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Showing posts with label safety. Show all posts

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Having To Revise Some Posts and Remove Others, Although I Am Not A Coward

Unfortunately, I—because I am single, unemployed, and with disabilities—live at home and am put in a position in which I was forced to remove certain posts. I am not cowardly, weak, or dissuaded  on certain positions. My trying to stand up for justice and help others was not seen as standing up and helping others—despite that I tried to be fair and just regarding all unfair and unjust sides, I was seen as putting certain parties at risk. Thus, I—as I mentioned beforehand—was forced to remove the posts.

By explaining why I revised and removed some posts, I am giving full disclosure and not attempting to try to justify myself to others. Some people, as I dreaded and argued to the parties whom maintain that I put them at risk, will nonetheless see me as having cowed to the parties whom were seen as a risk to other parties, been yellowed bellied, or reconsidered my positions.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Re The Tomb Of The Unknowns And Blizzard Jonas

As a family member of American military members, I cannot get behind that there are soldiers whom are guarding the Tomb of the Unknowns in this weather. I'm pretty sure that the Unknowns would want their modern-day compatriots to be safe, warm, and alive if they can be.

The Unknowns died for their country  and not so that their compatriots would risk hypothermia and thus ending up under their own tombstones. The best way to honor the Unknown Soldiers, then, is to let the soldiers whom guard their term get to a safe and warm place unless they are called to serve with the National Guard, Arlington FD, Arlington PD, and other personnel whom need to be out in the snow.