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Showing posts with label weddings. Show all posts

Saturday, July 4, 2015

As I Wrote For An Update on IMDB, and Per the AP On Twitter

Married to 34-year-old Alexis Roderick at the age of 66 years, he will have been married for the fourth time and a father to a second child. His expectant girlfriend and he were wed by [[Andrew Cuomo at the groomal manor on Independence Day 2015 in Long Island, New York-and the intimately-sized group of loved ones at the now-newlyweds' yearly Independence Day soirée (whom included to-be-older sister Alexa Ray Joel) were unexpectedly guests at the wedding of the soirée's host and his girlfriend of six years.

Humorously enough, the groom was married on the Fourth for the fourth time in a not-initially-forthright way.

Mazel tov to Mr. and Mrs. Billy Joel, and may the fourth time be a charm (at least for the sake of the child, if nothing else).

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Is There Actually a Beauty In Marrying On Shabbat (Originally On Twitter)?

To get married on Shabbat is actually a nice idea. Marriage represent G-d's covenant with Israel. So does Shabbat--e.g., the day of rest. As someone who married on a Yom Shabbat opined, "I was married on a Saturday evening in summer, just at the beginning of sunset. We wanted to honor Shabbat, and so we did Havdalah first. Our officiant was very traditional and expressed his qualms about starting before sundown. Ultimately, we did the cocktail hour first and pushed the ceremony back as late as we could, and he acquiesced. It wasn't fully dark yet, but it felt like a respectful, if not fully halachic, compromise on both sides. I think that for less observant (or non-observant Jews), that kind of conversation and creativity is more important than observing strict halachic rules and missing the beauty and richness of the tradition, but then again, I'm not frum. For what it's worth, it was the most "Jewish" wedding that I or any of my guests had ever attended. Everyone told me how beautiful and moving it was, and many of our guests asked numerous questions about the traditions, rituals, and prayers they had encountered."

Besides, where in Tanakh can one read that one can't marry on Shabbat--let alone enter into marital contracts on Shabbat or write on Shabbat? Furthermore, the Bride of Yeshua, Heaven as Eternal Shabbat...shalom!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

For Only Fellow Messianic Jews To Answer: About Marriage, Love, Etc.

The B'rit Hadashah reads, "I suppose that in a time of stress like the present it is good for a person to stay as he is. That means that if a man has a wife, he should not seek to be free of her; and if he is unmarried, he should not look for a wife. But if you marry you do not sin, and if a girl marries she does not sin." I am single and have never married, and have already had two crazy exes (the first from August 4, 2004- about May 19 2005, the second from February 26-March 2, 2013), and am not sure what to do in terms of either continuing to wait on the Lord (since waiting for seven years didn't work last time, and I've even had to call the police on both exes, for example) or entering into a Messianic shidduch process. So, what should I do, especially since entering into shidduch may be in violation of "he [or, in my case, she] should not look for a wife [or, in my case, husband]"?

PS If any Anti Messianic answers, I guarantee you that you will be reported for hate speech: you are violating my First, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendment rights. I don't bother you about Non Messianic; you don't bother me about being Messianic. Besides, "if this idea or this movement has a human origin, it will collapse. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop them; you might even find yourselves fighting God". Also, "You must judge whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you rather than God."
Gentiles, I need a Jewish perspective because I was raised not knowing that I am Jewish and found out that I am Jewish only in 2008; so I'm well aware of what the gentile perspective is: wait on God; marry for love, etc.. I need to know how to approach my situation Jewishly, especially since my Crypto-Jewish Czarnecki great grandparents found detriment in following the gentile way of marrying for love.