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Showing posts with label videos. Show all posts

Friday, May 26, 2017

Quick Break In The Promised-Post Cycle: Re The Saga Of El Ratón Del Bajo Tierra, aka....

The Ground Rat...

The Ground Rat that "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" noticed when she was trying to see if a rainbow was in the sky after the recent round of storms...

The brazen Ground Rat, el bastardito....

The Ground Rat that "Auntie Nicole" would've sent Camille to scare away from the window if Cam weren't so stubborn about getting back into her crate...

And that "Momma" sent Reilly to scare...

With Camille as cobarker...

And with Reilly and Camille scaring off that ground rat (aka, "groundhog") for "Mom-Mom" today....

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Happy Acquaintance Day, Reilly!

Short of one day a year before Reilly met Camille, Reilly's "Momma" and "Auntie Michelle" (Camille's "Mimi") met Reilly. "Auntie Michelle" got pictures and video—"Momma", on the other hand, was too busy meeting and greeting Reilly:

This is the only picture that "Momma" got, meanwhile:

Image may contain: indoor

Exactly three weeks later, Reilly came home (away from home, anyway: im yirtzeh Yehovah, "Momma" and Reilly plan to make aliyah and take "Momma"'s—at least for now, possible—helpmate and Reilly's—at least for now, possible—"Daddy"¹.)

¹ Although he's insisted that he's not Jewish—long story!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Happy Acquaintance Day, Camille!

On May 2, 2015—which was, by the way, the 70th Anniversary of VE Day!—Reilly met Camille. As on May 2, 2015, today's Acquaintance Day for Camille fell on an auspicious date: this time, the day was Israeli Independence Day (Yom Ha'Atzma'ut, which actually did fall on Iyar 5—not Iyar 6—of 5708).

Image may contain: 1 person

No automatic alt text available.

For Camille the MaltiJew, this makes sense. 

Incidentally, Camille seemed to like "Czardas" when "Auntie Nicole" listened to it one night. "Auntie Nicole" wonders, then, how Camille would react to this—especially partly since "Mimi" used to play the violin.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Guess Who (Sort-Of) Turns Two Tomorrow?

Happy Birthday, Camille! Meanwhile, her Hebrew birthday isn't until Nisan 6 or 7, 5777—so, she technically remains two for a little longer—either way, she got used to when we brought her home on June 7, 2015 to live with her match (aka, her twice-removed cousin Reilly. "Auntie Nicole" is verklempt with watching those old videos, meanwhile):

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Literal Bone To Pick With Reilly, An Update On Reilly's Book, And Still Waiting On Reilly's "Daddy"

To make a long story short—and per the video—Reilly decided that a bone of a vulture-eaten squirrel that fatally encountered a car two days ago (per "Mom-Mom") was both delicious and enough to keep in her mouth with a fight, complete with growling and biting—needlessly to say, Reilly lost the fight to keep the bone:

(By the way, as "Momma"'s been typing, "Auntie Michelle"'s been scolding Reilly for eating "partially-produced 'bunny beans'" with "the culprit in the yard" while being outside to "go potty".).

Meanwhile, Reilly's book has sold nine copies, and plenty more free ones have been given away and claimed (Yep! "Momma"'s trying to promote it as best as she can). Part of why "Momma" wrote the book as well is because she wants to make enough to (and she hasn't yet made anything off the current book; so she can't) provide for Reilly as much as she—as a "Momma" with disabilities—can.

While "Momma"'s been promoting the book, meanwhile, she's also been failing Reilly again—as a heartbroken "Momma" stares at her heartbroken and waiting-patiently-for-"Momma"-to-wrap-up "dogter", she thinks about why she's been up—partly given that Valentine's Day coming up, she guesses, she's been thinking about a helpmate for herself and a "Daddy" for Reilly (and especially who she thinks that he might be).

Monday, January 9, 2017

When "Great-Mom-Mom" Belatedly Came To Visit For Christmas

While Camille and Reilly had to have their baths put off for another day (which Camille doesn't mind), neither Camille nor Reilly stunk up "Great-Mom-Mom"'s visit ⃰. A few highlights:

Pictures And Pre-Visit Video

Reilly being a yungatshe.

Don't let those markings betray you. Yungatshn can have fliglen shel malokhim—and Reilly would fly to find "Mom-Mom" if she could and thought her to be in ekvelt.

Trying to get pictures of the brats before "Great-Mom-Mom" comes (Understandably, getting ready for the visit stressed everyone out.)

"Auntie Michelle" held excited Reilly while "Auntie Nicole" held nervous and shaky Camille.

Camille jumped down from "Auntie Nicole"'s lap to be with "Mimi".

Everyone had to be careful with not-for-puppies items (such as wine) around.

Sweeping up trail-mix crumbs and having not-for-puppies dinner food around: too much risk for the puppies to be not crated.

From waiting to welcome back "Mom-Mom" and greet "Great-Mom-Mom", to being show offs and foodies, Reilly and Camille made "Great-Mom-Mom"'s visit memorable ¹.

⃰ "Great-Mom-Mom" did confirm that Nana Allen told quite a few bubbe meises, and (something like) "there were so many stories with that family". Maybe that's whence Reilly gets her penchant of trying to act innocent when she eats a nasty", etc.. 😉

¹ Headache warning: Because of having Cerebral Palsy, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" recorded shaky videos that might be headache inducing.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Reilly and "Momma" Stand With Gary Fisher

In regards to puppies and their owners, this is true—and even cases from as recently as the last 150 years (from the case of Frou-Frou Bishop to the case of Wiley Eisenstat).

Even puppies who behave badly by—for example—eating "nasties" (as Reilly ate "nasties" both tonight and last night) still love their owners—"Momma"s, "Daddy"s, etc.—at least as much as their owners love them.

By the way, freshly-trimmed Reilly did "peedy" the second time that "Auntie Michelle" took her outside tonight.

Meanwhile, Reilly needs her own equivalent of whom these two Maltipoos have—and, since she loves to meet new people, might want to meet who "Momma" thinks is that equivalent as soon as possible. Also, Reilly and Camille do similarly to the following when their "Mom-Mom" comes home from work:

Sunday, December 11, 2016

How Reilly Coped With "Auntie Michelle" And "Momma" Having Friends Over

She coped well, actually—and she and "Auntie Michelle" even did an impromptu photo shoot, which was all impromptu on Reilly's part:

Relaxing beforehand.

Reilly is warming up to a friend.

Reilly's looking to see what's happening.

"Auntie Michelle" goofing with her furniece, whom's giving her kisses and receiving belly rubs.

Of course, "Mom-Mom" got stockings for her grandbrats.

PS To be honest, Reilly probably coped better than "Momma" overall—e.g., there were points when "Momma" sure'd've loved help to roll over a barky Reilly and ask her, "Who rules?". Also, puppies and even friends can't fill a certain kind of void.