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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Good Morning To Getting Burned With Hot Coffee As a Result Of Reilly's Barking

"Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" (out of frustration and flippantness) thought that praying with Reilly and Camille didn't work this morning. Then God reminded her that praying with Reilly and Camille did work when she got the idea to get Reilly's harness and leash on her to keep her from running away while she put the muzzle on her—twice—and Reilly has the muzzle on for the second time as "Momma" types.

The first time that "Momma" had to put the muzzle on Reilly was when she had a myoclonic episode and thus spilled hot coffee on her jeans, the table, and the floor. The second time occurred just a few minutes ago when Reilly showed that she apparently didn't learn her lesson and caused "Momma" and myclonic episode (As "Momma" had to explain to Reilly, she jumped involuntarily because of Reilly's barking; and that jumping can cause her to spill hot coffee on herself—as it did this morning—or fall, drop something, and otherwise cause something dangerous to happen—and keep in mind that she has Cerebral Palsy.).

And (as of 8:48 AM EST) Reilly just got the muzzle off after having it on for only 16 minutes, and she would have gotten it off at 8:52 AM (Reilly can be stubborn and behave frustratingly!).

(Now three times as of about 9:07 AM EST!)

By the way, from "Momma" and Reilly:
 ¹לצום קל לשומרים צום בחודש הרביעי.

¹For an easy Fast of the Fourth Month for the observers of it.

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