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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Good Reilly, Bad Reilly (Or Good Reilly Even When She's Behaving Badly)—And Life-Saving Reilly

Last week and on Sunday, "Momma" was feeling like no longer being around. When "Momma" asked God why she should keep being around—since being disabled and having mental illnesses, and thus still single and unemployed, makes her feel worthless—Reilly literally saved her "Momma"'s life. Particularly on Sunday, Reilly must've heeded God when she licked "Momma"'s hand about five times—since "Momma" asked that Reilly's licking her hand would be a sign that she should still be around.

However, Reilly isn't always that good—for example, she again burst out the back door to eat mulch. This time, she burst while "Momma" was carefully carrying a salad bowl out onto the back-porch table. Of course, "Mom-Mom" blamed "Momma" and even had to use one of the spray bottles to try to get Reilly out of the mulch—never mind that Reilly was told to stay multiple times and engaged in behavior that could've easily caused "Momma" to fall, stab herself with a Cutco knife, or have the bowl shatter and put Reilly and Camille in danger of eating salad with dressing that had garlic and onions.

Perhaps, meanwhile, an irony that God used Reilly to save "Momma" two days before she could've caused "Momma" to endanger lives exists. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

As a Dog Owner, Reilly's "Momma" Has One Advantage Of Having OCD/Anxiety

As "Momma" previously wrote, she at least has the advantage of protecting Reilly from certainly fatality (Yehovah willing, anyway)—not to mention that my having Depression also provided Reilly an advantage in her first year:

"Despite my OCD, etc., Reilly is honestly among the reasons that I'm still alive. I missed much of her first year for several reasons, among them being—if not with most of them stemming from—that I'd oversleep due to a Depression flareup...At least, meanwhile, Reilly got some naps when Michelle would bring Reilly upstairs to my room and there while I overslept—and puppies need up to 20 hours of sleep per day.

"Sometimes, though, as much as I love Reilly (and oftentimes, if not always, because I love my "dogter"), she and/or matters concerning her can affect mental-illness flareups—such as the incident in which I meticulously looked for a chocolate which I probably drop [sic.] with even a flashlight just in case I dropped it."

Of course, though, "Momma" still wonders what she'll do if she can't catch Reilly if Reilly eats a fatal or close-to-fatal "nasty" such as chocolate, an excess amount of mulch, and raisins—and she already has a hard time keeping Reilly away from the open and often-has-dripped-down-"nasties" dishwasher that Reilly licks or tries to lick. 

Bath Day Post-Bath Photo Shoot

For Cam, it was only one treat-bribed picture. For Reilly, it was all treats or no cooperation.

An always-devoted Camille sits with "Mimi" while "Mimi" chats with a friend.

Is Cam helping "Mimi" at the computer? ;-)

She's trying to escape a picture.

Cam got a treat as a reward for this photo.

Sleepy Sunday, A Rare Time That Reilly Cooperates For Photos, And Uncooperative-For-Bathtime Camille

As "Momma" has written, she stays home with the girls as opposed to going to church. After all, she feels more welcome by them than she does by any church—and she can even get Reilly to cooperate for pictures for churchgoing "Mom-Mom" and "Auntie Michelle". She can also get Reilly to cooperate for photos when she tells Reilly that she wants to show everybody how pretty she is.

As for when uncooperative-for-bathtime Camille has to take a bath, like she had to do today, Reilly can lead Camille into trouble. For example, as "Momma" was typing and "Mom-Mom" took Cam outside to give her a post-bath trim, Ri decided to burst out the back door to go each mulch and get Cam to join her—never mind that Cam had already tried to bite "Mom-Mom" and "Mimi" at least twice while she was getting brushed and trimmed, especially when she was getting trimmed.

Incidentally, "Momma" wonders how she herself's ever going to be able to give Reilly baths—she used to do so when Reilly was smaller and could be given baths in the sink, though "Mom-Mom" didn't allow her to do it. At least when "Mom-Mom" wasn't home, "Momma" wasn't allowed to bathe her—and now "Mom-Mom" doesn't allow "Momma" to help with bathing Reilly. Meanwhile, Reilly has become much-more cooperative with baths than she had been when she was a young puppy.

Forgive the blurriness. Here, I was laughing at Reilly's cuteness (as I recall) and moved the phone.

I had to hold up a ball-shaped peach and my finger to get her to look up for at least two of the pictures.

This one doesn't act so cute when she's biting "Mimi" and "Mom-Mom".

Friday, August 26, 2016

National Dog Day, Women's Equality Day, And Two Canine Girls Whom Bless Their Human Family

Without women and dogs—let alone the two canine girls known as "Reilly Rosalita" and "Camille Dominique"—men would have no helpmates, counterbalances, or best friends. After all, for example (with examples of the examples):

  1. While dogs are "man's best friend[s]," for men to be without human best friends was not good.
  2. Some of the best dogs have been female dogs, and some of the best dog breeders have been women—one case in point is that Reilly was bred by Joyce Fleming.
  3. Dogs can be counterbalances to their humans and help make their humans better people, and many women whom are the women behind their men have canine best friends to help them be strong womenboth for their men and in general. On the perhaps-unsurprising flip side, meanwhile, quite a few wives and husbands actually end up preferring to be around their dogs more than, respectively, their husbands and their wives.
  4. Dogs can protect women and children from abusive men. Who knows, by the way, whether Derek McCune wasn't actually abusing his son—since he abused the well-intentioned dog to death? Another example of a protective dog is a member's female Husky, meanwhile.
In the meantime, Reilly and Camille wish everybody a happy Fluffy Friday, National Dog Day, and Women's Equality Day.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

"Do Doggies Pray?", "However Doggies Pray", "However Puppies Pray"....

I'm pretty sure that puppies, including adult puppies ("dogs") like Reilly, pray. I've, for example, asked Reilly and Camille to pray however puppies can pray. I also have a minhag katan leli of taking some anointing oil and modifying the "Birkat HaKohanim" with "Yevarekakh Yehovah v'yishmerekakh"—Reilly is, after all, a girl, and a bark-mitzvah whom seems to get the purpose of being anointed as she lets me anoint her, waits patiently as I pray the blessing, and sniffs in the air as the scent of the oil goes up to Heaven.

Monday, August 22, 2016

An Upcoming Coffee-Table Picture Book Of Reilly & Camille Planned

"Momma"/"Auntie" Nicole plans to work on and somehow publish a coffee-table picture book that focuses on Reilly and Camille. After all, the pictures would have plenty of captions—not to mention other information, including anecdotes such as how jealous Reilly looked like she was trying to bite Camille's face (yesterday, as of August 22, 2016) and that Reilly barked a rabbit out of "Mom-Mom"'s garden (or probably further into it) today (as of August 22, 2016) and at a running-down-the-neighborhood Doberman—two times when she actually should have barked! 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Morning Antics, Including Dog-Safe Foods & A Provided Clean-Up Opportunity

While "Auntie Michelle" and "Mom-Mom" attend church, the pagan 😉 decides to stay home (The long story short is that "Momma" tends not to feel welcome at churches, and Reilly and Camille have gotten used to me staying home on Sundays—which I used to use to catch up on sleep, and now use to have some time to myself while I'm home with Ri and Cam.). As usual, the "greeting committee" came upstairs to jump on my bed and greet me before I had to go downstairs to watch the house and the just-headed-downstairs greeting committee. In between greeting time and heading-downstairs time, the girls began their morning antics.

With a once-again-blocked-hamper, I had to temporarily pile my should-be-in-the-hamper clothes on the floor. With the opportunity that the laundry pile provided, Reilly took the opportunity to chew, play tug-of-war with, and give to Camille a pair of underwear 🤦🙄😊. To be fair, though, the tug-of-war did get me laughing. After that, Reilly decided to lay by my under-the-bed mattress for belly rubs as Camille chewed her new-found not-supposed-to-be-a-toy chewtoy. Then I got them read to go downstairs—after all, I had to get my shoes on without stepping on Reilly!

After I came downstairs and Cam licked my feet like she hadn't just seen me a few minutes ago, I made myself a breakfast sandwich with hard-boiled eggs which briefly dropped on the floor—and with the Cutco knife dropping with it off of the plate. Since a few hard-boilekd egg pieces dropped, I let Reilly and Camille clean up those hard-boiled egg pieces—after I removed the Cutco knife! I also let Reilly lick the crumbs off of my plate, and I would have let Cam have some had I been able to convince her to go get some crumbs despite that Ri attempted to block her from getting any crumbs—Cam just walked away and let Reilly lick the plate clean.

By the way, bread is not dangerous for dogs; I toasted the cheese first and am pretty sure that Reilly didn't get any cheese, and Reilly and Camille got some of the hard-boiled egg for which they'd been watchingly begging me. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tu B'Av & All Different Kinds Of Love, Including Puppy Love

In short, Tu B'Av is the Rabbinic Valentine's Day, which comes after Tisha B'Av (the fast of the fifth month, after Tzom HaChodesh Tammuz—not, as it formerly was, for the "god" [dybuk] Tammuz), and before Yom Kippur and Asara b'Tevet). The rabbis decided that after two months with fasts and before Yom Kippur, a yom l'simcha was needed—including for, I suppose, pets and their feeling-much-better-after-breaking-the-fast owners—of course, making pets fast would be wrong.

As on Valentine's Day, the theme on Tu B'Av is ahavah (love)—of which there are different kinds, with three words for the main kinds in Biblical Hebrew, including "ahavah". Puppies—including adult puppies (dogs) like Reilly and Camille—show ahavah, including for each other and for their masters—and masters' families!

Reilly and Camille, yesh lahen ahavah l'echad achar—after all, e.g., to clean out each other's ears takes ahavah rabah v'g'dolah.

So does playing as roughly as Reilly and Camille do! 

So does napping together and (and as demonstrated with close ups included) inadvertently forming a heart shape and sleeping side by side!