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Showing posts with label time_management. Show all posts

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Most Of My Commentary Will Have To Be On Twitter, My Blog, &c..

A couple of reasons for this are:

  1. YouTube's continued kiboshing of webcam-upload technology.
  2. Cerebral Palsy and mental illnesses—part of the reason that YouTube's kiboshing of webcam-upload technology is abysmally detrimental to me (and others with disabilities)—don't allow me to have the wherewithal—physically, mentally, or otherwise—to be able to write, type, hold a camera, etc. 17-15/7. There are even days on which I can't write about Reilly of late.
  3. I'm working on becoming an author and I have other things to do as well—I don't have the luxury to write, type, etc.. at least 8/7.
Thus, most of my commentary will have to be on Twitter, Blogger, etc. to save me strength energy, time. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Goals For the 2012-2013 (And My Final Undegraduate) School Year

Year goals (effective August 30, 2012):

1)      Have one treat per day (Milkshakes, brownies, semester-opening treats, etc. count as treats. Smaller things for special occasions—e.g., mini candies for Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, and other holidays—do not.).
2)      Don’t overeat or overindulge. If and in case of overindulging, have plenty of water, oatmeal, coffee, and/or gum on hand and extra water, etc. as necessary.
3)      Eat kosher or mostly kosher (healthy included in kosher).
4)      Go to bed at 12:30-2:00 AM every night, and wake up at 9:30 AM-12:30 PM every day.
5)      Shower at least once a week.
6)      Don’t overspend (including overspending in donating) debit or UMBC card money.
a)      Check debit and UMBC card accounts frequently
b)      When possible, use meal plans for Dining Hall meals.
c)      When eating at Outtakes for lunch, take water bottle and granola or Clif bar—buy sandwich or salad and yogurt.
d)      When at Late Night, get coffee at minimum; salad, sandwich, or and other healthy food for snack and/or meal at maximum.
7)      Study hours per day at maximum, every other day at minimum (depending on classes per day, etc.):
a)      Poli 301-02: 1 hour, 40 minutes
b)      Poli 206-01: 5 hours
c)      Poli 320-01: 2 ½ hours
d)      Biol 106-01: 2 ½ hours
8)      Read Parsha and/or Haftarah at least every other day if not every day.
9)      Write in Prayer Journal at least every other day if not every day.
10)   Shower at least once if not twice a week.
11)  Watch only “The O’Reilly Factor” at 8:00 (Monday-Friday) as TV watching and “Geraldo at Large” at 10:00 (Saturdays) except for special occasions (e.g., little or no TV during finals, and watch more on Election Night or during breaking news events that merit more coverage)
12)  Attend UMBC Hillel Shabbatot and other events, and Students For Israel events when possible.
13)  Don’t procrastinate.
14)  Call Mom every day.
15)  Make more—or at least closer—friends.
16)  Pay attention in class.
17)  Don’t spend unnecessary amounts of time on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
18)  Do some stretches at least every other if not every day.
19)  Brush teeth at least every other if not every day.
20)  Write verse or Biblical insight in planner every week in weekly notes.
21)  Go to church at least every other if not every week.

Can I trust you all to pray for and encourage me to make my best efforts to abide by these goals which I set for myself? A lot of these goals are hard to abide by with my Cereral Palsy, OCD/Anxiety/Depression/mild ADD/possible Aspeberger's, propensity to eat out of boredom, emotion, etc.; and the energy taken out of me from dealing with my C.P., etc. among other issues with which I deal.