that would've followed us to Zlata Idka. It didn't. You even said that no parish records exist until Zlata Idka, and parish records surely would've followed us because- were we gentile- surely we and/or Diosgyor would've wanted the parish records to follow us to distinguish us from Jews.

Besides, Foskos and Hanzoks- and Hanzoks and Foskos- have married each other for generations! Have you seen Numbers 36? Besides, no gentile Fosko would've married a Jewish Rusnak!

-----Original Message-----

From: [Kevin, that cousin about whom I was talking]

Subject: Re: By the Way....

So where are your sources and evidence? Your great-grandma kept correspondence with them until after WWII. Since I don't have, and haven't found any evidence to support your Jewish theory, leave me out of this.


[I honestly do think that Kevin is afraid of being a Jew, and thinks that-- no matter how often I've explained that I'm not advocating apostasy (a return to Non-Messianic Judaism)-- I'm advocating apostasy.]

From: "Nicole C."

Also, not that you might care (I'm not being offensive; just blunt); but we need to get rid of the non-kosher stuff, since (by eating non-kosher, or treif, stuff), we (even inadvertently) dishonor the memory of our relatives lost in the Holocaust (Ask Grandaunt Mary Ann and Kevin Fosko. If you still don't believe me, look up "Rusnak" and "Rusznak" in Kosice and Aranyidka (Zlata Idka) on Yad Vashem's website. This will also explain the business about the relatives writing to Mary Gaydos Rusnak for money- not so much money as help to make aliyah so as to not perish! How Great-Grandma wronged them!).
[I'm actually adding and censoring things in a down-and-up order myself. And besides Great-Granduncle Andy's and Great-Grandaunt Aggie (zichronah l'brakha)'s Alzheimers-- among other health problems that eating treif has caused and/or aggravated in the Rusnak Family--, bringing dishonor upon the memory of Vilmosz Rusnak and his side of the family-- upon bringing further dishonor upon ourselves-- has been an effect of our eating treif.]

-----Original Message-----

From: Nicole C. [Censored. If you think that I've been a total jerk; the fact that I'm censoring plenty of stuff that I might otherwise not should prove that I have some moral, legal, and other conscience.].

Subject: Re: Rusnak Family Medical History


If this helps any, OCD/Anxiety comes from the Foskos (I found this out upon my own diagnosis and finding out that a certain Fosko has Anxiety at least.). Also, my dad and granddad have Chron's; we all know that my granddad had Colon Cancer as well, and I have IBS.

Nicole Czarnecki

-----Original Message-----


Subject: Rusnak Family Medical History [Which Includes the Fosko-Rusnak OCD. Keep Reading]

Hello Rusnak Family,

I know there has been interest in the past few years to gather some family info on health history and have it available for everyone. Being blessed with so many medical professionals in the family, we are armed the right folks to lead us in this task. for thought for next year (we'll want to talk about how we can best go about it this year)...I can create a tab and sheet in the directory for family medical history, so no one has the daunting task of researching family history while overwhelmed with a medical issue. I would love ideas and feedback on how we can best approach this objective.

In the meantime, please see [Censored]'s note below....thank you!


[Censored. PS At least for me, I call bull---- on the hugs, as I think that the certain relative whose name I censored would like to kill me.]

[Censored for privacy reasons. I'd also prefer to keep out of legal trouble.]

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Bring the Chance To Be Free" and Return, O L-rd!

George, Cindy, and Lee Anthony... the rain was definitely brought on them; and I agree that George and Lee suffered the most in particular. To be left behind... why must the righteous like Caylee be taken and the righteous like George and Lee left behind? George wanted to be with Caylee... I feel that way about a yet-unavenged murder victim in my own family- actually, two.
I've mentioned Great-Grandma Czarnecki several times... and now that Casey got away (or so it seems)... but how's that divorce, Aunt Mary? Is your life working out for you since you didn't pursue tzedek against Pop-Pop, the dad who abused you and your own grandmother as well- not to mention his own mother? Remember that Mary Trudnak Czarnecki was (or is his late) mother.

The second one is a Holocaust victim, a dishonored Jew who laid in a Veterans Affairs Homes and Hospital complex for the rest of his life because of shrapnel in his head and botched surgery. Who remembers Pfc. Bernard "Bernie" S. Czarnecki; US Army, 111th Infantry Division, Medical Core? And with all due respect to Lenny Kravitz, you thought that Pfc. Leonard Kravitz was dishonored? Who Pop-Pop Czarnecki takes after (his uncles John "Johnkie" and Joseph "Suzy" Czarnecki) even got away with Social Security fraud (That's why there's no record for Great-Granduncle Bernie or benefits for his sister Alexandria Alice Czarnecki Dombroski, who take care of him and set up the account for him. She was a widow already raising a child alone, and now she loses a brother and has no survivors' benefits to take care of herself and her son- and she even took care of Great-Great-Grandma Czarnecki before she died!).

"Bring the chance to be free" and return, O L-rd!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Part of My Correspondence With a True Reform Jew (i.e., One Who's Really Reforming Modern Judaism)

However, I'm going to censor out his or her name for the interim, since he or she has not yet responded to this:

Hey... (v'Shabbat Shalom!):

Thanks for the response, and I apologize for delaying in my own response. Meanwhile, I think that a good topic to cover at present would be the Casey Anthony case and the death penalty; especially because a prominent fellow Jew of ours, Geraldo Rivera, seems to unfortunately be in lockstep with URJ policy per the death penalty and is forgetting how Torah and arguably tikun ha'olam (which certainly includes tzedek) requires that Casey be convicted and get the death penalty per nefesh l'nefesh- and how any other premeditating and remorseless murderer should get the death penalty.

I think that one of the things that many- including the URJ (including Geraldo) forgets is that the death penalty is not a bloodlust-based idea or easy sanction to carry out for any Jewish or gentile person who loves Torah. To carry out nefesh l'nefesh is killing someone, and taking a life of even the most vile person is hard especially because we're all family (per Adam and Eve, and Noah) and there is a special kind of "What could have been?" heartbreak in having to execute a fellow family member who could have chosen to do the right thing instead of murder someone and attempt to evade and/or pervert tzedek (and Casey obviously chose to pervert tzedek instead of love and raise Caylee).

Nicole Czarnecki

To Geraldo Rivera's Producer, Christina Timothy

CT, morality sometimes takes precedence over the Constitution and other US law (and obviously is not in line with it at the time). Especially as a Jew, Geraldo ought to know that. In this case, he's behaving to a lesser degree and in a different but parallel way to my great-grandmother Gaydos- that is, Great-Grandma Gaydos cost the lives of relatives who died in the Holocaust because she followed US isolationist policy and did not send them the help which they requested; and in a similar way, Geraldo is costing Caylee's life and justice all the more.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Cops Listened In Illegally On Casey Anthony's Conversation? Re Roy Kronk

In the words of Jose Baez, "The answer is simple": the cops listened in legally either way; whether the way be that an inmate heard the Baez-Anthony conversation and (in street talk) snitched (By the way, I'm 21 and had no idea that "Zani" is street talk for "Xanax"- which goes to show how worldly Casey Anthony is compared to me. Anyway, either an inmate heard and snitched), or the cops (or corrections officers or whoever else) had a classified (secret) warrant from Judge Perry (since judges issue warrants, and Judge Perry would've had to have issued a non-Terry or  -Pringle, or other circumstanial or circumstance-mandated warrant).

Either way, Roy Kronk's girlfriend had the right to hear the police-given information and tip off the county (or community; either way, public worker) meter reader.