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Showing posts with label Camille Dominique. Show all posts

Friday, May 26, 2017

Quick Break In The Promised-Post Cycle: Re The Saga Of El Ratón Del Bajo Tierra, aka....

The Ground Rat...

The Ground Rat that "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" noticed when she was trying to see if a rainbow was in the sky after the recent round of storms...

The brazen Ground Rat, el bastardito....

The Ground Rat that "Auntie Nicole" would've sent Camille to scare away from the window if Cam weren't so stubborn about getting back into her crate...

And that "Momma" sent Reilly to scare...

With Camille as cobarker...

And with Reilly and Camille scaring off that ground rat (aka, "groundhog") for "Mom-Mom" today....

Monday, May 22, 2017

Part 2.2: Jealousy, Loyalty, And Smugness From Camille As a Response

Overly-jealous Reilly sometimes gets hers. Even recently, for example, Camille successfully blocked Reilly from being the only one allowed to give "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" kisses for about a few minutes. As far as Camille's recent smugness, Camille recently (in Millennial terminology) threw shade at Reilly when she secured "Auntie Nicole"'s/"Momma"'s lap—since Reilly was already sitting with "Mom-Mom", anyway!

Reilly also got hers when she refused to go downstairs when she was supposed to do and got aggressive with "Auntie Michelle" when "Auntie Michelle" had to pick her up off of the bed—and Reilly's wanting to wait for "Momma" instead of go downstairs and wait for "Momma" to come downstairs was not an acceptable excuse, and "Momma" has even had to tell Reilly to go downstairs and not worry about having to wait for her!

To be fair, if only "Momma" had a human and romantic equivalent whom was as loyal to her as Reilly as a "dogter" is fillialy to "Momma"!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Part 2.1 Of The Previously-Promised Post: A Jealous Reilly, Whom To Never Trust To...

  1. Not try to block off Camille when Camille wants to give kisses, etc.
  2. Not to cut in to when Camille's giving kisses, etc..
  3. Not to finally prove to "Mom-Mom" that Camille does avoid her and others when jealous Reilly is getting attention 
  4. Not to try to stare down, growl at, or otherwise get aggressive with Camille, or (as Millennials like "Momma" say) throw shade, give a stinkeye to, or stare at (maybe even whimper at) someone.
Reilly has other jealously tactics as well*.

*"Momma" has written about jealous Reilly before; and incidentally, "Momma"'s also written about how Reilly's jealousy reminds her of when she asked a friend of hers if either of some of his loved ones were seeing anyone, and only later did she realize—or at least suspectthat he was jealous when she asked that—and maybe he's "Momma"'s possible helpmate & Reilly's possible "Daddy", and maybe he's not—he knows ðŸ˜. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Part Two Of Part One of the Previously-Promised Post

The girls did well at their gone-much-better grooming appointment, by the way. Meanwhile, that "Mom-Mom" and "Auntie Michelle" did not call "Momma" to tell her that they were going to pick up Reilly and Camille when they knew that she was napping and needed the sleep does not help—and "Momma" was supposed to come along! Speaking of also not helping, getting explicitly blamed for when the girls burst out the door again despite being explicitly told to stay—and even Reilly refusing to get into her crate—two days ago also does not help—being told "Move!" and sort-of shoved when "Auntie Michelle" went to get Ri and Cam does not help, as being blamed for their barking when "Momma" sat outside for a while to get fresh air does not help.

As expected, by the way, Mother's Day kind of sucked—no real Mother's Day for Momma—oh well: es lo qué es*

*En paso, una nota á un persona segura: pienso de tí de día á día—no sé si Reily puede, aunque hablo de tí á ella muchas veces (¿Pueden perritas penser de personas quién ellas no han conocer?). Quiero todavía que tú sea el "Papi" de Reily si Yejovah lo ordenó eso y quieres que tú sea el "Papi" de Reilly. También, quiero una futura para mí y Reily—y incidentemente, deseo que tú sería aquí me corregir cuando hablo y escribo español  incorrectomente (y recuedo y apreciato cunado tú me corregiste á ese un momento). Incidentemente, espero que tú sería feliz que llamé Roger Ailes un "mal hombre" cuando hablé á Reily y Camile de él, y escribé de él como tal. En adición, trato escribir de Reily y en general cuando estoy fuerte suficentemente escribir, cuando la Depresión y otras enfermedades mentales, Parálisis Cerebral, y Síndrome del Intestino Irritable no me debilitan demasiado mucho.