As I've written before, I've just tired of LinkedIn being used as a kind-of-office-party forum instead of a professional-networking website. I'm a Millennial whom's disabled and looking for a job, not a stereotypically-lazy Millennial whom doesn't give two darns. I'm, meanwhile, volunteering for a few organizations (which I found through LinkedIn) and working on my next book in order to, e.g., get my foot in the door and become an official author as well as pay my student loans—you try being on SSI benefits and Medicare despite that you have a college degree, and just because you have Cerebral Palsy and mental illnesses; and then you can laugh and talk.

You also try having almost $25K in student loans while you're jobless because of your disabilities (including mental illnesses), and then you can laugh and talk. You try reading everything in (or at least skimming the headlines of) Jeff Woodward's articles and finding that they confirm everything that you've been telling others about ableism and being disabled in our society, and then you can laugh and talk.
I could go on, although I think that I've made the point about why I stay more and more out of the online office party that LinkedIn is becoming.