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Showing posts with label Windsors. Show all posts

Monday, April 30, 2007

Don't Worry About Harry Windsor

So what if they target Prince Harry? He's doing a princely duty and fighting for his country, monarchy, and family. Prince Harry is also refusing to let his royal blood keep him from fighting a World War on Islam and Terror. Muslims will target anyone, anyway, anyhow; and Prince Harry knows that, regardless of whether he's royal blood, he's really just another so-called "infidel" to the Islamic community.

They can say, "Royal blood is more to go after" and twist "To whom much is given, much is expected;" but Bush's nephew is in the military, and he could be deployed at any given time someday. Also, what about those who aren't currently in Iraq, who are home or who are in the Reserves? Did anyone forget Virginia Tech and Kansas City serial killings? There are casualities at home everyday.

Quit whining if a patriotic English prince wants to serve his country, especially because "To whom much is given", such as a throne, "much is expected", such as defending the constitutional monrachy he rules.