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Showing posts with label florida. Show all posts

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

So, At Least One Elderly Person Died In Her House During Hurricane Harvey's First Days In Houston...

Whatever language you speak:

  1. No, people! Check on your neighbors!
  2. ¡No, pueblo! ¡Cuidan a tus vecinos!
  3. לא, אנשים! ואהבת לרעך כמוך!
As I recall, the woman was 83 years old and couldn't just leave Houston! Thus, everybody in Hurricane Irma's path whom can help others needs to help those whom can't just evacuate from their homes and whom otherwise can't help themselves! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

To Geraldo Rivera's Producer, Christina Timothy

CT, morality sometimes takes precedence over the Constitution and other US law (and obviously is not in line with it at the time). Especially as a Jew, Geraldo ought to know that. In this case, he's behaving to a lesser degree and in a different but parallel way to my great-grandmother Gaydos- that is, Great-Grandma Gaydos cost the lives of relatives who died in the Holocaust because she followed US isolationist policy and did not send them the help which they requested; and in a similar way, Geraldo is costing Caylee's life and justice all the more.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Civil Rights Icon Clarence Clemmons Deceased at 69

All I knew is that he had a sudden stroke, and (as they broke it on the news during Justice With Judge Jeanine) died from said stroke and complications thereof at 69 years old while he was in a Palm Beach, FL hospital; thus, he ended his career. I didn't think about him being a Civil Rights icon until I thought about the following a little further: he was a legendary saxophone player beginning in 1972, just as the Vietnam War was going to end (in 1974) and four years after a Black Republican who Bruce Springsteen wouldn't see eye-to-eye with on many issues (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) died.

So, a bandmate and friend of a White Democrat coming on the heels of a prominent Black Republican icon in the Civil Rights and Vietnam Era is pretty significant, and his or her death would thus be significant. Therefore, a Black saxophonist in a often-labeled "secular" field and in a band led by a very-liberal White Democrat left a legacy of being a breakthrough man or pioneer, and a stark contrast to the D.Div. holder who was obviously a Modern Conservative (Classical Liberal) and in a often-labeled "sacred [as if anything else isn't sacred] field.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Islam Is "Peaceful"?

My teacher told me that my comments about Islam and Muslims went too far either directly or indirectly. Once I found an article about a Florida Muslim doctor, I wrote this e-mail tho him:

"I'm almost tempted to say that you owe me an apology, because- like I said- there is a fine line between race and religion; and I'd inter any Muslim now. Keep them all in one place and watch them, because even "moderate" (secular) Muslims could grow terror cells- right even in the camps. So, I think I know what I was talking about when I kept talking about Muslims and Islam versus Japanese Americans and Pearl Harbor.

I might be "close-minded" (re: [a fellow student's] comment), but I'm not stupid. I know Islam/nominal Christianity is different from race or true Christianity."