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Showing posts with label Alec Baldwin. Show all posts

Friday, April 20, 2007

Alec Baldwin and My Dad

Alec Baldwin, ex-wife Kim Basinger, and their 11-year-old daughter are like my dad, mom, and my sister and I, respectively. My dad got away with what he did though. Why? He's not a celebrity, and my mom chickened out for years. Also, DSS and the courts hardly did a darn for Michelle and I; and in fact, two out of three DSS calls resulted in only one DSS member supporting my sister and me.

Also, Alan Colmes and the guest father's rights attorney debating against Melanie Morgan sound like people who supported my dad, including his parents. I'd name names if I felt safe from my dad, even though he's not allowed to visit us anymore upon our request.

I've compared my dad to a terrorist- God knows what he'll do next. I hope this entry will go through (unlike the one I wrote on the Virginia Tech Campus Massacre), and Dad and my stepmom (who compared my mom to Kim Basinger and supported Alec Baldwin) may be convicted by this entry, the tape played on FOX News or elsewhere, or something else.