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Showing posts with label sports. Show all posts

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: Was Reilly Right The First Time, Or Is Superbowl 51 Football's 1919 World Series?

Until "Momma" mentioned Tom Brady, Reilly wanted and predicted that the Patriots would win the Superbowl. While the Patriots did win and Reilly may have been right the first time (since "Momma" believes that animals can be prophets on certain matters, from small to grand matters, if God wills), something of the 1919 World Series smacks in Superbowl 2017. e.g.:

  1. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick (who the Ravens let go in 1999, by the way) had Donald Trump, just as the White Sox had Arnold Rothstein. The difference? The White Sox never had an equivalent of a Deflategate or a corrupt businessman-turned-Putin-abetting POTUS, and the Cincinatti Reds ended up winning, anyway.
  2. Donald Trump predicted (or "predicted"?) that the Patriots would win by eight points.
  3. The Patriots, like the White Sox, were "coming back after a rough season" (or something like that, as an NFL analyst put it about the Patriots).
By the way, Camille indicated to her "Mimi" that she also wanted the Atlanta Falcons to win. Reilly's "Momma", meanwhile, will keep everyone posted on what Reilly thinks about Superbowl 2017 (As "Momma" forestated, puppies can really sense even specific happenings.). 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Open Letter To Stephen Colbert (And Be Warned That You Might Be Offended)

With all due respect, Mr. Colbert, you are scum! You state, "“I’ve got nothing against brains, some of my best friends have them[;] but you cannot scrap football over brain damage. Just ask the brain-damaged.”"

For one matter, people are not brain damaged just because they disagree with you. For another matter, football players know the risks—and if they don't, something should tell them that wearing helmets means protection from the possibility of brain damage. For still another matter, you insult the really brain damaged, who could never or can no longer make their own decisions competently and independently. Ask my granduncle Jim—whose son's brain was damaged by unexplainable seizures and an overdose of codeine, which his aunt had no idea was an allergen to him when she took him to the hospital to try to stop her one-a-half-year-old nephew's seizures. Also ask my cousins Kevin and Kayla (if they'll talk to you, since they surely won't talk to me)—their mother attempted suicide and can't remember her three months in the hospital that followed her suicide attempt. She asked questions like, "You were there?" when Kayla talked about being at the hospital—she clearly couldn't remember, and that she had damaged her heart sac and kidneys was enough. Ask her older brother, my dad, while you're at it.

Again, Mr. Colbert, you, with all due respect, are scum—and as blunt and harsh as that is, that is a compliment to someone who would insult those with whom he disagrees and make fun of mentally-disabled people.