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Showing posts with label events. Show all posts

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Special Card From Reilly?

PS "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" guesses that one could this either ironic or a paw-Ri-dogs....and she would make Reilly's and Camille's cheeks pink if they could comprehend what she's saying, since they'd find her un-punny!

Friday, June 22, 2018

#FluffyFriday: Belated Summer 2018 Cards

This one "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" made to show kavod to fellow Jews whom either believe in Jesus but don't celebrate Christmas or don't believe in Jesus.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

An (Actually-Not-So-) Early (-After-All) Flag Day Card


  1. Reilly did end up getting low-calorie treats.
  2. "Momma" had no idea that Flag Day is also World Blood Day (Speaking of which, please help "Momma" help the Red Cross to help Ellicott City!). When she saw it on Google, though, that's when she figured out that the pictures with the flashing red stars really worked for the Flag Day card.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

#WoofWednesday & a Belated #TuesdayTroubles: No More Treats With A Few Exceptions For A While, Barky Reilly, Etc..

  1. Reilly and Camille currently need their weights watched. Each of them gained about a pound, so their vet wants them to lose some weight. This means that for "Momma"'s/"Auntie Nicole"'s part, she won't be giving either of them treats except for after they "peedy" and/or "pooty" as well as for when Reilly needs a dentastick to clean her teeth. Reilly, though, will be getting broken-in-half dentasticks whenever she gets dentasticks.
  2. "Momnma"/"Auntie Nicole" is working on obedience-without-treats training. Reilly seems to be more acquiescent to, for example, not getting a treat every time that she does tricks or gets in her crate. Camille on the other hand has met the possibility of the reward alternative quite a few times: a certain friend of hers known as the spraybottle, which "Auntie Nicole" had to threaten to use when, for example, she went upstairs without permission and refused to come down without a treat.
  3. Myclonus flareup + spilled oatmeal with milk on the floor = effects of Reilly's and Camille's inappropriate barking, about which "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" was far from happy. She was also far from happy when, for instance, Reilly refused to follow her on multiple instances of the "Follow me" (and variant) commands (By the way, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole"—forgive the language—got absolutely pissed when "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" said that she did not care about the myoclonus flareups when she mentioned them, albe that "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" did apologize when "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" corrected her.
  4. Not a Tuesday trouble: Reilly and Camille again had an impromptu playdate with Shelby, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" heard, and Camille even gave Reilly a few "She's my sister; let me play with her!" pawslaps despite that Reilly was being held back anyway because of her vaccine at the vet's and because she was throwing up from eating "nasties"! Shelby wasn't so afraid to play with Camille after that, as she gets a little afraid of jealous Reilly!
  5. Reilly still has to wear the bark collar at present.
  6.  Not a Tuesday trouble: "Momma" is (Yehovah willing) posting an early Flag Day card later today since she is working the polls on Flag Day (and the next day) for Early Voting. (Reilly won't like that, though, since "Momma" won't be home ☹️.). By the way, she isn't sure if she'll give Reilly a treat for allowing her to take pictures yet, though she may give her a low-calorie treat.
  7. Speaking of #TuesdayTroubles, maybe "Momma" should be include #WednesdayWorries and #WaitingWednesday hashtags since she's still waiting for a certain answer for her and Reilly's sakes—and dangerously slipping (meaning slipping) into extreme night-owl and failing-Reilly territory (i.e., sometimes going "night nights" with an albe-patient Reilly as late as 2:00 to 3:00 AM) again for that reason (among other reasons), as well as getting more gray hairs due to it (and other reasons)—¡pobrecita Reilicita!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

#SentimentalSunday: By The Way, When Did Camille Actually Come Home? It Wasn't June 10th After All, Though.

First, an incidental note:

It was actually either June 6th or 7th of 2015. If it is the former, "Auntie Nicole" will (God willing) include that in her upcoming book, as for Camille Dominique to have come home on the anniversary of D-Day definitely fits into a "**** That I Can't Make Up" lists of co-incidences with significant historical events. If the latter (which it apparently was), as the photo album that "Auntie Nicole" shared about Camille's homecoming is dated June 7th , it'll still make the book given that the D-Day offensive lasted for days.

Second, the album that "Auntie Nicole" shared of Camille's homecoming:

Third, a few videos that "Auntie Nicole" recorded when Camille first came home:

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Belated #FluffyFriday & #FlashbackFriday Post: How Did Reilly & Camille Handle Their Human Family Being In Virginia For 7-8 Hours?

Even though they weren't exactly happy about it, they—according to Shelby's human family—did really well. As "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" forestated—and heard—they even got to spend time with Shelby! When she heard about that, she was pleasantly surprised, since the original plan had been for two of Shelby's family members to:

  1. Come over to see Ri and Cam, and get instructions.
  2. Let them rest in their crates for 2-3 hours.
  3. Check on them and be with them for an hour.
  4. Let them rest in their crates for another 2-3 hours.
  5. Check on them again, feed them dinner, and be with them for another hour.
  6. Let them rest in their crates until their own human family comes back from Virginia.

Of course, Reilly pretty much tried to monopolize the attention, and she even (as "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" witnessed) did so from the get-go! To say that Reilly went as far to, if one will, try to dominate Camille right in front of their friends and petsitters suffices—though "Mom-Mom" thankfully stopped Reilly's embarrassing antics at home, and Reilly does not seemed to have tried embarrassing Camille at Shelby's house!

Both Reilly and Camille behaved overall, and Camille had a (relatively-)good example in her cousin. Camille also ended up (at least at first) sticking close to her role model while she was adjusting to being on her sister's turf—partly because (obviously) not even being Shelby's older sister would protect her from her cousin's jealously, let alone on Shelby's turf!

After the impromptu playdate and right at about dinnertime, they ended their eventful day by being taken back to their (mostly Reilly's) turf to get fed, resting in their crates after they ate and while they waited for their human family, and greeting them once they came back from Virginia. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Quick #FluffyFriday & #FlashbackFriday Preview: How Did Reilly & Camille Handle Their Human Family Being In Virginia For 7-8 Hours?

Both of them actually did really well. They even got to spend time with Camille's sister Shelby! Of course, Reilly pretty much tried to monopolize the attention. However, she behaved overall. She also was a (relatively-) good example for Camille.

"Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" will detail more later.