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Showing posts with label intramarriage. Show all posts

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Even If Nobody Else Is Saying This...

Quite honestly, I wonder if it didn't have to do in part with the Haredi constituency in New York City that follows Yevamot 62b. Sure, this Vietnamese couple made their argument; nonetheless, was someone also trying to appease the Haredim?

"Our Rabbis taught: Concerning a man who loves his wife as himself, who honours her more than himself, who guides his sons and daughters in the right path and arranges for them to be married near the period of their puberty, Scripture says, And thou shalt know that thy tent is in peace.49  Concerning him who loves his neighbours, who befriends his relatives, marries his sister's50  daughter,"

Incidentally enough, I had no clue that it was that specific. I just knew about the reference. Anyway, don't kid yourself; the Haredim have a very-strong presence in New York City (e.g., Williamsburg, Crown Heights). By the way, the decision reads in part:

There is no comparably strong objection to uncle-niece marriages. Indeed, until 1893 marriages between uncle and niece or aunt and nephew, of the whole or half blood, were lawful in New York. And sixty years after the prohibition was enacted we affirmed, in May, a judgment recognizing as valid a marriage between a half-uncle and half-niece that was entered into in Rhode Island and permitted by Rhode Island law. It seems from the Appellate Division’s reasoning in May that the result would have been the same even if a full uncle and full niece had been involved. Thus Domestic Relations Law § 5(3) has not been viewed as expressing strong condemnation of uncle-niece and aunt-nephew relationships.

I wonder, too, if that's why some Haredim immigrated to New York. They may not have been literate in haleshonot l'goyim, though they still knew what was going on. Remember that back in Krasne nad Krasnopol, Wojciech and Marianna Krusznyska Danilowicz were smart enough to claim negligence in baptizing Katarzyna—by the way, Jews did use and even adopt shemot hagoyim; though I'm not sure if we'll ever know the real names of "Katarzyna" et. al.. "Marianna" is probably the one real name, though, since that's "Miryam Chanah".

As for their cousin Rochla (and I'm definitely not fooled in light of this, since Aleksandria listed Katarzyna as her in-law mother and nearest relative, even though they were not talking to each other after Julian and Aleksandra became Anusim), she came to New York with enough English literacy (or maybe she talked to a customs official who could speak Yiddish) to get into New York (Her aunt had to pick her up; so, who knows?).

By the way, all of Great-Granddad's families stuck together in Northumberland County, PA, too (Look it up. If you're too, quite honestly, lazy to do it, I'll give you the names and links to searches for "Czarnecki", etc.; "Danilowicz", etc.; "Andrulewicz". etc.; and "Margiewicz", etc.. Otherwise, you're on your own from there. I've proved myself enough—and I don't need that "Both sets of parents?" argument again, since Alexandria gave her parents' name as "Antoni" and "Katarzyna" as well. As far as I know, that neither is my fault nor was the fault of Great-Grandaunt Alice. I didn't even know that Great-Granddad's parents were here—let alone Crypto Jews who escaped the pogroms—until I was close to 20 years old, and she was simply writing what her mother told her to write. So, I wouldn't even be counted in an Israeli Census before then, and she was a bat chayil.

Anyway, back to my point (since I just needed to say all that in case I would get the "That's not enough evidence," "That's coincidence," etc. arguments): since Haredim are (as I must mention, in case one didn't know that Haredim are) very much a constituency in New York City (and, thus, New York State) and knew enough to immigrate to the "treif medina", could they somehow have played into "Nguyen v. Holder" (2014), even if quietly? After all, I perhaps would darned well consider that if I were a Second Circuit Court judge—especially if I wanted to get reappointed, and even someday appointed to the Supreme Court (As is known, elective politics plays even into appointive politics.).

Let's not be fooled: if (and since) Katarzyna's parents could (so to speak) pull strings to be under-the-radar Anusim, and Rochla knew enough to get into New York, the Haredim could and do know enough to (at least if they wanted) play into a gentile case that has implications for Haredi Jewish tradition.

Let me conclude one incidental observation as well: "Antoni" and "Katarzyna" seem to be to Poland as "Juan" and "Maria" are to Mexico.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Intermarriage...Or Maybe Not

I wonder what they think of "intermarriage" when a gentile who is actually an  Anusi or Anusit marries a fellow Jew. The Nagy-Trudnyak and Korsch-Munka couple are a fine example of this. Nobody would've guessed (unless they really were paying attention or weren't in denial) that Mihaly and Anna Munkova Trudnyak were Anusim and bnei Anusim, whether or not they were "meshumadim"--which becomes a long discussion, because then the question becomes whether or not Yeshua would have led them to possible yeshuat had he not had them become Anusim ("possible" meaning that he may have led them, but whether or not they accepted is questionable. Their daughter Mary certainly did; and based on the fact that she even later said that we were Ukrainian [Great-Granddad was born in Cuman during a visit to Vil'gel'm Andrulevich in Buzhanka, and there were Trudnyakovs in Odessa.], I can safely assert that she knew that we are Jews.).

As far as the Trudnyaks, by the way, Anna's brother Ǎǔgǔstinǔs Samuel was the last one to be baptized (There is no baptism record for her, although there is one for the sister for whom she was named--given the birth date, July 27, 1888, that she gave for her own birthdate [which was a day after her sister's baptism date in 1884].). Mihaly and his sister Maria were baptized, but they were descended from Anusim Yosef Eleazar and Rosalia Dudayová and Mária Preczelmayerová, none of whom were baptized at birth.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Example of Not-So-Obvious Jews: Andrew and Julia Fosko Rusnak

The Rusnaks (Rusznaks, Rosnaks, etc.) were Levites. Gyorgy "György Kvetkovits" and Erzsébet Molnárová Rusznák converted out of P'rushi Judaism during Anti Semitism and self exiled to what is now Zláta Idka. Andrew's dad was Jákáb Rusznák, and the Foczkos were Crypto-Jewish Levites themselves. Andrew even specifically wrote to Juliana Foczková, asking her to come to America and marry him. One can safely assume that this is because Juliana was a Levite, and for several reasons--including that at least some the Rusnaks who stayed in traditional Judaism married intratribally (e.g., Ieshaihau Iehiel  HaLevi Rosenblite and Miriam Rosia HaLevit Rosnoková Rosenbliteová ), and there were at least quite a few marriages between the families of Juliana's parents (István Foczko and Johanna Hanzóková Foczková, whose mother was a Lázárová--although whether she was a kohenet and descendant of Ele'azar HaKohein ben-Aharon HaKohein ben-'Amram HaLevi [אלעזר כהן בן אהרן הכהן בן 'עמרם הלוי] cannot be determined). The reasons mentioned hearken to Numbers 36:5-12 (despite the P'rushi attempt to lift of the ban on intertribal marriage).

For more on Anusim (Crypto Jews), see the Jewish Virtual Library's "Anusim".

It reads in part, "In Jewish sources, the term anusim is applied not only to the forced converts themselves, but also to their descendants who clandestinely cherished their Jewish faith, attempting to observe at least vestiges of the *halakhah, and loyalty to their Jewish identity." Anusim and bnei-Anusim like Andrew and Julia could and/or did not observe everything due to dread of Anti Semitism (e.g., "Following the establishment of the Inquisition, Jewish observance by New Christians became dangerous as well as difficult." In the same way in Europe, Andrew's grandparents had to actually be "acquitted" to marry, thus proving their conversion genuine in the eyes of the Slovakian-Hungarian Vaticanist Church.).