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Showing posts with label growth. Show all posts

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Leaving My Old Blog Posts Up With Exceptions

With few exceptions, I don't remove blog posts--the exceptions being when Mom tells me to or people (with few exceptions) have a real stick up their butt and ask me to. With the people with sticks up their butt, I'm talking about the ones such as those who are afraid of Yad L'Achim and think that I add to why they dread Yad L'Achim; not the ones who have a legitimate beef when I have been real bitchy or something.

I like people to see where I've grown, what I still stand by, etc.--of course, people mostly find my negative blog posts and not the positive ones--for example, the letters to my family without the followups (and the followup's important in the most-recent case) and the reconciliation with Erica (but everyone has to find the old posts where I was angry about her, etc.; which I've since removed). Meanwhile, I hardly look at my own posts--even the good ones are what I'm too embarrassed to read. Maybe I'm like the humble artist or write who hates his or her own work.