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Showing posts with label events. Show all posts

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Mostly Offbeat: "Momma"'s Getting More Impatient & Anxious For Her and Reilly's Sakes

Even on days like Thanksgiving, "Momma" gets impatient and anxious for her and Reilly's sakes. Not having a clear answer regarding a certain person still keeps "Momma" and incredibly-patient Reilly up at night, and "Momma" having exacerbated mental-illness flareups both during the day and the night. Not much has changed since last year regarding what "Momma" and Reilly want for Hanukkah and Christmas.

What Gets Reilly and Camille Barking...Or At Least A Short List Thereof

  1. Neighbors whom walk by the windows or are otherwise outside
  2. Fellow puppies of theirs
  3. Cats such as Mochi
  4. Guests such as family friends such as "The Tall Guy"
  5. When guests and others have to leave
  6. Noises such as lawnmower noises during the day
  7. Strange noises at night
  8. Squirrels (particularly Camille) and rabbits
  9. When "Mom-Mom" comes home
They also have unique barks for certain occasions. For example:

    1. When "Mom-Mom" comes home
    2. When Camille sees squirrels. Reilly doesn't have a unique bark for that.
    3. When they want to go on a walk.
    4. When they run upstairs and run back downstairs.
    Meanwhile, Reilly and Camille were being bad and barking just as "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" was typing a few moments ago.

    Sunday, November 19, 2017

    You Don't Mess With The Ri WhereIn Belly Rubs Are Concerned

    Toys with Camille are one matter. Belly rubs with Reilly are another. As "Auntie Michelle" learned and "Momma" saw earlier tonight, Reilly will even point to her belly with her paw when she wants a belly rub or wants a continuation of the belly rubs that she is receiving.

    That is all for now. "Night nights" from "Momma" and Reilly, meanwhile.

    Saturday, November 18, 2017

    You Don't Mess With the Cam, Part Two

    Messing with Camille's favorite toys is one matter. Trying to...if you will...dominate Camille while she is sitting on "Mom-Mom"'s lap and doing absolutely nothing to you is another matter, especially if you try to dominate her and then later get near her while she has a favorite toy. However, you're not exactly to learn this lesson if you're stubborn-headed alpha¹ Reilly.

    One, then, need not try to imagine too much what happened this evening. Not that Cam is nice to Reilly when she comes near her when she has a favorite toy, anyway, by the way. Nonetheless, Cam was understandably mad after Reilly had already tried to jealously dominate her, and she was not going to let Reilly even get near her toy even if she was just in the vicinity of it and had no plans to steal it.

    ¹ "Alphess" (which it apparently is)? "Alphemale"? "Alfemale"? 

    Thursday, November 16, 2017

    When "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" Saw A Twitter Video, She Had The Following Reaction

    The one's like Reilly and Camille, though especially Reilly: Reilly will try to steal Camille's treats, licks her bowl when she's emptied it, and (nonetheless like her) chokes when she gets excited over food!

    (Incidentally, on a figurative level: Reilly wanted to eat up "Mom-Mom"'s affection; so, she literally bit "Auntie Michelle" and tried to bite Camille just a few minutes ago!)

    Wednesday, November 15, 2017

    You Don't Mess With the Cam

    "Mimi" just learned a lesson the hard way: you do not mess with Camille when she has a favorite toy. If you do, you might have her growl at you. In fact, you don't even try to kiss her on top of the head, let alone pick her up to hold her and show her affection.

    After "Mimi" tricked Camille by pretending to throw a favorite toy, Camille "got mad" and growled at "Mimi" for doing exactly that—that is, she did not let her come between her and her toy.

    Meanwhile, "Auntie Nicole" just received confirmation that even "Mimi" does not come between Camille and her favorite toys.

    Monday, November 13, 2017

    "Under Pressure"...Literally!

    Play the official live version of "Under Pressure" while "Mimi" is eating a sandwich, have Camille take it literally!

    Sunday, November 12, 2017

    Friday, November 10, 2017

    Thursday, November 9, 2017

    WhereIn Blankets Are Concerned...

    When Camille Seemed To Sympathize With "Auntie Nicole" During An Argument With Somebody

    Without going into details, "Auntie Nicole" will say that she was surprised by both Reilly's patience overall (as it has been for quite a while now) and Camille's seeming to sympathize with her after the argument (unless she just wanted to say "Night nights" and lick the albe-applied-for-hours concealer on her forehead wrinkles.

    (Incidentally, especially "Momma" just seems to be getting and looking older—especially as she worries more for her and Reilly's sakes).

    Wednesday, November 8, 2017

    Somewhat To Mostly Offbeat: As "Momma"'s Typing, An Example When "Momma" Fails Reilly Again

    Reilly, meanwhile, is patient about it, despite that she earlier gave "Momma" a very-clear "I'm not happy with you" look. 10:00 something turned into 11:00 something, into midnight and after midnight, and now into 3:02 at night ("in the morning", notwithstanding "v'yesh hayah 'erev v'yesh hayah boker" being replete throughout the first chapter of Bereshit).

    By the way, most of why "Momma" was up so late this time was because she was writing the next part of her upcoming book, in which she mentions Reilly—though that probably wouldn't make up to Reilly that she and Reilly are going "night nights" late once again! 

    Monday, November 6, 2017

    Mostly Offbeat: Since Reilly's Reacting To The Family Friend Whom She Knows As "The Tall Guy" Well...

    "Momma" has hope that, God willing, Reilly will react just as well and perhaps even better when (God willing) she meets whomever is supposed to be "Momma"'s helpmate (especially if he is whom "Momma" thinks, or at least hopes, that he is)—after all, Reilly as a "dogter" has to love and be loved by whomever (God wills to be) her "Daddy", right?

    By the way, here's a better version of the video from when "the tall guy" came over:

    Friday, November 3, 2017

    #FluffyFriday, And What Ended Up Being A Late #ThrowbackThursday Post: Reilly Chilling With "Auntie Michelle"

    Reilly loves getting belly rubs, kisses, and (sometimes) hugs from "Auntie Michelle" (and everyone else!).

    Thursday, November 2, 2017

    A Myoclonus Flareup That Was Actually Not Reilly's Or Camille's Fault, Although It Put Everyone At Risk

    Even though they did bark and cause myoclonus flareups at some points today, Reilly and Camille did not cause the recent most-myoclonus flareup that "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" had (The noise of a spatula that ended up sliding off of the edge of a grill pan did and onto a ceramic stovetop did, surprising her.). Nonetheless, it put them and her at risk—since the coffee that she spilled is dangerous for puppies in general, let alone Reilly and Camille—and "Momma" had to tell Reilly to keep away from the coffee, since Reilly wanted to lick it up (She told her something like, "No-o! Stay away from there!" She definitely remembers the "No-o!").

    If anything ever happened to Reilly and/or Camille, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" would probably be dead due to being unable to deal with what happened to one or both of them—if one or both of them didn't cause her to break her head by falling due to barking or leash pulling first.

    By the way, even Camille misbehaved today—besides with the barking.

    Reilly Was Not On Her Best Behavior Yesterday—Is "Momma" Partly To Blame?

    The confusion and other stuff that "Momma" has endured of late has not made "Momma" a better "Momma" to Reilly, let alone the best "Momma" to Reilly. Reilly was perhaps, then, a little sleepy and thus not on her best behavior—and either way, she was not on his best behavior. For example:

    1. She defied "Mom-Mom" and "Auntie Michelle" as they were coming back from their evening walk by barking and brazenly continuing to bark at (as "Momma" found out shortly afterward) a puppy whom apparently is a stranger as opposed to a puppy that she knows well enough or one of her friends.
    2. She then proceeded to defy "Mom-Mom" by getting up to the window and barking, and then going back up to the window and barking after "Mom-Mom" told her to "Get down!" from the window—she also looked quite proud of herself after she got into trouble!
    3. Later, she tried to bite and bit "Auntie Michelle" when "Auntie Michelle" would stop giving her belly rubs and would give affection to her own "dogter". She also acted jealously toward Camille multiple times.
    Meanwhile, "Momma bets", Reilly will probably—for instance—try to give "Momma" persistent "night nights" kisses and lick her side of the pillow, even after "Momma" says, "It's night-nights time" and "Put your head on the pillow" (as opposed to partially under the bed cover or not all the way—or not at all—on the pillow—despite that "Momma" has even explained that she doesn't want Reilly to block her nose and not be able to breathe).

     (By the way, "Momma" has tried to keep up her writing—which she does for, among other reasons, trying to provide for Reilly as much as possible for her own part—despite that she's enduring a mental-illness flareup—including that of OCD/Anxiety comorbid with Depression.).

    Tuesday, October 31, 2017

    Halloween Card From Reilly and Camille

    PS Reilly had her leash on partly to get ready for her walk, and Camille even refused to cooperate with "Mimi" at first.

    The Halloween Card Will Have To Come Later Tonight, After "Mimi" Holds Camille For Separate Pictures

    As "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" predicted, Reilly and Camille were going to hate getting dressed up. Reilly did not fully cooperate with "Momma" the first time, as she followed Camille's bad example of jumping off of the couch once "Auntie Nicole" got Camille's costume on her and got Camille on the couch. She did, however, reluctantly cooperate the second time and get treats as a result.

    As for Camille, as "Auntie Nicole" stated, "Mimi" will have to help "Auntie Nicole" get separate pictures of Camille. There goes "Auntie Nicole"'s original theme idea for the card, by the way 🙄

    Reilly's And Camille's Costumes....

    Let's just say that they're not exactly pup-proved.

    (You thought that "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" would reveal what the Halloween costumes are, didn't you? Not without making a Halloween card! Trick for treat, and the treat will be a Halloween card with Reilly and Camille in their costumes!


    1. Reilly and Camille hate dressing up in general.
    2. "Mimi"/"Auntie Michelle" (despite that she thinks that the costumes are cute) certainly did not help "Auntie Nicole/"Momma" get Camille and Reilly to get their costumes on them as much as she could have helped her.
    3. The costume for Reilly was bigger than expected, despite that it's size adjustable.
    4. Probably due in part to flaring-up-of-late OCD/Anxiety, "Momma" likely left the costume a little too loose since she doesn't want to choke Reilly
    PS "Trick for treat" definitely encompasses Reilly's allowing "Momma" to put on the costume in exchange for getting a treat. 

    Thursday, October 26, 2017

    Two Gregorian Month Anniversaries For Reilly This Week

    Reilly came home three years and five months ago, when she just a day shy of two months old (though she was eight weeks and four days old, meaning than old enough to come home):

    Happy Month Homecoming Anniversary, and Happy Month Birthday, Reilly!

    PS The picture above was taken at 3:40 AM on July 13, 2017—which goes to show one how patiently Reilly waits when "Momma"'s mental-illness flareups and other matters cause her to stay up late into even a Wednesday-into-Thursday-night!

    ("Momma" wanted to find a newer picture of Reilly snuggling her toy "Hippo", though, since she couldn't find one last night. By the way, Reilly actually came to her home away from home—"Momma" and Reilly are still hoping to make aliyah.)