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Showing posts with label clarifications. Show all posts

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


When I said the following, I meant that I haven't chosen how the publisher would pay me* if anyone actually does buy my first book and, if I can ever find the heart to finish the manuscript for my second book. my second book:

"By the way, the first book can be looked at, at Amazon and MoreBooks.De. I've made nothing from them yet and don't want to do so until I'm sure that, e.g., I can pay my student loans off and have a secure future—being a living-at-home, single, disabled, and 26-year-old two-time-ex-girlfriend (with each ex boyfriend being men with whom I had to break up and on whom I had to call the police) sucks—nothing about, e.g., being almost $25K in student debt and a person with C.P. and comorbid conditions (including Depression) is glamorous."

*See more at For any author, Paypal or something else has to be used.