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Showing posts with label Protestanism. Show all posts

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How "Rabban"ism and Catholicism Are Equivalent, As Demonstrated Re Ed Koch and Others

  •   Maybe Ed Koch was a Jewish Catholic, and Anti Messianics make people who are like he possibly was afraid to say that, though. 
  • As a Messianic and what I consider a "Messianic Karaite" (as much as I love Nehemiah Gordon, and I know that he and other Karaites don't like that term--as he's made clear), I learned the hard way at the hands of those like Emily Katz Boling and "Rabbi" Jason Klein will attack you as a person if they can't attack what they consider the problems of Karaite and Messianic Judaism. By the way, I never submitted Jason's name, although I certainly found comfort in someone submitting it.
  • "Rabbinical Judaism is the Catholicism of Judaism."--a friend of mine (and I don't think that he'd care if I named him; I'm just too lazy to name him right now). Re Points 1 and 2, and looking at groups like Hillel, Outreach Judaism, and MERCAZ, one can see that Pharisee Judaism is indeed Judaism's "Catholicism" or Vaticanism ("Catholic" just means "Universal", and I hate when words are perverted. There are Evangelical "Catholics"/Vaticanists, by the way; just like there are Karaites who follow some Pharisaic customs that are acceptable in light of Tanakh and do not contradict it--e.g., wearing kippot, celebrating Hanukkah. Remember that G-d looks at intent [cf. 1 Samuel 16:7].).
  • Re Point 3, remember how Vaticanists (including Byzantine Vaticanists--though their Vaticans are their various flagship episcopates in places such as Constantinople [now Izmir]--and Jerusalem)  used the Inquisitions, pogroms, tribunals, and other tactics to attack Jews, Protestants, and others who weren't "Catholic" or "Catholic enough". This is what groups like Yad L'Achim, MERCAZ (who "[o]ppose any change in ‘Who is a Jew’ and ‘The Law of Return’"), and Outreach Judaism do to those who "aren't Jewish" or "aren't Jewish enough".