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Showing posts with label nearsightedness. Show all posts

Friday, December 16, 2011

Seeing Without My Glasses Is Hard and Makes a Lot Impossible

I'm nearly as nearsighted as one can get. I can hardly see.. (measuring... if I can find a ruler in front of me... oh well, relative measure...).. a foot in front of me. I don't have my prescription in front of me, but what I can see for the most part does have a little to complete blur. That makes practicing my piano impossible, drawing political cartoons hard to impossible, reading things besides my music books that are not too close to me hard to impossible, etc.-- and even the computer screen a little to completely (when I sit up straight, completely or nearly-completely) blurry.

If not completely blurry, at least squintably blurry is how blurry the computer screen can get. I inherited my dad's and granddad's sight-- my dad needed contacts and my granddad contacts (?) and (at least) bifocals (or at least reading glasses if not bifocals) for (at least) reading.

Great-Granddad certainly needed them.