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Showing posts with label notes. Show all posts

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Hope That I Don't Wake Up From My Sleep Tonight Because...

I just don't see a long-term good future for myself. What difference will doing anything right now make? I can count on one hand all that I've accomplished: for example, getting Krystal Keith more Twitter followers instead of more overall blog views for myself (That's why everyone who searches for Krystal Keith in any way, shape, form, or capacity likes my blog: they want to find Krystal Keith's Twitter, not read my blog. Isn't that nice?).

I'm not famous; I'm infamous. My family (or at least half of my family) hates me-- at least half of them for no good reason; but in fact, for every bad reason; I have a disability (Cerebral Palsy) among other conditions, and I am stuck on SSI benefits; and on the list goes.

Don't be surprised if-- if the Rapture doesn't come first or my future doesn't get better-- I'm gone in the next couple of days, weeks, months, or even hours (and hours are obviously shorter than days, weeks, months, and years). If any possibility in my life is the most likely to become an occurrence any time soon, that I'll've died from a heavy or broken heart (especially in my sleep) or suicide is that occurrence. Good night, and a Belated Happy Jewish New Year.

By the way, if you want, pray that my future gets better if you want; but I am sure that few, if any of you, will-- since few to none have (or seemed to have) in the past.