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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Closing Thought For the Night, And.....

I'm definitely thinking about certain people with this one—I could name names, too, though I'm hopefully too nice to do that. If you're worried that you're one of those people, you're most likely not one of those people; and if you're one of those people whom's blaming me re people whom've ditched me (despite that I'm imperfect and as human as anyone else), you're most likely one of those people—and of course you're, I'm guessing, not worried since you're blaming me.

I'm sure, by the way, that others with, e.g., mental illnesses and physical disabilities are thinking the same thought about certain people whom were (or maybe even still are) in their lives that I'm thinking about whom were and still are in my life—e.g., certain family members who've ditched me and would like to think that I'm eradicated from existence, let alone our common families' bloodlines, just because they've ditched; or they'd even like to affect people to think of me as different from whom I really am, and they do this by basically slandering and libeling me,

I made this with Powerpoint 2013, by the way.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Part Of What the Target Shirtgate Highlights

One of the most-pressing issues in the modern world is the increasing mistreatment of others—whether that mistreatment is, e.g., sexism, racism, or ableism. 

When "Treat others as you want to be treated" becomes flouted, that's when societies begin breaking down. Look at, even, e.g., the correlation between bullying and suicides, which is a symptom of societal breakdown:

"Suicide is the third leading cause of death according to the Center for Disease Control. It results in about 4,400 deaths per year. Bullied victims are 7 to 9% more likely to consider suicide according to a study by Yale University. Studies in Britain have found half of the suicides among youth related to bullying.Jul 30, 2014" (Found via Google​) 

I'm not saying that I'm perfect in observing the mitzvah to treat others as I would like to be treated. Nonethless and in this case, Target needs to think about before they make jokes at the expense of people with mental disabilities—they are only affecting the further breakdown of society when they make fun of the less fortunate in society, among whom are those of us with mental disabilities.

As I stated on my Facebook page, "Target and others have no idea what even, e.g. (again, to be frank), having days on which I feel like drilling my brains out, pulling them out of my head, shooting myself in the head, etc. because of how terrible my OCD/Anxiey [sic.] can be is like—as I said, I am being frank: OCD/Anxiety can be that debilitating."

This goes back to my point about the bullying-and-suicide correlation, by the way: think about those of us whom suffer with OCD/Anxiety as is and don't need our suffering multiplied by those whom want to use us as the butts of jokes which they would not like made about them in light of their own situations. 

The Full Picture BTW

You also don't get how much harder getting older and not being able to afford even looking--let alone getting--older is. I'm only 25.75 years old, BTW.

If You're In 90% Of the Populus (Hardly To Not At All Affected By a Disability)

As far as I know and with all due respect, you don't get it--and never did and never will. You don't get what, e.g., having been better off dead at birth would be like--you think about what others'd've think without thinking about how you wouldn't care, since you'd be dead. You don't get, as one article put it, being among the 20% whom society has put on the "discard pile"--and maybe even being lucky to be even on that! You don't get ableism and intra-ableism, or at least haven't had to think about it as much. You don't get when stories of hope, etc. can be--and even are--slaps in the face to you and mockeries of your pain, even if those aren't what they were meant to be. You don't get being used as a mean to an ableist end, whether or not the ableism is intentional. You don't get wanting to die and not trying anything mainly--or even only--because of the possibility of a botched
attempt (like my aunt actually had) and/or because you care about your pet, whom wouldn't understand, too much. (BTW, "Monroe Township", I saw that you visited my blog--now you know, if you didn't know before--and think of me as crazy, a liar, or whatever else you want--so be if you think the same or worsely of me now.).

Monday, November 9, 2015

Teaching Judaism In English Catholic Schools And Notre Dame Of Maryland University

As long as they teach about Judaism without Anti Semitism, I'm okay with it. BTW, part of "Never forget" is, e.g., remembering that some Catholic schools (e.g., Notre Dame of Maryland University​) taught and still teach Pseudo-Christian Anti Semitism—for the record, by the way, Jews, for example, did not steal Passover from the Syrians and were not even "possibl[y]" influenced by the Devil (The prophets were wise and would have known if the Devil, and not the Holy Spirit, was speaking to and through them.).

England, take note—Jews and Christians (including Jewish Christians like me) are watching what you do; and we have no problem telling you when "[we're] tired of your Anti Semitism" (and I still remembering saying that to a certain Religious Studies professor.). Gasp as you will (as my classmates did) and tell us to mind our own business ("Leave!"), and we will maintain that affronting God is affronting the Jewish people—and saying that, e.g., "It's possible [that the prophets were influenced by the Devil]" is affronting God.

Also, Islam is not the root of Christianity (Messianic/Nazarene Judaism).