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Showing posts with label neighbors. Show all posts

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

So, At Least One Elderly Person Died In Her House During Hurricane Harvey's First Days In Houston...

Whatever language you speak:

  1. No, people! Check on your neighbors!
  2. ¡No, pueblo! ¡Cuidan a tus vecinos!
  3. לא, אנשים! ואהבת לרעך כמוך!
As I recall, the woman was 83 years old and couldn't just leave Houston! Thus, everybody in Hurricane Irma's path whom can help others needs to help those whom can't just evacuate from their homes and whom otherwise can't help themselves! 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Well, At Least...

Reilly didn't get into the bathroom trash when somebody left the bathroom door yesterday. Nonetheless, she misbehaved quite a bit. For example, even though "Momma" had taken her to "go potty" when she rang the bell the first time, she decided to not ring the bell the second time. In fact, she decided to not even "go potty" outside—and "Momma" found a puddle on the hallway carpet.

As "Momma" has mentioned, Reilly has lo kavod for her 5'0"-5'1.75" ima katanah—or at least she has a very-minimal amount!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Long Story Short, &c.: e.g., "Momma" Got Blamed For What Reilly Did

Never mind that, for example:

  1. "Momma" explicitly told Reilly to stay while she was going to get something outside, and Reilly decided to be a trickster and burst out the door.
  2. "Momma" has Cerebral Palsy and can't be as fast or strong as "Momma", "Auntie Michelle", or "Momma"'s possible helpmate and Reilly's possible "Daddy"¹—and that Reilly takes advantage of that fact, despite that she doesn't quite understand that "Momma" has C.P. and Scoliosis with a ~5"1.75 height (Last she heard, she's actually ~5"0 now—getting older and shrinking already).
  3. Reilly explicitly disobeyed orders to, for example, stop eating birdseed and get out of "Mom-Mom"'s garden.
"Mom-Mom", of course, doesn't believe that sometimes puppies are at fault—and "Momma"'s 27 and still got into trouble like a seven-year-old child. 🙄

Meanwhile, "Momma" told "Auntie Michelle" one more disadvantage of debarking Reilly: that she would no longer have her unique barks, such as when she plays with "Mom-Mom" or greets the aide that comes over every day to help "Momma" get out and walk (at "Mom-Mom"'s insistence—just in general, having an aide at 27 years old is quite embarrassing for "Momma").

¹ Incidental note to him: Por favor a menos que Díos quiere de otra manera, no renuncie a mí y Reily— espereme y Reily—no haya dejado a tí.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: Debarking Reilly?....

Bad idea! Despite "Auntie Michelle"'s suggestion, Reilly does not need to be debarked. Besides:

  1. If two certain family members of "Momma" helped use the "Who rules?"-roll-over, spray-bottle, and muzzle techniques more, maybe Reilly would really get that "No bark" means "No bark"; and that one less creature would be able to step all over "Momma", albe Reilly is learning her albe-unintentionally-ableist behavior from "Auntie Michelle" and "Mom-Mom".
  2. "Momma" keeps looking forward to the hope of a certain someone being a helpmate to "Momma" and someone whom will willingly help her be the kind of "Momma" to Reilly that Reilly needs.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Excerpt From An Upcoming Book: The Ole Field Five, Plus One! (Language Warning)

Just before I began to write this, I'd been planning to write about the gang in my neighborhood whom I call "The Old Field Five". Then my sister told me about another Old Fielder whom's coming into the neighborhood (God willing). Thus (again, God willing), there's now the Ole Field Six—or at least there will be an "Ole Field Six" if "Ole Field Six" has a ring to it (and again, if God wills—and mind you, everything—whether for good or for evil—should have the "If God wills" caveat with it.)

As for the Ole Field Five being the Ole Field Five...just as I've said about everything else in this book, shit that I can't make up and other stuff—and this falls into the category of other stuff!

I won't say what neighborhood is my neighborhood (or what's my neighborhood for now, anyway—God willing, I'm making aliyah and calling another neighborhood  truly  my neighborhood someday—I as a Jew don't belong in the Diaspora, and didn't belong in the Diaspora even when I didn't know that I'm Jewish). After all, that I as a Jew, woman, and person with disabilities am vulnerable enough without the Anti-Semitic misogynists and ableists knowing where I (even temporarily) live. Besides, since all of us whom are Jews are responsible for one another and are to love our neighbors as ourselves, I as a Jew would be putting my Jewish and gentile neighbors in danger if I stated where exactly the Ole Field Five are neighbors and will have a sixth Ole Fielder as a neighbor soon.

In addition, I have especially my own Ole Fielder, Reilly Rosalita, to protect—Reilly trusts her "Momma" to not let anyone hurt her, notwithstanding that there are sadly quite a few people whom would like to hurt Reilly's "Momma" by trying to hurt Reilly—and I am well aware of how cruel people can be. I'm also aware that I have part of the legacy of a family friend named Diane to continue, since there'd be no Ole Field Five without Diane—after all, she referred us to Ole Field Farm's owner, Joyce Fleming, and she surely wouldn't anybody hurting me or Reilly, let alone any of the owners of the other Old Field Fivers (including my sister) or any of the Old Field Fivers (including Camille, my sister's Maltipoo and Reilly's once-removed cousin).

Speaking of Diane and her legacy, here's more shit that I can't make up: while she got to meet Reilly the last time that she saw us, she got to meet only Reilly during the last time that she would ever see us in this lifetime. She didn't even get to meet Camille before she died, and Camille wasn't even born until shortly before she died—Camille was born in March of 2015, and Diane died of Lou Gehrig's Disease in July of 2015.

Even shittier was the way that we found out that she'd never have a chance to meet Camille in this lifetime: someone called us to tell us that she died of ALS. What made that shitty for us was that:

  1. We now understood that the last time that we saw her would be the last time that we'd ever see her in this lifetime.
  2. Her last visit with us was marred for her by the fact that she was going through the final stages of ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease, not to mention that her decline due to Lou Gehrig's Disease (about which we had no idea, despite that it was happening in front of us) was exacerbated by the distress due to the then-recent death of her brother to whom she was very close (about which we did know and which she mentioned). We didn't even know that she had Lou Gehrig's Disease in the first place, and we felt bad that we couldn't help her as her ALS and her distress over her brother's death affected her significantly!
  3. She referred us to Joyce only to have her once chance to meet Reilly affected by the throes of end-stage ALS flareups!
Only God understands why He had that happen to Diane, and it nonetheless hurts. I've even said that to the owners of Camille's maternal sister Shelby (whom Diane would've also loved to have met—and they got Shelby because they wanted to get a puppy from whomever we got Reilly and Camille—and neither did she get to meet Shelby nor did they get to meet the person whom referred their own reference to Joyce in the first place. 

At least she'll get to meet Camille and Shelby at the Resurrection; and she'll get to meet:
  1.  Fenway—whose owners, as far as I know, were actually the only ones whom were not referred to Joyce by Diane, anyone to whom Diane referred Joyce, or anyone whom was referred to Joyce by Diane and referred others to Joyce in turn.
  2. Solo, to whose owners Shelby owner's referred to Joyce—and maybe I'll get to meet Solo then, too, since I have yet to meet him!
  3. Whomever the Old Field Sixer ends up being.
Incidentally, "Ole Field Six" does seem to have a ring to it—go figure!