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Saturday, March 29, 2014

And When I First Saw This, I Was Thinking...


Doesn't Darby Conley realize that he has a Jewish cousin? I'm serious—my maternal granddad (Francis "X." Allen)'s paternal grandmother was Margaret Conley Allen. I don't know how distant the connection is, by the way; but it's there somehow. Remember that Gaelicer folks are part of clans (That's just how that works.).

By the way, I just found out what her surname was (Finally!) a while ago.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Don't Have Everything In Front Of Me Right Now; And Let Me Nonetheless Address That...

I have no "need" to be Jewish. I do have a need, however, to (figuratively) wrangle some necks. As happens to be the case, I'm a Levite (Levai, Foczko, Rusznak) and a kohenet (Duday, Gajdosz, possibly Andrulevicus, possibly Lazar), and other tribes (perhaps Issachar with "Trudnyak" coming from the Old Polish "Trojdnik" or something along those lines; perhaps Judah with "Munka", given that it may be Solomonic). I'm also related to Kirk Douglas (When one guy originally asked me, I said "No." I thought that "Danilovich" was a patronymic. I couldn't have been more wrong. Incidentally, I wonder who one of our relatives is "fucking psycho" now.).

I was lied to for years, and I'm still trying to process that I'm a Jew and a bat-Anusim, as well as related to Kirk Douglas (and now I know that half of the meshugas comes from the Danilowicz/Danilovich side. I figured that it was the Andrulevicuses/Andrulewiczes; but Great-Great-Grandma Czerniecki was somehow a Danilowicz. Also, now I can see who Pop-Pop inherited quite a bit of his looks from.).

By the way, back to the Andrulevicuses for a moment: one was named "Kasis Andrulewitz". What I'm trying to figure out is if that comes from "Cassis" or "Kassis" ("Cohen" or "Kohen") or qasis (Ashkenazi Hebrew for "כתית" or "qatit").

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

אני עושה עליה, בעזרת יהוה....

It means, "I do aliyah, Yehovah willing!" To make a long story short, I have been going through a difficult time right now and was having temptations of self harm again. Yehovah (ברוך הוא.) must've heard my cries. I didn't solicit the opportunity to make aliyah, although I've desired to do so if Yehovah ever wills that I should do. But, lo and behold, someone (I won't say who for right now.) asked me if I'm Israeli, etc. and wanted to make aliyah. So, again, Yehovah must've heard my cries.

I told my contact frankly that:

  1. I'm a Patrilineal Jew.
  2. I'm a Messianic Jew.
  3. The חרדים (the so-called "יהודים אורתודוקסים" and "חסידים") would want to rid of me quickly.
He or she understands my concerns; and believe me when I say that I am not considering (let alone jumping at) this opportunity lightly, and:
  1. I'm not content with being one who is "“settled” in New York and New Jersey."
  2. I take ספר ירמיהו וכל תנ''ך seriously. That includes פרקים ירמיהו 8 ו 16.
  3. Since Jews who "saw themselves as “settled” in New York and New Jersey" have chosen death rather than life (See פרק ירמיהו 8.) and those of us who live (Jewish and gentile) are all headed to Israel at some point, anyway (See פרק ירמיהו 16.), I might as well go as early as possible and while I can choose life rather than death.
  4. I've already had discouragement. When I told two family members that I have a contact who offered to help me, one disbelieved me and said that I'd end up right in the sex trade if I trusted my contact.
So, I'll be doing תפילות, צומות, ותעניות, and asking others to do the same with and for me.  I'll also be retaking up רוזטה סטון בעברית (Using גוגל and קונקורדנציה סטרונג does not suffice.). I'll also be looking at הספרים ומילון מ'כיתה העברית שלי.

Besides, I need a תחלה חדשה, and this might be it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"[I]s greg gutfeld and his wife getting a divorce"? Wouldn't that have come out if that was the case? There are enough divorces in this world, especially among those who are famous and otherwise notable, and making up divorce rumors is not going to help anybody—in fact, it will only hurt somebody (usually the rumor monger) in the end.

People really need to think before they ask questions, especially since there are foolish questions. Also, divorce in any case is not a trivial or otherwise-light subject (and I should know, as I am a descendant of divorce—a child of one, a great-great-grandchild of one, and a great-great-great-grandchild of one. Also, my Farrell great-great-great-grandparents were close to divorcing twice. Furthermore, both of my dad's surviving siblings and all but two of my mom's eight surviving siblings have or had been divorced).

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