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Showing posts with label heritage. Show all posts

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ying & Yang—i.e., Reilly and Camille. For Example...

  1. Both are indeed color contrasts—Reilly is an Offwhite Apricot Maltipoo with angel-wing markings, and Camille is a Apricot Maltipoo with fox-like markings and some white hairs.
  2. Reilly is the balance of introverted "Momma", and Camille is the balance of extroverted "Mimi".
  3. Reilly is a "Polar Bear Face", and Camille is a "Teddy Bear Face".
  4. Cam is more of a foodie and water drinker than Ri.
  5. Reilly is bigger than Camille, whom can jump higher due to her small size.
  6. Cam usually leads the trouble of going upstairs when she's not supposed to do so, and she won't stay on the bed during naptime. Reilly, on the other hand, usually leads the trouble of barking (as she did while I typed)  and bursting out the back door to eat mulch, poop, and sticks.
  7. Reilly is a Patrilineal Maltese (Patrilinealtese?) and a Matrilineal MaltiJew (and you can definitely see what I did there in terms of the talking about the Matrilineal Poo[dle]), whereas Camille is a Patrilineal Maltipoo and a Matrilineal Toy Poodle. Thus, she's a MaltiJew on her dad's side. Meanwhile, Reilly's "Momma" identifies more with her Jewish heritage (and Reilly was even named in a shiyum shel haminhag Ashkenazi), whereas Camille's "Mimi" identifies with her more-remote French heritage (Incidentally, at the reunion, I found that the DeBoys are of Jewish heritage, anyway—not to mention that "Mimi" inadvertently named Camille Dominique after Great-Great-Granddad's paternal grandmother!)
  8.  Cam dreads the sound of recycling and garbage trucks, whereas Reilly dreads the sound of a neighbor's macho Corvette.
By the way, blogging about Reilly and Camille provides useful writing practiceif only "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" could become a full-time writer and stay home with her "kalvbat" and maybe babysit Cam during the day as well as become an analyst-commentator in addition to an author!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why I Do What I Do As A (Hopefully-To-Be-More-Than-Aspiring) Commentator, Etc.

I saw that (who I think is) a relative liked one of my posts on my public Facebook page. See; that's part of why I do what I do, too—to bring my families and families like mine back into the fold of Israel​. Mind you, I am not asking anyone to convert back to Rabbinical Judaism—whether you're Messianic or not is your schtick.

Frankly (and I've said this before), I wouldn't care about my Jewish heritage if Jesus (Yeshua) weren't in my life—or, on the other hand, I'd, with all due respect, end up Reform Jewish—and I myself cannot abide by a doctrine that states:

"[T]he texts are certainly divinely inspired and reflect our ancestors' best understanding of God and their covenant with God, as well as their view of God's will, but that is not the same as being divinely-authored."
I've even said that my own father would be Reform were he honest with himself (and he would; trust me), and other relatives (e.g., certain Daniloviches) have gone this way (and they weren't even among the kevorim whom were Anusim).

(By the way, I can assure that the URJ's position does not reflect the position of all Jews in the city in which I was raised; and I apologize for Rabbi Scheinerman on behalf of Columbia-born and -raised. Whatever any of us think of the Talmud, quite a few of us believe in the Torah m'Sinai.)

I don't want especially anyone in hamishpachot b'mispachah Yisra'el sheli to think that:

  1. We ought to disown Yeshua just because we're Jewish and b'nei-Anusim.
  2. We ought to disregard our Jewish heritage because of Yeshua.
  3. We have no obligation to the rest of Beit Ya'akov
  4. We have to assimilate.
  5. We have any obligation to keep Torah, since it was fulfilled. 
There do not need to be any false mutual exclusions, let alone false dichotomies. As I said, then, part of why I do what I do, too is to bring my families and families like mine back into the fold of Israel​ without forcing them to give up or to accept Yeshua.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

How Popular Is One's...

1) Identifying as a Messianic Jew on his or her Facebook profile—not to mention constantly making known his or her Messianic faith on Twitter, Blogger, etc.—especially when his or her ancestors were Anusim?

2) Staying a Christian after he or she has found out that he or she is Jewish, and even because he or she is Jewish—not to mention that saying that b'nei-Anusim who convert to Non-Messianic Judaism have fallen away—and not to mention refusing to make aliyah as a "Non Jew of Jewish descent" and wanting to even make aliyah "illegally" if he or she can?

3) Noting that Psalm 18 (מזמור חי\יח) prophesies Yeshua?

4) Calling out Michael Freund, Benjamin Netanyahu, Agudat Yisra'el and many other Haredim, etc?

5) Wearing tzitiyot techelet that haven't been dyed with chilazon?

6) Citing Da'at Emet and others who know what the Talmud really is?

7) Saying, e.g., "Yeshua, Hu gam l't'chiyah"?

8) Pointing out that HaNeged Mashiach (the One Against the Messiah) will be a Karaite, not a Muslim?

I could go on, but the point is that it's not popular. When my sister even wondered if I would convert to Non-Messianic Judaism ("I never know what's next with you.") just because I thought about going to a mikvah "just because" (since it is a part of my heritage), I asked her "How popular..."?

So, how popular is one's, e.g., identifying as a Messianic Jew publicly, especially when his or her ancestors were Anusim?...

Didn't think so! So, don't ever let anyone tell me that I might convert to Non-Messianic Judaism!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Wish That Greg Gutfeld Would...

Come out and admit that he's Jewish. I've blogged about this before, and one of the continuing inquires that brings people to my blog is about whether or not Greg Gutfeld is Jewish. As I've stated before, "I'm not Jewish; I'm Catholic" is as good of an excuse as "I'm not White; I'm Rastafarian." Besides, claiming to follow a Jewish man as the Jewish Messiah is inherently Jewish with few exceptions—the exceptions include, for example, Adolf Hitler (Yemach shemo u'zichrono.), who hated his own people enough to want to commit ethnocide against them (and his final victim was himself, todot rabot l'Yehovah). Incidentally, I did not want to believe that Hitler (Yemach shemo u'zichrono.) was Jewish until DNA testing that was done on his family proved that he was. By the way, there is (or, I'm hoping, was) a sick (even if satirical) YouTube channel called "Jews For Hitler" (Hopefully, YouTube has since removed that channel. Besides, isn't the continuing existence of George Soros [Yemach shemo u'zichrono] enough?).

Besides, there is Jewish DNA—for example, YDNA markers in the E3b J1, J2, and Q groups—and even if Jewish DNA wasn't discovered, the Bible could tell us that Jews are an ethnic (a "racial") group. In fact, we're the ethnic group around whom the world revolves (cf., e.g., Deuteronomy 32:8-10). This doesn't make us better than anyone, though (cf., e.g., Deuteronomy 7:6-9).

So, with all due respect to Greg Gutfeld, when is Greg Gutfeld finally going to publicly claim his heritage? 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Playing With Fire In the Name of Yeshua And In the Profession of Messianic Judaism

As a Messianic Jew, I am absolutely offended by this article. Firstly, we're not even to use titles like "Rabbi" or "Rav" but for Yeshua (cf. Matt 23:8-10). Secondly, we're under the New Covenant, no longer Torah (cf. Romans 7:4-25, Colossians 2:13-17). Yeshua came to fulfill the Torah, and Torah is mandatory only for non-believing Jews and gerim (cf. Matthew 5:17-19, Galatians 3, 4:21-31). Thirdly, in using "Rabbi" or "Rav" for Messianic pastors and requiring ourselves to be under Torah, we ourselves are falling away and agreeing with our very enemies (cf. Galatians 3:17, 5:7-12). We can't even keep Torah if we try, and good luck to those of us who try to burden ourselves with Torah (cf. Acts 15:10, Hebrews 6:4-6).