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Monday, July 24, 2017

Mostly Offbeat: "Momma" Now Has A Cold & One More Impediment To Being A Better "Momma" To Reilly

Meanwhile, Reilly hasn't exactly behaved too much better than usual for "Momma"—though she's still a (or at least a relatively-) loyal "dogter" (although misbehavior doesn't exactly constitute loyalty, notwithstanding that the misbehaviors of puppies of all ages is comparable to the misbehavior of human children of infant to pre-kindergartner ages—in other words, Reilly's human-child-like mischievousness can still be frustrating despite that it isn't human-like brazen disobedience).

By the way, as shown from earlier, "Momma" and Reilly did get some fresh air on the back porch—so, "Momma" is trying to give herself a refu'ah shelemah from the cold and take care of Reilly as best as she can, and not just kvetch about being cholah due to a cold (and being cholah k'ronit due to having Cerebral Palsy and mental illnesses—the OCD/Anxiety of which, for example, affected "Momma" negatively last night when she was simply making herself an omelette with garlic in order to try to eat something and expedite the refu'ah shelemah from the cold, despite that she painstakingly attempted to observe safety precautions and Reilly was in the other room most of the time. Raw eggs + garlic + worry about Reilly = perfect combination to get a "Mamaleh" whose sick with a cold to have an OCD/Anxiety flareup and an exacerbated cold!).

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