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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Geraldo Rivera Is Not a Roman Catholic

Meanwhile, at least I know what I'm going to here on the podcast now. Anyway, being born to a Roman or other (e.g., Byzantine) Catholic does not make one a Catholic. Geraldo is a Reform Jew, although his dad (the late Cruz Rivera) was a Puerto Rican Roman Catholic. Geraldo himself has stated that he was raised "mostly Jewish". His mom, Lillian Rivera nee Lillie Friedman, is an Ethnic and Religious Jew; and (as Geraldo stated) she wanted Cruz to convert to Judaism if and when she married him, but "he never got around to" it or stopped being a Catholic layman.

Catholicism is not an ethnic grouping, whereas Jewishness is. Besides, I have a claim to Catholicism more than Geraldo does, but I myself am not a Catholic. Like Geraldo, though, I was born in an interfaith home--which eventually became a broken, divorced-parent, single-mom home. I, specifically, was born to an Anusi Ashkenazi dad and a mostly-Irish Roman-turned-English Catholic (Episcopalian) home (Mom, though, is of Jewish descent--at least through the Siedenburg-Mueller Pundts. They eventually became Anusi Protestants as well, since they had their daughter Betha Mueller baptized; and Great-Great-Granddad Pundt became Roman Catholic when he married the Irish-American Mary Ellen Green. So, Mom's mom is Jewish; but given that Mom is only 1/32 Jewish--so far as we know--she's of Jewish descent, but not Jewish.

(Mom could be Jewish, however, if--for example--Pop-Pop "McCoy" [Mom's paternal grandma's maternal granddad] was a Sephardic Jew--regardless of that he [assuming that he was Jewish] an Anusi Catholic.).

I'm, therefore, descended on both sides from Catholics--regardless of that they were a mix of Anusi and genuine, Jewish and gentile, Roman and Non-Roman Catholics. Geraldo does not have this claim. Let's also assume, just for hypotheticality's sake, that his granddad Juan Rivera--who was an Ethnic Spaniard--was actually a Sephardic Jew and Anusi Catholic. The claim that Geraldo claims to have on being Catholic would be even less; especially since Anusim really don't count as Catholic (unless, of course, they're truly Catholics who are just hiding their Ethnic Jewishness; but that is another discussion)--and I say the same of my Anusi relatives (including living relatives): unless they truly believed (or believe) Catholicism and were (or are) just hiding their Ethnic Jewishness, they were not (or are not) truly Catholic.

I was also baptized as a Roman Catholic and raised as an English Catholic, and became saved in the graveyard of Christ Episcopalian Church on Easter Day 1996 or 1997 (I still have that memory of Mom and the then-pastor Jen talking in the parking lot while I, in a blue dress and white shirt under the dress, was praying by Miriam Thomann's grave--not to or through Miriam, in case anyone is wondering; but Miriam's legacy did affect me to become saved. Incidentally, her dad--Ron--has long since been deceased, but I'm not sure whether he's buried next to her. Also, I don't know whether Miriam's mom--Alma--is still alive.).

In conclusion, Geraldo Rivera is less Catholic than I am--and I'm not religiously Catholic; though I descended from both Jewish (including Anusi) and gentile Catholics, and was baptized and raised as a Catholic.

geraldo rivera a practicing catholic
geraldo rivera i'm a catholic

Monday, January 28, 2013


There is no proof that we're related to the Romanovs. Russian, yes. Polish, yes. Jewish by ethnicity, and the former two (as well as Hungarian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian, among other types of citizens in Eastern Europe) by citizenship, yes and yes. Romanovs? No...and there's no proof that Stefan Czarniecki (to whom we can't even trace our family tree back) was related to the Romanovs.

czarniecki family romanov family
czarniecki family romanov family related

PS When you find proof that the Czarnieckis or Czerneckis, Uszinskys, Gajdoszes, etc. were related to the Romanovs, please, let me know. By the way, I did see my mispacha from Switzerland. Shalom alecheim, and I'm sorry that I didn't acknowledge you before. By the way, as a PolishForums guy stated, "Andrius is lithuanian equivalent of russian Andrei which comes from greek. Andriulis in lithuanian means 'little Andrius' or 'dear Andrius'. Andriulis + evičius= Andriulevičius. I checked my LIthuanian surnames dictionary and there are a lot of different surnames with root Andr-, and Andrulevičius(without "i") almost exclusively comes from this little town STAKLISKES. Hope it helps."

So, we're Litvaks. Does this help? Incidentally, I'm very Litvake--more intellectual than emotional. 


Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Life Overall

I have a bum right foot, too; and you can guess how shoes fit onto it.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why Anti Messianics Get Away With Their Persecutory Behavior

We have "turn the other cheek" interpreted incorrectly! As I've said, Turning the other cheek is not being a doormat. In fact, read Luke 22:35-38. There was no being a doormat there. Also, read 1 Timothy 1:18-20 and 1 Corinthians 5:1-5. There was no being a doormat and letting inappropriate behavior go on there.

Of course, not being a doormat doesn't mean doing things in the name of Jesus which would turn Anti Messianics further away from the Gospel. Doing what Nicolas Donin, Solomon "Pablo de Santa Maria" HaLevi, Torquemada, Pablo Christiani, and others did is unacceptable. Besides, you can't ever force anyone to convert, anyway--my Anusi relatives being cases in point.  

Nonetheless, do what I did to Leah and don't pull any punches: alert his or her "rabbi"After all, no Anti Messianic has the right to contact us "dead" and "idolatrous" Messianic Jews according to halakhah or the Old Covenant. The only reason that the Anti Messianics are getting away with persecution is because Messianics think that we're to be doormats.

Also, deal with Anti Messianics at the kehillah level first. Then bring in the law outside of their and/or your kehillot if you have to. In my case, for example, Leah threatened to hack into my computer and track my private medical information; so I warned her that she could be criminally liable under HIPAA, MIPSA, and various other UK and US laws--including cyber laws. Leah also harassed various Messianics--including myself--and the Rosh Pina Project Website; so she's in violation of UN, UK, US, and cyber laws--including laws regarding freedom of religion, conscience, and thought (and the UK adheres more strictly to UN law than does the US). 

By the way, Leah claimed to be not Orthodox--even though she does go to an Orthodox synagogue (I won't say where, and I contacted her "rabbi".). Given that she's apparently not Orthodox and thinks that she doesn't have to follow Orthodox halakhah--or not deceive her synagogue and kehillah--, she may want to check Reform halakhah--e.g., Responsa 67 and 150. Reform halakhah also states that we're considered to be dead and apostate, and Reform Judaism is followed in the UK as well as the US. Furthermore, Masorti (Conservative) Judaism--among other denominations of Non-Messianic Judaism--say the same thing, and they are as followed outside of the US as well as inside of the US.

In conclusion, turning the other cheek simply means to not be a pogromist, Crusader, or Inquisitor. The Anti Messianics, thus, should not be able to perceive or use Messianic Jews as doormats. Therefore, we need to start using the so-to-speak "swords" of halakhah and other law against Anti Messianics in order to defend ourselves and not allow persecution of ourselves and fellow Messianic Jews to go on.

Addednum: Paul used the law to defend himself and--since all Sabra'im (including the Apostles who were disciples) were Roman citizens--the other Apostles.

Update: I linked to the conversation at hand by hyperlinking "By the way...". So, you can see and judge for yourself.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Update: Leah (leah8)'s Kehillah Contacted

 I'm hoping that I contacted the right kehillah. I think that I did. I asked Leah and she didn't respond, so that's a good sign.As I've said, the Anti Messianics' "rabbis" & kehillot have a right to know if they're made "tamei" by members who contact Messianic Jews. Furthermore, Leah harassed the "dead" and "idolatrous"; and since she considers us such, she violated Tanakh & halakhah by contacting us. I also let her know that her kehillah had been contacted, so my hands & conscience are clean. Pray that she is rebuked swiftly & mercifully.

The halakhah which she violated:

  1. From See "For a Jew who Converted to Another Religion".
  2. From "Going off the derech is one thing. But intermarrying or shmadding, and you break off all contact with that person after sitting shiva for him/her."
  3. Directly from Tanakh, the Complete Jewish Bible Translation

 So, you can see that my threat to contact Anti Messianics' kehillot when the Anti Messianic is contacting us "dead" Messianics is not idle.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Notice To the Anti Messianics: Your "Rabbi" Will Be Contacted If He Or She Needs To Be

 If I ever catch any Anti Messianic infiltrating a Messianic website with which I am somehow involved, I may contact his or her "rabbi". Any Anti Messianic who’s stalking Messianics violates his or her interpretations of Deuteronomy 13, 18:10-12; and Numbers 19:11-21. His or her “rabbi” thus has the right to know if one of whom he or she has charge is out of line with his or her synagogue’s dictates.

After all, Anti Messianics should think that they’re in violation of Deuteronomy 13. Since they think that we’re really idolaters, they’re not supposed to hang around us. They’re supposed to stone us. Also, they're supposed to think that they’re in violation of Deuteronomy 18:10-12 and Numbers 19:11-21. They’re making contact with whom they think are the dead. Thus, any “rabbi” who has charge of them needs to know that they are committing what he or she would perceive as avodah zarah, and thus needs to sit shiva for them and/or put them through excommunication proceedings.

AddendumTo hound Messianics is fair to neither the Anti Messianic, nor the Messianics, nor the Anti Messianics' "rabbis". If you're Anti Messianic, know this: I’m not threatening you. I’m simply letting your “rabbi” know that you’re in violation of your synagogue’s dictates. You’re the one making contact with those whom you consider to be idolaters and the dead; and your “rabbi”, who has charge over you as your G-d-appointed shepherd, has the right to know what you’re doing.

Again, I’m not threatening you. I really did search one Anti Messianic's name, and will search your name if I need to let your "rabbi" know what you're doing. Your “rabbi” has the right to know that you are making contact with whom you and he or she consider to be idolaters and the dead. You are doing a disservice to yourself and your “rabbi” by making contact with whom you consider to be idolatrous and dead. Your “rabbi” needs to know if membership dues that are being paid by you could be considered defiled, since they come from one who has chosen to supposedly violate at least three of the 613 mitzvot.

Put in another way, if you’re violating your synagogue’s dictates by harassing us who are Messianic and thus making contact with whom you consider to be idolatrous and dead, then your “rabbi” is absolutely my business. Your “rabbi” has charge over you, and he or she needs to know that you have allegedly made contact with dead idolizers and given your synagogue defiled donations.

Addendum Two: If you start engaging in lashon hara by calling me an Anti Semite, stalker, etc.; I will definitely  be in contact with your "rabbi". I already told one Anti Messianic (and let her name be on record), You have allegedly broken four mitzvot, and actually broke one of the four–by your (not my) logic, you broke the other three mitzvot. You talk about having a matter both ways; look at you. I also made clear that I do not force (and have not forced) anyone to convert. You, on the other hand, are frequenting Messianic websites and harassing who you consider to be dead and idolatrous. As I said, my contacting of your “rabbi” is not an idle threat.

By the way, to whomever Leah (leah8)'s "rabbi" is, you need to know that your congregant is in violation of your synagogue's dictates and has given what you may consider defiled money to you.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Are "Palestinians" Really Refugees? Actually...

Since a refugee is an internally- or externally-displaced person who is unable to reside in his or her country of nationality or citizenship, because the country persecutes him or her based on his or her "race" (ethnicity, nationality, ethnos), religion, "nationality" (citizenship), social-group affiliation, or political opinion; Jews in Gaza and the West Bank are internally-displaced refugees. The Arab ("Palestinian") governments are persecuting them within Israel--specifically, the parts which are misnominally called "The Occupied Territories". The Jews (Israelis, Israelites) are persecuted based on citizenship (Israeli), ethnicity (Israelite), religion (particularly Jewish and Messianic Jewish [Jewish Christian]), political opinion (Zionist), and social-group affiliation (with other "settlers", reclaimants).

In conclusion, therefore, the Israelis--not the "Palestinians"--are refugees; and the "Palestinians" are the occupiers of Israeli land. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Boycott Latvia!

According to PolishForums user kotlomoy, "Meanwhile, Latvian government leads annual Waffen SS parades in Riga. Nobody complains". Just as a Hitler statue at the Warsaw Ghetto is unacceptable, so is any kind of Nazi or Anti-Semitic parade, rally, or event run by any government. I'm complaining about Latvia.If what kotlomoy stated is true (and, given all the Anti-Semitic governments that are out there today with the resurgence of Anti-Semitism in Europe, I see no reason why kotlomoy would lie), we need to boycott Latvia. I'm already working in the United States on Twitter to get Latvia boycotted until the Latvian government will no longer lead any Nazi or other Anti-Semitic parades in Riga or anywhere else in the Diasporan nation of many Jews. Also, the CIA World Factbook notes perhaps up to 64.1% of Latvians scared and hiding themselves for their lives (and who knows how many of the "Russian" Latvians, etc., are really who they say that they are? Remember that my own relatives pretended ethnic Slavship and Magyarship?):

Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
Latvian 59.3%, Russian 27.8%, Belarusian 3.6%, Ukrainian 2.5%, Polish 2.4%, Lithuanian 1.3%, other 3.1% (2009)
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
Latvian (official) 58.2%, Russian 37.5%, Lithuanian and other 4.3% (2000 census)
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
Lutheran 19.6%, Orthodox 15.3%, other Christian 1%, other 0.4%, unspecified 63.7% (2006)

Boycott Latvia, and stand with Latvian Jews! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Are You Ever Going To Bully Me Again, Perry Hall?

That you won't bully me again looks to be the case, doesn't it? In the words of Chuck Cannon and Toby Keith (when he could actually write), how do you like me now?

Perry Hall, Maryland left via from "The Nicole Factor: "Seriously", Perry Hall"
22:58:33 -- 14 minutes ago
22:51:35 -- 21 minutes ago