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Showing posts with label furmily. Show all posts

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: As "Momma" Mentioned Last Night...

Exhaustion once again befell her, and Reilly once again had been very patient about it. "Momma" even had exhaustion throughout the day and may've even gotten a cold (as she once got before) as a result.

(Almost two years, and you'd think that "Momma" and Reilly would have a clear answer by now! Reilly turned 3.5 Hebrew years on September 13-14 or 14-15, by the way.)

Monday, September 18, 2017

"Mimi" Relented For Camille "Will Jump For Chicken" Czarnecki

(Something like what happened)

Camille: (Doing something.)

"Auntie Nicole": (🤔🤷🏽‍♀️) Holy heck—what is she doing?"

"Mimi": That was Cam. She wanted the chicken bone so badly, she just went after it. I could not give Cam the bone, but I let Reilly and Camille lick my fingers.

Camille: (Barking and "nearly jump[ing] on the bone" and "lunging at the bone after the fact")

"Mimi": No, Cam; I can't give you the bone. I don't have any chicken. Maybe tomorrow.

"Mimi"/"Auntie Michelle": Oh, alright; I'll let you lick my fingers.

Camille and Reilly: ("Are you kidding? They went at it—they just went at it," and obviously more than obliged. -"Mimi"/"Auntie Michelle")

(The chicken was better than bird feathers!)

Mostly Offbeat: A Quick Note From "Momma" Re A Few People

In case anyone's wondering, "Momma"'s possible helpmate and Reilly's possible "Daddy" will never have to worry about Reilly's new friend or anyone else being "Momma"'s possible helpmate and Reilly's possible "Daddy", unless God wills otherwise. Besides, the family friend is not from the area whence "Momma" hinted that he comes. Also, Reilly has met the family friend before, whereas she has not met her possible "Daddy"¹.

¹Quién "Mama" extraña todos y de quién piense todos los días.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Reilly Just Found A New Friend In A Family Friend, Despite That She's Jealous Of His Kitties

Sniffing the kitties and wanting a scritch—ambivalence

"Mom-Mom" brings Reilly over

Scritches behind the ears

Only one phrase to describe especially this picture and the two next pictures¹....

As for Camille, she wasn't having any of Reilly's jealously.

Reilly is much happier after a good scritch behind the ears.

¹One can stop at 5:15 and then resume at 0:00 and stop at 6:02. By the way, Reilly hears "Momma" sing this all of the time. Also BTW, the family friend is not whom some might think that he is.

Dentastick? "Momma" Culpa. Bird Feathers? Culpa Canina.

One can understand why "Momma" mistook Reilly's half of a dentastick for a "nasty", although she later apologized to Reilly for mistakenly trying to take her dentastick—and no wonder that Reilly clenched the dentastick in her jaw and kep turning her head away from "Momma"!

Reilly also clenched her jaw when she somehow left two cardinal feathers down to their rachises and quills—and "Auntie Michelle" has no clue how Reilly got the bird feathers! By the way, "Momma" and "Auntie Michelle" are fairly certain that Reilly tried to eat only bird feathers that she found by the birdfeeder and not any actual birds.

PS Besides not letting any puppy—especially any small-breed puppy—eat feathers, follow other safety precautions (including not letting your puppy eat any other "nasties") to let your puppy live long and prosper¹—no matter whether he or she is in his or her pre-adult, adult, or senior years.

By the way, it really wasn't that long ago when Reilly celebrated Hanukkah 5776, is it? (She hates "Momma" when "Momma" makes her wear her tallit v'kippahor anything elsev'ima lah ohevet b'kal mikreh.)

¹Via Diana Ketchen

Thursday, September 14, 2017

An Reply To An Email That "Momma" Received This Morning, And An Incidental Note

By the way, "Momma" blacked out the email address of the emailer in question, as well as replaced one word in the email and blacked out the puppy's name to protect the emailer's privacy—and she is publishing the email here because the questions could really be FAQ questions, given that they were well-thought-of questions:

From: Nicole Czarnecki
To: halarivijay3
Sent: Thu, Sep 14, 2017 10:05 am
Subject: Re: Ole Field Farm Puppies

Hi, Dr. and Mrs. Halari:

Per your queries:

1. Joyce was and is a wonderful, loving, knowledgeable, and competent breeder. "Love Little Dogs" is truly an honest and accurate name for her website. By the way, we referred neighbors (Shelby's owners) to her, and they in turn referred other neighbors (Solo's owners) to Joyce. (Also, please tell Joyce that Reilly, Camille, Shelby, Solo, and Fenway are all doing well. I should mention, too, that Camille and Shelby are maternal sisters, and "Tootsie's [Camille's and Shelby's mom's] grandmother is Apple's [Reilly's mom's] sister.")
2. Reilly and Camille each adjusted well to being brought home. Reilly was not brought home until she was three days short of nine weeks old, and Camille was not brought home until she was 10 weeks and five days old.
3. They've been very good; thank you for asking.
4. Yes. Smaller dogs will have more risk for issues such as luxating patella and UTIs, for example, though that is a genetic-based risk and not due to breeder fault.
5. Yes. I'd read up on dog ownership, talk to the vet, talk to neighbors and loved ones whom've owned dogs, and certainly talk to Joyce :-). 
6. Yes, though that's also genetic. For example, Reilly is allergic to heartworm pills (We ended up opting for heartworm vaccines, a booster shot of which she got yesterday) 

Nicole Czarnecki

-----Original Message-----
From: Vijay Halari
To: Nickidewbear <>
Sent: Thu, Sep 14, 2017 9:28 am
Subject: Ole Field Farm Puppies

Good morning,

I'm reaching out to you about Ole Field Farm puppies. My [family] and I are inquiring and truly planning on buying one from Joyce. She's been great and "Ollie" (the Male Morkie) have been great but we wanted to hear from previous customers about their reviews.
1. What did you think about Joyce?
2. How about you pet after you took them home?
3. How have they been?
4. Anything to look out for?
5. Any pointers for first time dog owners?
6. Any specific health issues with your pets?

We are so excited and plan on picking up Ollie tomorrow morning (9/15), please let use know what you think, it would mean a lot to us.

Thank you,
- Dr. and Mrs. Halari

PS Admittedly, this is at least a small comfort for what "Momma" has been enduring of late—and not to mention that Reilly has been a lifesaver through all that "Momma" has endured¹.

¹Including confusion re what a certain someone wants. Note to him, by the way: 

Tengo algunes preguntas muy cándidas y una admisión cándida para tí, si me permite te preguntar las preguntas; y lo siento si son demasiada francas. A esto punto, necesito las preguntar y la admitir a tí, especialmente porque pronto llegará Yom Kipur (y no pienso que Jesús escribió mi nombre en el Libro de Vida sin razón): 

  • ¿Amas o no amas mí y Reily?
  • ¿Pienses o no pienses que eres mi futuro esposo y el futuro "Papi" de Reily?
  • ¿No entendí algunas cosas que dijiste implicitamente hasta muy tarde, entendí?
  • En mi defensa, el momento y las circunstancias no estuvieron el momento y las circunstancias para mí entender qué dijiste. También, el caso no está y no estuvo que no me culpo por manejando algunas cosas en las circunstancias en una manera que no estuvo bueno; y lo siento por cualquier daño que he creado, incluyendo cualquier daño que he creado para tí y Reilly—y no es fácil por mí admitir, aunque neceisto lo admitir que por cualquier daño que he creado, incluyendo cualquier daño que he creado para tí y Reilly, y en parte para mí estar una ¨Máma¨ mejor a Reily y (si Yejovah quiere) ser una buena esposa para tí algún día.

Friday, September 8, 2017

A Quick Update On Reilly & Camille

The "gwirls" are doing well and are back to normal. In fact:

  1. Both Reilly and Camille were back to normal within a day, and Reilly was back to normal within 12-18 hours!
  2. Both Reilly and Camille are their lovably-bratty and brattily-lovable selves.
  3. Both Reilly and Camille freaked out with the groundhog being back—in fact, Camille was scared of it when she went to try to "go potty" the night after the dental cleaning, and Reilly wanted to chase it yesterday!
  4. Reilly is back to her jealous self—she even zoomed into the family room at the right side of the couch and did a dominance show on Camille when Camille went to say "Hi!" to someone! It was surreal—like she was in a commercial or a movie, or a video game!
  5. Poor Reilly has to deal with "Momma", although (for good and bad) she tolerates her!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Generalized(!) Anesthesia, And How Reilly & Camille Are Doing

So, a worried "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" called Banfield this morning after "Mom-Mom" dropped off Reilly and Camille, and just got an update from "Mo. From what "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" heard:

  1. Reilly and Camille were under generalized (not local) anesthesia.
  2.  The surgery went on for 15 minutes, and occurred at about 10:30 or 11:30 ("Momma" heard at 9:22 that Reilly and Camille had to wait for one to two hours while the vet spayed two com-pup-triots of theirs.).
  3. This morning and as of now, both Reilly and Camille were and are fine. They were and are generally well behaved—they only barked when "Mom-Mom left".
  4. They're getting a normal heartrate and other normal vital signs back—their heartrate was low while they were under anesthesia(!).

Monday, September 4, 2017

Anesthesia? One Had Better Believe That....

Despite that Reilly's and Camille's previous teeth-cleaning surgery went well, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" is scared for Reilly and Camille (as is "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi"). Besides:

  1. Reilly and Camille are going to be dropped off at the vet at 7:00-7:30 in the morning.
  2. They will not have had treats since 7:30 tonight or their morning "num nums" at 7:00.
  3. They already don't understand why they can't have treats for "good peedies".
  4. Despite that Reilly is getting localized anesthesia and even did well with generalized anesthesia when she was spayed, Reilly is a 14.5-pound adult puppy whom could be easily adversely affected by anesthesia—and "Momma" as a 5'0"-5'1" human whom weighs about 124 pounds had an awful experience with anesthesia when she had an ITB Pump put into her (though it was mostly caffeine withdrawal that affected her to not hold even water down by the fourth day of recovery—although having to have the oxygen tubes put back in once after she woke up from the anesthesia was enough of a sign that the anesthesia affected her somewhat and made the caffeine withdrawal worse).
Scared-for-Reilly "Momma"? Scared-for-Camille "Auntie Nicole"? You bet, and both "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" and "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" ask people to pray on Reilly's and Camille's behalves.        

Happy Labor Day From Reilly And Camille!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

To All Of the September Babies And Fellow September Half-Year Babies Like Reilly...

Happy Birthday And Beginning Of Autumn¹!

¡Feliz Cumpleaños y Principio de Otoño!

יום הולדת שמח וראשית הסתיו!

¹Including to whom "Momma" had sent the card earlier 🙂

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Working On "Follow Me" With Reilly, And An Incidental Note

"Momma" is working on "Follow me" with Reilly, and Reilly had "Follow me" basically had it down when she and "Momma" worked on it before. Reilly seems to be doing well with "Follow me" after going "potty" and when going inside to get a treat (Stubborn Camille is another discussion: she refuses to even listen to "Auntie Nicole" when "Auntie Nicole" tells her "Follow me". Then again, Camille can be overall stubborn—as, for example, she was last night when "Mimi" thought that she had a piece of plastic in her mouth. She gave her a hard time about checking for any plastic, too!).

As for going upstairs and following "Momma" at night, Reilly is still working on that—although she's mostly listened to "Momma" and earned the treat that she gets each time that she follows "Momma". "Momma" has to sometimes pull Reilly back and remind her, "You don't lead me. I lead you." or "You follow me; I don't follow you."

Incidentally and meanwhile, "Momma" has had horrid mental-illness flareups again due to confusion re a certain subject—while she thinks that she knows what a certain person wants, he has to tell her eventually (or does she have to ask him? Either way, someone has to budge and tell. Besides, she—for instance—doesn't look forward to getting older—let alone old—alone or continuing to detrimentally affect Reilly.)

Monday, August 28, 2017

An Impromptu "Catch" Session With Camille And Reilly

Even though this is well over the ~24-hours-period that "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma", it demonstrates un otro día a la casa de Camila Dominica y Reily Rosalita. Besides, "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" was looking for writing fodder (since she knows that Camille and Reilly can provide writing fodder)—after all, for starters, she didn't want to keep resharing blog entries ad nauseum.

Of course, "Mimi"/"Auntie Michelle" insists that "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" was being mean when some treats fell under one of the chairs and the family room coffee table, and when Reilly had to do the "How long can you stand?" trick as one of her tricks (Excuse "Momma" for not wanting Reilly's back legs to atrophy or otherwise be unable to function in her senior years!).

When Camille had practiced "Catch" a few days ago, she actually caught the treat at one point. She also caught the treat at one point tonight, and "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" even had her watch Reilly a few times and tried to get Reilly to not steal Camille's treats (and as usual, some of the treats also fell under Reilly's stealth eye and quick treat-getting downswoop. "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" also compensated Camille for unreachable and stolen treats.).

La casa de Camila y Reily es sin duda su casa. ¡Hay no "Mi casa es su casa" con ellas a menos que alguien es firme con ellaso al menos a menos que en el caso de Reily, si Dios quiere y algún día, "Máma" tiene alguien la ayudar con ella estando una "Máma" a Reily!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Just Some Highlights Of An ~24-Hours Period At Reilly's And Camille's House

  1. Cam's barking caused "Auntie Nicole" to have a myoclonus flareup and spill some wine on herself and the tableplace in front of her. Guess who got blamed, by the way? 
  2. "Mimi"/"Auntie Michelle" just took Camille and Reilly for a walk by herself, and they're hard enough for even one person without a physical disability to handle alone. As "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" suspected that "Mom-Mom" would be, "Mom-Mom" (who just came home from visiting some family members) is pissed (and "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" told "Mimi"/"Auntie Michelle", "Good luck!")!
  3. In between the wine spill and "Mom-Mom"'s understandable reaction to "Mimi"/"Auntie Michelle"'s boneheaded idea: Camille and Reilly got to try some peas. Let's just say that each of them sitting and waiting for a peas, affecting a Google search, and getting half a peapod's worth of peas was enough to get especially Cam excited—she obviously ate too quickly and excitedly!
Just now: "Mimi"/"Auntie Michelle" just got "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" types....waiting....

"So, Mom took them from here. And guess who they saw?...They were practically perfect little angels for me, and they pretty well behaved when they saw Shelby!"

"She was not too pleased that I'd taken them on a walk myself....she just seemed insistent that I not take them by myself again....[S]he was very matter of fact...."

That was not the reaction that "Mom-Mom" had when she came home!

By the way, "Momma" and Reilly are continuing to pray for everyone whom is affected by Hurricane Harvey. They also hope that a picture of Reilly and Camille from National Puppy Day will cheer everybody up as much as possible given the circumstances.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Happy National Puppy Day 2017!

Happy National Puppy ("Dog") Day!

Despite "Momma"'s/"Auntie Nicole"'s rough morning, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" is kvelling since she just found out that today's National Puppy ("Dog") Day¹ in the United States! Meanwhile, look for a National Puppy Day card later, since "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" has to have Reilly and Camille get their picture taken for a National Puppy Day card!

¹Since puppies are always puppies, whether Pre-Adult, Adult, or Senior Puppies

Tossing & Turning, And a Playful Reilly

As "Momma" couldn't get back to sleep because she had a certain subject and other subjects on her mind, she woke up earlier than she could have woken up. Slightly before that, a playful Reilly came upstairs to get a post-walk nap and nonetheless had quite a bit of energy. So, Reilly got into one of her playful spurts and affected "Momma" to conclude that going down downstairs and beginning her day was best. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

A Few Highlights Of Reilly's And "Momma"'s Day, And A Quick Note

  1. Reilly turned 35/12 Gregorian years today. She may have marked that month birthday by getting into the bathroom trash again, and she certainly got into the bathroom trash—at least she kept most of the trash inside of the bathroom, and "Auntie Michelle" was probably whom left the bathroom door open.
  2. "Momma" finally got to get on a walk by herself on a weekday for once—of course, that's because "Auntie Michelle" was able to come home early 🙄.
  3. Speaking of "Momma" and "Auntie Michelle", "Auntie Michelle" wasn't exactly commendatory of "Momma" when "Momma" had to try to get Reilly away from a plate that "Auntie Michelle" broke—surprisingly, "Mom-Mom" supported "Momma" on that one, and of course "Momma"'s going to worry when Reilly tries to get near ceramic pieces to eat them!
As for the quick note:

  1. "Momma" and Reilly are praying for everyone whom will be affected by Hurricane Harvey. They also ask that those who stayed in the hurricane-affected areas look out for their loved ones and neighbors whom couldn't leave, get themselves, their loved ones and neighbors whom they can get to safety, and their pets to safety; and do whatever else they need to do be as little affected by Hurricane Harvey as possible.
  2. "Momma" should add that there are circumstances which explain what she wrote recently, although she won't get into details about those circumstances¹.

¹ Incidentallywithout going into details"Momma" will say that, oh boy, did she get a verbally-violent reaction to what she wrote. She understands the sentiments behind the reaction. Sill...

Somewhat Offbeat: Notice That "Momma" Said "God Willing", And...

"Momma" could be wrong. Nonetheless, as she stated, what she revealed her potential helpmate and Reilly's potential "Daddy" was going to need to come out. It was also going come out at some point.

Besides, she's maintained that she wants the best for herself partly so that she can be a good "Momma" to Reilly, and that she wants the best for Reilly.

As she's said and in any case, yehi ratzon Yehovah la'asot ratzono

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: God Willing....

"Momma" may reveal who she thinks may eventually be her helpmate and Reilly's "Daddy" soon. She's given hints in the past¹ and already told Reilly multiple times. Besides—for example—after having to once again get Reilly's harness and leash on her to eventually get her muzzle on her, "Momma" knows that she needs to deal openly with the subject of many of her blog entries for over a year for her, Reilly's, and others'—including and especially "Momma"'s possible helpmate's and Reilly's possible "Daddy"'s—sakes.


  1. Reilly's going to have her 3.5-Gregorian-year birthday in a month and a day from now. As for her Hebrew half-year birthday, that's coming up on September 14th at sundown (Elul 23. She was born on 2 Adar 23 or 24, 5774).
  2. "Momma" turned 27.5 Gregorian years old yesterday (August 23rd at sundown) and will be 27.5 Hebrew years old on September 16th at sundown (Elul 25th.  the Rabbinic Calendar gave her the best estimate for when Rosh HaShanah 5750 occurred, by the way).
  3. In other words, time passes with both Reilly and "Momma" getting only older.
¹Another hint, by the way:  
בעיר באזור בעיר האהבת אחים,  לא בעמק ורד בארץ של מרים