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Showing posts with label campaigns. Show all posts

Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Letter That I Wrote In Reply To "as a former kickboxer", And I Encourage Everyone To Modify For Themselves And Send To Roy Moore

PS This is "Re: as a former kickboxer", and the original email came from "Judge" Roy Moore at his campaign website (He is that pretentious: he doesn't even use "Former Judge".).

With all due respect, don't assume that I support a RINO and so-called "Christian" like you just because I'm a Republican. By the way, you broke at least these commandments when you assaulted and battered your victims, and are breaking at least these commandments now:

  1. "You shall have no other gods". You're making yourself your own god.
  2. "You shall not make images to which you bow down and which you worship." You are deliberately trying to project a false image of yourself.
  3. "You shall not take the Name of Yehovah your God in vain." As to how you're breaking this command doesn't even need to be explained to you, as you are using the Name of Yehovah to do evil to others.
  4. "You shall not murder." Rape is a form of murder, and you committed murder against every single girl whom you raped.
  5. "You shall not commit adultery." Rape is certainly a form of adultery on the part of the rapist. 
  6. "You shall not steal." Rape is a form of theft.
  7. "You shall not bear false witness." Slandering and libelling your victims alone is bearing false witness.
  8. "You shall not covet." As to how you're breaking this command doesn't even need to be explained to you, as you know why pursuing any woman to try to rape is covetous.
   By the way, please don't be using my God's Name to be doing evil, and don't be using my Messiah's name to harm my people. On that note, you and your friend "Bernie Bernstein" owe not only your victims an apology; you also owe the Jewish community an apology.


A Jew whom dislikes you and your Anti-Semitic friend

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Boycott Latvia!

According to PolishForums user kotlomoy, "Meanwhile, Latvian government leads annual Waffen SS parades in Riga. Nobody complains". Just as a Hitler statue at the Warsaw Ghetto is unacceptable, so is any kind of Nazi or Anti-Semitic parade, rally, or event run by any government. I'm complaining about Latvia.If what kotlomoy stated is true (and, given all the Anti-Semitic governments that are out there today with the resurgence of Anti-Semitism in Europe, I see no reason why kotlomoy would lie), we need to boycott Latvia. I'm already working in the United States on Twitter to get Latvia boycotted until the Latvian government will no longer lead any Nazi or other Anti-Semitic parades in Riga or anywhere else in the Diasporan nation of many Jews. Also, the CIA World Factbook notes perhaps up to 64.1% of Latvians scared and hiding themselves for their lives (and who knows how many of the "Russian" Latvians, etc., are really who they say that they are? Remember that my own relatives pretended ethnic Slavship and Magyarship?):

Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
Latvian 59.3%, Russian 27.8%, Belarusian 3.6%, Ukrainian 2.5%, Polish 2.4%, Lithuanian 1.3%, other 3.1% (2009)
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
Latvian (official) 58.2%, Russian 37.5%, Lithuanian and other 4.3% (2000 census)
Field info displayed for all countries in alpha order.
Lutheran 19.6%, Orthodox 15.3%, other Christian 1%, other 0.4%, unspecified 63.7% (2006)

Boycott Latvia, and stand with Latvian Jews!