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Showing posts with label anthony_v_florida. Show all posts

Sunday, July 15, 2012

When You Hang Around Jose Baez...

Your brain cells have to go down a bit--or perhaps take a break. Either way, I don't know how Geraldo Rivera could and did form a friendship with Jose Baez, and I don't know how Jose Baez sleeps at night--I couldn't sleep after sneaking an extra shot of Irish Cream for my coffee on Friday (I was up at 7:00 on Saturday confessing to my mom, and I just got the cold on Friday--I needed the sleep, but I couldn't sleep.). How does Jose Baez sleep knowing that Casey Anthony is a murderer who was not sexually abused by her dad?

If nothing else, doesn't he know how Johnnie Cochran died? How much more will a man who was complicit in infanticide die a terrible and horrible death? I couldn't sleep just knowing that brain cancer would be the least of my problems. Also, how does Jose Baez sleep knowing that a man who was complicit in pedophilia--Joe Paterno--just died of cancer? As I asked, how much more will a man who was complicit in infanticide die a terrible and horrible death--though pedophilia and infanticide are almost equally (if not as equally) horrible? 

The difference with pedophilia and infanticide is this: the pedophilia victim wishes that he or she is dead, or may even end up dead (whether, such as in the cases of JonBenet Ramsey and Jessica Lunsford, the pedophilia is accompanied with infanticide; or the pedophilia affects the suicide of the victim); whereas the infanticide victim (assuming that he or she does not have pedophilia with which to also deal) is dead.

On that note, what is Jose Baez's claim that Casey Anthony is a victim of pedophilia going to do to real pedophilia victims? For instance, the claim will affect real pedophilia victims to not come forward for dread that they will not be believed or at least stood up for--case in point, Joe Paterno did not stand up for Jerry Sandusky's victims; so one can imagine how a false claim of pedophilia made by an acquitted murderer's attorney will affect other pedophilia victims to be disbelieved and left unspoken for.

In conclusion, I--feeling guilty for even taking an extra shot of Irish Cream and being unable to sleep--cannot imagine how Jose Baez--a man who represented and helped acquit a murderer by claiming that she she was molested as a child, and who will affect real victims of pedophilia to not come forward--sleeps at night. I also cannot imagine how he sleeps at night with a more horrible death than the deaths of Johnnie Cochran and Joe Paterno hanging over his head.

I also can't imagine how and why Geraldo Rivera could and did form a friendship with Jose Baez.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

George Zimmerman Is In Jail Awaiting Trial...

Can we, as Trayvon's parents and others want, just let the justice system play out now? As others have pointed out, this isn't Florida v. Anthony (2011). In Florida v. Anthony, there was a mother-- Casey Marie Anthony-- who clearly murdered her own then-2-year-old daughter, Caylee; tampered with and let the elements otherwise destroy Caylee's body, and otherwise hindered the investigation into Caylee's death; and left Caylee's death reported for 30-31 days while she went out and remorselessly partied to celebrate her self-created childless life.

In Florida v. Zimmerman (which may also become United States v. Zimmerman); there is either a deceitful and racist murderer, a mentally-ill or otherwise mentally-afflicted man who snapped or otherwise acted in an irrational and uncontrolled way, or an assaulted-and-battered neighborhood watchman who was defending himself and/or his community with the "Stand Your Ground" Law. For whatever reason (which may well be the second possibility, and thus may have helped to mitigate the circumstances and charges), Special Prosecutor Angela Corey charged George Zimmerman with second-degree-- not first-degree-- murder; although to be fair (as Judge Alex Ferrer explained on "The O'Reilly Factor"), certain kinds of evil or malicious intent in Florida can get one charged with second-degree murder as opposed to manslaughter, and as opposed to first-degree murder on the other end of the homicide spectrum in Florida v. Zimmerman

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kvetching About the Casey Anthony Verdict and Other Subjects

  1. Look at unemployment numbers and other things. When the jury decided to go after the majority in and of the world to do evil (cf. Ex 23:2) and disregard tzedek (cf. Micah 6:8), the United States felt the crunch.
  2. Bernie Goldberg pointed out that Geraldo Rivera would feel differently if a border agent murdered a Mexican immigrant. In a reverse and real-life case, a Mexican immigrant murdered a 15-year-old girl as opposed to a border agent, but I wonder how Geraldo feels about that as well (and I hope that this explains the parallel which I was trying to draw).
  3.  Southern Sudan and the Supreme Court pointlessly stood up to a part of the inevitable one-world government (cf. Daniel 7:23-28), but at least the Supreme Court stood up to an organization which the US could disband if Dani'el's prophecy weren't going to be fulfilled anyway (As for Sudan, that's another discussion.).