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Friday, September 19, 2014

#HeardWhilstDisabled and Chapelgate Presbyterian Church (And Academy)...

By the way, just in case certain people are wondering, I still remember how the supposed church of "Healing, Renewal, and Peace" could not been worse to especially those with disabilities, those who come from broken homes, and Jews (and I am a Jew who has a disability and comes from a broken home). I can recall specific examples to this very day. Also, I have nothing to hide; and just remember this: I know who God is, and He will judge righteously.

Some of the ones that are seared most into my memory are the following, and not in any particular order (I could name more, though these will suffice to be enough named—and I'm sure that I've written about others before.):

  1. A certain pastor quoted the Hitler of his day—Martin Luther. Now that I chillingly think on it, there is no wonder that a man who would advocate to "sin freely" due to grace would order that one should round up Jews, burn our institutions, and murder us in the end as well. Contrary to this pastor (who, as I will later prove, is indeed like his mentor Martin Luther), grace is the opposite of a license to sin.
  2. This same pastor called the Ark of the Covenant a "holy piece of furniture". The Aron HaKodesh, the Holy Ark, is the very representation of Yeshua's tomb (The kaporet represents the stone that was rolled away and the angels who announced that Yeshua was risen.)—and a pastor called such a representation "furniture"!
  3. The school (Chapelgate "Christian" Academy) hired a man who supports George Soros—the man who funded the repulsive Indiana University at Bloomington study against Bill O'Reilly—and does not consider a lewd picture of a then-15-year-old Miley Cyrus to be inappropriate. I should know—I sat in that man's class and confronted him on both issues. He also, by the way, finds this parody clip funny—as if pushing a man with a disability out of a wheelchair is funny. (There is, I guarantee, a special place in Hell for that man, by the way.).
  4. For later writing the truth about certain staff members at the church, one of them threatened to sue me.  Had I the chutzpah, I would publish the exact words (that is, copy and paste them here) as they were written to me. Despite that I have nothing to hide, I do not believe in giving criminals fodder (and I should have pressed charges concerning a threat of a frivolous lawsuit, given that said threat could easily fall under the category of "criminal libel or the involvement thereof"). By the way, lawsuits (especially frivolous ones) are against Christian teaching
  5. One of the school's secretaries told me something like, "Your dad is not a nice man." Where was the "So, I did call Social Services, because now I get what's going on" word of encouragement? As far as I recall, not there. To know that she thought that my dad is not nice helped, though to not have another witness only hurt me in the long run. As faith is without works, so words are without action.
Keep in mind, by the way, that being a child of divorce and being a Jew are both considered as disabilities (aka, stigmas) in many parts of society (besides Chapelgate). I myself cannot tell you how many times I have been called a "k***", for example (In fact, I have highlighted some examples below; and I never would have looked for or at those examples again if I didn't have to do so.). Nonetheless, being a Jew is not really a disability or a stigma (despite that certain pastors and other people would like everyone to think that it is). As for being a child of divorce, that can be a stigma—partly because of people like the Chapelgaters who do not help out children of divorce or their parents who definitely could use some help.

Meanwhile, here is Martin Luther's and a certain pastor's real group of compatriots (Note that I censored the objectionable language in the comments, all of which I made sure were barred from appearing in public in their original forms.). After all, they are the ones who find Ha'Aron HaKodesh to be a "piece of furniture" and grace a license to sin:

You are one sickening looking k***. [Bleep] Jew r***

Titus Amalek [who believes that "free speech" means a license to say anything, which sounds familiar]
Mocking k***s and r*****s is fun, especially when you can get two birds with one stone: a r******d k***, ie. Canavan's Syndrome, lol. [Bleep] the Afro-Asiatic m****** usurer k***s. They betrayed Spain
peter griffin [who objected to a Jewish comedian's rebuke of an ignorant heckler]
+Nicole Czarnecki you must be a k*** too!!

How's that "sin freely" theology looking now, by the way? As a sidenote, "sin boldly" does mean "sin freely." Furthermore, incidentally, Luther stated "I know Satan very well. If Satan can turn God's Word upside down and pervert the Scriptures, what will he do with my words -- or the words of others?". He didn't need anyone to twist his Pseudo-Christian, Anti-Semitic words, did he (since they weren't twisted in the first place!)? I must say that the "I know..." statement was very honest on Luther's part.

Even more so, "This error of free will is a special doctrine of the Antichrist." Indeed, to know one does take one (and eventually, Luther's true colors showed—and his Anti-Semitic character broke through his Pseudo-Christian edifice—didn't it?). Also, Luther died because of his wickedness (and Wikipedia, who is Anti Christian [and especially Anti Jewish Christian] loves to use people like Martin Luther as examples of Christians).

One more thing: look up what Martin Luther thought the following of those with disabilities (and why he certainly would not have helped them get to church on Sundays).

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 11, 2014

In a few painful hours, the memorial of September 11, 2001 will occur...

לעולם שכחו ; לעולם עוד פעם. זכרו דנה פלקנברג והאחר קדושים מעונים, ז''ל והי''ד.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Ancient Sabra and the Modern Diasporan Jews

Here's what an Ancient Jew would have looked like (See as well):

Kevin Alan Brook informs, "Libyan Jews are mainly Israelites who may have mixed somewhat with Berbers.

Yemenim (and I knew of one whose dad is a Yemeni Cohen, although her mom is Ashkenazi, at UMBC) "(Temanim) are a mix of Yemenite Arabs and Israelites."

What ישוע Himself may have looked like

(Side profile of above. Lighten his skin a little, and do something with the hair. Then you have my Uncle Gary [See below. This is a publicly-viewable picture from 2010.])

I just realized that my late granddad is in this picture. By the way, he was much darker in his younger days, even from 1989 (when he was 53 and my dad got married in July of that year) to 2006 (when he was 70 and I was effectively estranged from my dad in November of that year.

(Incidentally, I never saw him again, although I did talk with him and see pictures of him. Needless to say, he was not amused that I found out about our Jewish heritage. In one of our final conversations, if not the final one, he changed his story from the Stefan Czarniecki schpiel to "If we had any Jewish blood, I don't know about it." To be fair, though, I don't know if he knew that we are related to Kirk Douglas [who happened to be a Danilovich]—neither did I, and I've been pretty bold about how I feel about it.)

Then this is the front view:

For comparison:

(Uncle Gary's profile picture from March 28, 2009)

By the way, my mom talks about how I have more of the nose of my Aunt Mary (ז''ל) than I do of my dad's "bulbous" one (Fine; whatever; it [Dad's nose]'s still a [stereotypically-] Jewish one.).

In other words, we can pretty much conclude:

  1. The Ancient Jews were not Black.
  2. Modern Diasporan Jews (and our brothers and sisters b'Eretz) are indeed Jews.
  3. "The main ethnic element of Ashkenazim (German and Eastern European Jews), Sephardim (Spanish and Portuguese Jews), Mizrakhim (Middle Eastern Jews), Juhurim (Mountain Jews of the Caucasus), Italqim (Italian Jews), and most other modern Jewish populations of the world is Israelite."
There you have it (and chillhomie7 can chill out now. If "chill out" isn't clear enough....).

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Quick Update

I've been busy with Reilly (and I'm still never employed!). I should have a new video tomorrow/later in the day (אם ירצה יהוה). By the way, today is September 3, 2014/ח'' בחודש השישי 5774. Incidentally, it is a week from the 13th memorial of September 11th...

לעולם שכחו ; לעולם עוד פעם. זכרו דנה פלקנברג והאחר קדושים מעונים, ז''ל והי''ד.

Also, I have a few prayer requests:

  1. For Reilly. She is scheduled to get fixed on September 6th. I'm scared because I think about Darby Conley's late dog Patch, who almost died while she was under anesthesia. I also think about when I had surgery and had to have oxygen for a while after I came out of the anesthetic state that I was put in. By the way, I also think about the caffeine withdrawal. So, I'm concerned and asking for prayer about any complications that Reilly might (חס ושלום) have (לרפואה שלמה לריילי).
  2. For my cousin Brodie (I do not have a Hebrew name for him. I am unsure as to whether Christina Kiefer Deboy was Jewish, and I am also unsure about her husband was Jewish (The Brauns and others may have been. They would either have been Anusim or Jewish Christians if they were Jewish. Brodie's mother is a DeBoy through her paternal grandma.). I know that his dad's Hebrew name would be Avigdor; so, ben Avigdor would work for his Hebrew name for anyone who wants to use his Hebrew name.
  3. For my late cousin Joe Shaw's family, who just lost Joe's widow. I do not have a Hebrew name for her or any idea if she was Jewish. By the way, Joe's mom was a DeBoy. 
  4. For a job or career for me. 
  5. For my sister (Michelle)'s final year of college.
  6. For more family/genealogy answers and for me to be able to make עליה.
  7. For Nechama bas Mordechai v'Perl and Yisra'el ben Sh'mu'el v'Chana.
  8. For the rest of us in the Diaspora, including my family in Ferguson, Missouri and in Ukraine, Russia, and vicinity
  9. For my granduncle Tony's family (His יום השלושים was on August 28, 2014 or ב'' באלול [He died on ג'' באב 5774].)