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Showing posts with label Law_Enforcement. Show all posts

Friday, August 5, 2016

Why Thomas Salbey Does Deserved To Get Charged, Though Not With "Detriment To the Dead" Charges

Thomas Salbey's possibility of getting charged in Munich angered a friend of mine. Unfortunately, I had to agree with Bavarian prosecutors that Thomas Salbey has to be charged. However, I noted that the charges should not be related to "detriment" to the decedent, the Munich Mall murderer. The charges, as I stated, should be:

  1. aggravated battery
  2. aggravated disturbance of the peace
  3. aggravated exacerbation of a deadly situation by way of aggravated provocation
  4. obstruction of justice by way of interfering with law-enforcement work.

I'm pretty sure that some (including my friend) will not be thrilled with my assessment, though it is what is. After all, Thomas Salbey worsened a bad-enough situation, especially by throwing a beer bottle at an already-dangerous-to-self-and-others individual.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Re Baltimore City, GTA, Anti-Cop Sentiment, and Memorial Day

As someone once asked, "Instead of saying, 'Fuck the police', how about you stop breaking the law?" You want to be the Jane Fonda types and give law enforcement officers excuses to be Officer Rivieris, or you want to respect our cops and soldiers in the first place and gain respect from them back? Follow the law and you won't have the police following you. In fact, the police have saved my own life several times, and they want to save yours instead of make it Hell.

By the way, RIP Great-Great-Granddad DeBoy (1874-1958; served in the BCPD 1900-c. 1910). And yes; he could be a real SOB, but maybe part of that had to do with Baltimore City's belligerents wearing him down.

His 1910 Census Record