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Friday, December 14, 2018

Almost Three Years Since...

Reilly's second Christmas and Camille's first Christmas happened! Can you believe it? How time passes...and "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" might be getting just a little verklempt by thinking about Christmas 2018 will be Reilly's fifth Christmas and Camille's fourth!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Reminder From Reilly (and "Momma")

PS The New Moon was sighted on December 8th. Thus, throughout both the Hebrew month of Tevet 5778 as well as the Gregorian month of December 2018, Reilly and "Momma" ask everyone to recommit themselves to the cause of human rights for all humans—including pet owners whom have disabilities.

PPS So, the card's a little late on the East Coast. Still...

Sunday, December 9, 2018

#SentimentalSunday & Somewhat Offbeat: What "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" Loves About Walks & Other Thoughts

"Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" loves when she gets to see and meet friends of Reilly and Camille as well as tell Reilly and Camille that she got to see their friends and let them sniff her hands when they greet her at the gate. Not too long ago, for example, she finally met one of Reilly's and Camille's elusive friends known as "Solo", and she of course told Reilly and Camille that she finally met him and let them sniff her hand to confirm that she met Solo. In that instance as well, by the way, she let them confirm that she had seen other friends of theirs, including Shelby.

She also gets to meet potential future friends of theirs as well as well as let those potential future friends sniff her hands—and of course let their current friends sniff their hands! Of course (as she has, as she recalls having, blogged about before), she also runs into friends and acquaintances of theirs whom can get ambivalent and think—as she can tell—thoughts like, "She's been around that jealous Reilly" or "She gave scritches to Reilly—does this mean that Reilly's around and going to come of the blue to give me a hard time?"

After all, Reilly has developed a reputation among her compatriots (or should "Momma" say "com-pup-triots?) as a jealous type!

At least Reilly has the hope of (כ״י״י) seeing (or at least sniffing the scents of) both human, canine, and other friends quite often as well as, for instance being able to get scritches and thoughts toward her and prayers on her behalf when she's enduring hard times. "Momma" doesn't often have that partly because she can't get out as much—let alone to be able to walk Reilly herself, or at least have someone help her care for and be a better "Momma" to Reilly and not give her a hard time about (as she's explained to Reilly) being "not as fast or strong as" others and being not as good of a "Momma" as she could be because of her Cerebral Palsy, Depression, etc..

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A Special Card From Reilly (and "Momma")

As a puppy with White Shaker Syndrome and a Maltese underbite as well as a "Momma" with Cerebral Palsy and other conditions, Reilly thanks Former President & First Lady Bush 41 (ז״ל) especially for signing the Americans With Disabilities Act into law!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

#MaltipooMonday: "Auntie Nicole" Fell, And...

She scared Camille as she accidentally lunged forward at her and then caused what "Mom-Mom" described as what must've been "an earthquake" to her. So, she literally had unintentional insult added to her injury, which occurred right as she turned to the right and hit the area between her hip and her upper leg (or maybe it was, as "Mom-Mom" told her, her hip—she can't exactly tell what that area's called. Either way, she fell enough to cause an apparent "earthquake" throughout the family room and leave a bruise where she fell.).

Then culminated the next part in the whole incident. That part included "Auntie Nicole" having left Camille scared as well as "Momma" having scared Reilly, Reilly wanting to go outside because of how scared she was, Camille having to pee to the point at which she could be said to have literally had the pee scared of her, "Auntie Nicole" having to put Camille on her lap while she still was harnessed and leashed because she would've run away otherwise, and the same "Auntie Nicole" sitting her furniece on her lap to explain to her that she was just walking toward her to give her a kiss on the head and not trying to hurt her.

Meanwhile, both Camille (who was shaking as she sat on "Auntie Nicole"'s lap as "Auntie Nicole" was trying to comfort her and explain what happened) and Reilly (who avoided "Momma" for quite a while) took some time to be convinced that they were not going to be lunged at by "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma".

Monday, December 3, 2018

Early Hanukkah 5778 and Belated National Mutt Day 2018 Card

PS: 1) "Momma" and Reilly get an extra day of Hanukkah, since Hanukkah begins this evening. 2) This card affected OCD/Anxiety, too—thus, part of why it's late.

Friday, November 30, 2018

#FluffyFriday & #FoxyFriday (No; Really...)

The bratheads saw their newfound friend again—twice! Well, he or she may not exactly be a friend, though they did bark at him or her—"Reilly like a banshee" and Camille "like a copycat", "Mom-Mom" told "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole"—and the second time was when they barked as "Mom-Mom" described how they barked. Why did they bark more the second time than they barked the first time, though? Well, "Auntie Nicole" suspects that especially Camille may have actually been angry at the fox for not sharing his or her...if one will...leftovers that he or she came to pick up in a neighbor's yard...

Those leftovers happened to be a lapin sans tête, and Camille—perhaps partly because she has a French name and is ¾ Poodle 😉—has frequently barked at lapins, whereas as Reilly has not barked at them (notwithstanding that, like Camille, she'd like to chase them if she could do so). So, for her to be angry that the fox would not share—not to mention that he or she caused the neighbor to frightenedly scream as he or she jumped over the fence with the remains of his or her catch en bouche—would make sense.

PS Moments like these are part of why "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" would like "Mom-Mom" and "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" to at least walk with them when they walk Reilly and Camille, even though she can't walk Reilly (yet, anyway. "Mom-Mom" did once suggest that maybe "Momma" could someday walk Reilly if she can put her leash loop on the handle of the rollator). 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


So begins a not-too-unusual Woof Wednesday a la casa de Reily y Camila. Of course, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" had a usual myoclonus flareup. "Mom-Mom", on the other hand, considered the situation another emergency-bark one, and she considered it correctly: she saw a fox walking down the sidewalk across from the window.

Obviously then, that Reilly's and Camille's barking translated to "FO-OX!" clicked. At least the fox just walked on his or her way, though, and didn't even think to jump over or find a way to get under the fence. After all, Reilly and Camille weren't going to let him or her get any birdies or squirrels that were at the birdfeeder, and he or she would have to go elsewhere despite how cold and windy his or her den's environment might've been.

(Incidentally, "Auntie Nicole" just had another myclonous flareup as she finished up typing because somebody named Camille barked loudly enough to cause her to flinch!)

Monday, November 26, 2018

#MaltipooMonday and #MemoryMonday: Sleepy & Not-Exactly-Happy Cam...

On the day after Thanksgiving, and...

Yesterday, when Reilly was literally smiling as she snuggled with "Mom-Mom" while Cam was also happily relaxing.

#MaltipooMonday: Somebody Named Camille Has Developed Another Habit of Reilly, Which Is That...

She shows Reilly-style jealously! Once incident of a display of jealousy that particularly sticks out in "Auntie Nicole"'s/"Momma"'s mind is when she came over to her and started giving her kisses when she was paying attention to Reilly. As for how "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" reacted, she could tell that she was jealous, too, and tallied that as one more jealously-display incident of late!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

#TimeTravelTuesday: Heroine Of the Weekend

So, Camille was barking at squirrels or a person—or perhaps a fellow pup—or so "Auntie Nicole" thought that she was. Once "Auntie Nicole" came downstairs, though, "Mom-Mom" told her the actual story—one of a heroine canine named Camille Dominique, whom used an (according to "Mom-Mom") "emergency bark" to alert her to a kitty on the prowls for (as Camille understands birds to be) "birdies" at the birdfeeder.

The story goes as follows:

Camille let out an "emergency bark" to alert "Mom-Mom" to a black-and-white kitty whom was prowling for birdies at the birdfeeder. "Mom-Mom" therefore ran over to see why Camille was barking like a klipeh and saw the kitty, and she opened the window to let her bark that kitty away from the birdfeeder. For once in a while, then, she actually appreciated her barking.

As for Camille, she likely had at least one of the following motives:

  1. She did not want that kitty to mess with her birdies—whether it was because she wanted to watch her birdies, protect them, or not let the kitty get what she herself would get would "Mom-Mom" and "Mimi" let her do.
  2. She wanted to get that kitty—perhaps because she doesn't like kitties for all that "Auntie Nicole" knows.
  3. She actually wanted to befriend the kitty (notwithstanding that her jealous cousin would not have let her do so).
  4. She found the kitty to be an amusing—and even exciting—sight.
Motives One, Two, and Four are the most-probable motives in any case, meanwhile, since Camille is—obviously—a puppy (and the ancient puppy-kitty rivalry could exist between her and the kitty in question), and a mostly-Poodle Maltipoo at that—thus, her barky and raring-for-a-hunt instincts seem to have come out in her.

PS Just as puppies are puppies regardless of what age they get to be, kitties are kitties regardless of their ages—and Camille's archrival (and clearly-arching rival) was, from what "Auntie Nicole" gathers, an (all-ready-to-pounce) adult kitty (whom, from what she recalls "Mom-Mom" telling her, was even swatting or clawing at some of the birdies!).

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Most Of the Post-Grooming Photos After Reilly's & Camille's Thanksgiving-Time Grooming

By the way, Camille (according to her "Mimi") somehow got her bow off beforehand.

The other images were either in "Creative Shot" settings (For a #MemoryMonday post, maybe 🙂), too dark to see, or unable to be uploaded or some reason.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

#WoofWednesday, Part One: Reilly And Halloween Costumes

That is all.

(The other two parts, Yehovah willing, will be posted as #ThrowbackThursday throwbacks to #WoofWednesday.).

With "Creative Shot" settings: wow; bienvenido a una observancia tardía del Día de Los Muertos.

And, yes, there are videos (titled "Reilly In On-Sale Halloween Costumes" and published on YouTube)—of which Reilly, not her "Mom-Mom" or "Momma"'s aide, is the focus (as "Momma" has to explain whenever cameraphobic "Mom-Mom" takes a picture or records a video of Reilly with her in it; and she doesn't think that the aide would mind, since Reilly is the focus.)