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Showing posts with label Christmas. Show all posts

Friday, December 14, 2018

Almost Three Years Since...

Reilly's second Christmas and Camille's first Christmas happened! Can you believe it? How time passes...and "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" might be getting just a little verklempt by thinking about Christmas 2018 will be Reilly's fifth Christmas and Camille's fourth!

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

#ThrowbackThursday: A Few Pictures Of Christmas 2017 So Far (With Nine More Days, Though Every Day Is Like Christmas To Ri and Cam)

Sniffing the gifts

"We're mostly interested in the gifts and num-nums, you know."

All that Christmasing can make a puppy of any age sleepy!

"I am tolerating this only so that you throw the toy already."

Camille blocked a shot of the birds!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Camille Didn't Get the Concept Of the Bird Ornaments On the Tree Until...

"Mimi" took her over to "see the brides on the tree", as "Auntie Nicole" asked her whether she did earlier. She kept looking out the window and barked at first when she thought that she saw birds, despite that "Auntie Nicole" kept telling her that they were "on the tree over there".

"Mimi" eventually had to take her over to the tree, and she looked over "Mimi"'s shoulder even then at first.

As for Reilly, she got that the "birdies" were "on the tree over there" when "Auntie Michelle" took her to it right away.

Of course, neither Reilly or Camille get that the "birdies" are ornaments, and "Momma/Auntie Nicole" wanted to take an ornament off the tree and show them "the birdie" to see how they'd react to it for that reason. "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi", though, misheard and thought that "Momma/Auntie Nicole" was being "sadistic" by tricking them about a "burglar" being around. "Mom-Mom", on the other hand, understood what she said and thought that she was being mean overall.

Update [12:45 AM EST on Monday, December 4th]: "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" finally got to show Reilly and Camille two of the ornaments to see how they'd react. Though Reilly actually saw both and Camille saw only one, their reactions to each were essentially the same: curiosity and desires to sniff-vestigate. Reilly also, however, licked her lips after she sniffed the cardinal ornament, so she may have wanted to eat the ornament—then again, she had been distracted by Camille's reception of treats from "Auntie Michelle"; so, she may have been licking her lips for treats!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

12:22 AM & Reilly Is Not Barking At the Fireworks Yet

Patiently, "Momma" is waiting to hear as the next New Year's fireworks go off as a neighborhood-rule violator once again uses a holiday to commit reckless endangerment and breaches of the peace...

12:26 AM: The girls just came down a-barking and "Mom-Mom" stated that "The fireworks woke them up."

12:27 AM: "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" explained to the girls that a "dingbat" set off fireworks.

12:28 AM: After Reilly gets scritches from "Momma" for about a minute and flouts "Shanah Tovah" as she gets distracted by a "nasty", she rings the bell to go "peedy" outside.

12:30 AM: She rings again (Hint, "Auntie Michelle"!)

When (or if) "Auntie Michelle" finally decides to take Reilly "peedy" for the night (and Reilly rang the bell again at 12:31 and 12:32), "Momma" will see whether Reilly behaves during her "peedy" session to start off 2017 well. Whether "Auntie Michelle" puts the computer down already and takes Reilly "peedy" is another question...and she finally put the computer down at 12:33.

At 12:34 (as "Auntie Michelle" kvetches and is at least taking Reilly "peedy"), "Momma" continues live updates to chronicle 2017 so far...

12:36 AM: Reilly actually behaved, per "Autie Michelle"! And "Momma" thought that she ha a guilty look at first!

12:38 AM-about 1:00 AM: "Momma"'s final thoughts for the night and first night of 2017:

  1. Taking Reilly "potty" took "Auntie Michelle" long enough; didn't it?! Meanwhile, tonight is Day Eight of both Christmas (January 1st) and Hanukkah (Zot Chanukkah; Tevet 2, 5776, per moonwatchers in Israel whom stated that the New Moon occurred on December 30, 2016). Little Christmas (HaMolad HaKatan) is coming up, though. Still, "Momma" could use a "miracle" (Of course, the appropriate interjection is "God willing"; not "Hint; hint, God!")
  2. God willing, "Momma" will write about how she seemed to be at least of some use as "Auntie Nicole" while "Mom-Mom" and Camille's "Mimi" had to trim Camille on Friday. "Momma" will also (God willing) write about how, according to "Mom-Mom", Reilly was afraid when "Momma" kept the hannukiah lit for Zot Chanukkah.
  3. "Momma" and Reilly wish everyone a Happy 2017.
"Night nights" and Happy New Year from Reilly and "Momma"!

Reilly enjoys the first day of Chrismukkah 2016 with "Mom-Mom" and "Auntie Michelle".

PS 1:30 AM: Reilly's "Great-Granddaddy" Allen would've been 95 yesterday, and "Mom-Mom" did bring up the milestone this time.

Monday, December 26, 2016

A Summary Of Chrismukkah At Reilly's 🙂, And No Miracle Of a "Daddy" For Reilly 🙁

The highlights are as follows:

  1. At About 1:23 AM On The Day After Christmas: The female canine equivalent of Clara's brother Fritz decided to growl at the female canine equivalent of Clara...over toy monkeys, and this despite (as one can see below) that "Fritz"—or rather, "Frizz"—stole Reilly's toy monkey and put both monkeys in her crate on Christmas Day!
  2. The First Night Of Hanukkah (December 24th): Camille "Frizz" Czarnecki also stole Reilly Czarnecki's toy dreidel at least once. Speaking of stealing, admittedly, two Czarnecki humans used one of the toy dreidels to play the dreidel game when the two Czarnecki canines went to bed—though does that count as stealing or just playing the dreidel game with a treif dreidel in terms of kosher-for-human-use dreidels? By the way, each Czarnecki human ended up with halb of the pot—of course, neither of the Czarnecki canines could have any gelt!
  3. Reilly ended up really liking her toy monkey—in fact (as one can also see below, and on Twitter), she's snuggling with her monkey (which "Auntie Michelle" gave her to snuggle before she and Camille went "night nights") as "Momma" types (and who can resist tweeting cute pictures of Reilly and Camille?).
  4. Reilly still doesn't have a "Daddy", and "Momma" still has no clue what Reilly's possible "Daddy" wants*. At least Reilly's happy and healthy—and able to have the toy monkey that Camille wanted to steal from her, although a toy monkey and a "Daddy" for her (who could help "Momma" keep her happy and healthy) are far different.

*Can't he at least give her an idea—and surely, the same God Whom helped "Momma" to find a spare box of Hanukkah candles, just as He helped the Maccabees find spare oil for the Menorah, can move Reilly's possible "Daddy" to at least contact "Momma", can't He?