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Showing posts with label recollections. Show all posts

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day And Memory Monday: Just How Did Reilly's Human Family (Including "Momma") Fall In Love With Their First "Fur"-mily Member?

"Saint Reilly Rosalita Of Jerusalem" (as I jokingly call her, although Reilly really is a kalvah kedoshah l'Yehovah, and) is the puppy whom chose us. After a tired Reilly was done playing with her siblings and resting in the house after a long play session, Joyce brought her and her sister out to one of the outside playpen-and-show areas when Reilly's to-be "Mom-Mom" asked if we could see any female Maltipoos—and that's when a tired-and-docile Reilly stayed in the front-right (and from our view, front-left) corner of the playpen and let "Mom-Mom" approach her and pick her up.

"Are you Reilly?" Mom asked Reilly this and fell in love with her firstborn "granddogter" immediately, and (as she later told me) understood why Reilly's to-be "Grandaunt" Frannie loved her own "fur"-mily (including her own "Momma's girl", Abby) so much—she'd never gotten why people love their dogs so much before, as she'd never had a dog when she was a kid and our own first dog—a family dog named "Angelina"—heartbreakingly came from a puppy miller whom disguised herself as a legitimate breeder and gives legitimate breeders like Joyce bad names, since "Angelina" (and her brother Teddy, whom Aunt Frannie owned) died within a week or so of coming home.

To answer "Mom-Mom"'s question and assuage her dreads, Reilly ended up licking the ring on "Momma"'s right ring finger! To confirm her answer when they went into Joyce's house to get to know Reilly better, etc., she crawled up from "Momma"'s lap to her face and licked her face.

Joyce let me take a cell-phone picture of then six-week-old Reilly as she held her.

Fast forward to today, and have a good rest of the Happy Labor Day that Reilly and "Momma" wish you to have*.

*PS "Momma" does still wish that Reilly'd have a "Daddy" with whom to spend Labor Day as another family member—not to mention that "Momma" would like to dance with someone to "Great-Mom-Mom"'s and "Great-Granddaddy"'s favorite dancing song and have him dance with his "dogter". Besides, Reilly's seen what "Momma"'s constant heartbreak and suffering—both romantically and non romantically—is like (Incidentally, Reilly's "Great-Granddad" Czarnecki did say "I don't like music" during a conversation in which "Great-Grandma", I, and others were talking about a tribute to Willie Nelson or something like that—and that's a reminder of an example of non-romantic heartbreak in "Momma"'s life, because "Great-Granddad" was a person that Reilly would not have liked were she a daughter of man and were she living at the time. But since Reilly is a puppyalbe an adult one—she likes everyone—or at least most people.).