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Showing posts with label toys. Show all posts

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Reilly Makes An Effort To Find At Least Leftover Treats This Time

Reilly again shied away from Camille, though she at least tried to find the treats that Camille may have left. She may have even gotten one, although "Momma" is not sure if she did—she was licking her lips at one point, though..

Incidentally, at least Camille and Reilly neither have weird toys nor could even probably navigate the box in the one toy—Camille would just chew it, or at least try to chew it—and it's quite a big box for a small puppy to carry, anyway.

A Weird Toy That "Momma" Saw While She Browsed Online, And Moving Camille Upstairs Because...

According to Camille's "Mimi", Camille's safety was at risk—Camille messed with Reiser and got "grrr"ed—cranky Reilly (partly again due to Momma) let her know that she was not having any morning shenanigans. Camille came back downstairs by the time that "Auntie Nicole" came downstairs, though.

As for the weird much as "Momma" can see that Barkshop is having fun with it, it seems weird unless a dog owner's suitor or significant other is proposing something and bought it for both the owner to be creatively surprised and the puppy to have something afterwards—or perhaps for the puppy to find the ring or whatever else it is for the owner*. The same goes for the "Molly's Mistletoe" toy: weird, since mistletoe carries a romantic significance, and especially likely to confuse the not-so-smart puppy.

*Maybe that wouldn't be a bad gift from someone whom'd have Reilly find a ring for "Momma".