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Showing posts with label .animals. Show all posts

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Second Valentine's Day Card, Reilly's Loving Filial (And Foodie) Gesture, And...

As desperate as "Momma" seems, she just wants an answer from Reilly's possible "Daddy"—and even on Valentine's Day, that seems too much too ask 🙄. It even seems too much to ask even when she thought about it and stayed up until about 3:30 AM thinking about it, once again failing Reilly and trying her patience—quite literally, that is part of why she stayed up on a literally-cold-and-lonely night when she broke a promise go "night nights" with Reilly as soon as the pellet stove cooled off, and the poor pup was waiting on the couch for "Momma". Needlessly to say, Valentine's Day was Singleness Agony Day for "Momma".

Meanwhile, Reilly herself made quite a Valentine's Day for everyone when she jumped up on "Mom-Mom"'s lap during dinner to try to get some food—and she gave "Mom-Mom" some "grandogertly" affection, although she did not like being hugged by "Mom-Mom" and jumped down when she was hugged.

As for the second Valentine's Day card: