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Showing posts with label pinheads. Show all posts

Monday, November 14, 2011

Some People Are Total Idiots and Mormons; And Saying That Is Being Nice...

For example, some sicko thought that he was being funny by joking that he helped a pervert commit a crime against a child-- or if he wasn't joking, he outright bragged that he was an accessory to a crime. There is nothing funny about crime, let alone any crimes-- especially certain deviance-based crimes-- against children. In fact, this person who joked about being an accessory (actually, an outright accomplice) to the crime would be brutalized by the inmates in jail or prison really quickly-- inmates don't like sexual crimes, especially any sexual-deviance crimes against children.

As Jerry Sandusky will learn and my sister told me that one inmate learned (In fact, our friend told her that he heard that the inmate was murdered, dismembered, and bagged that he was so despised.), even the hardest of criminals dislike and hate the hardest-of-the-hardest criminals.

And tzedek-- karma, justice-- does bite.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday, August 31, 2007

Re: I Want Your Comments

"I've only had two comments on here worth reading and responding to. Also, my "Exactly What the Liberals Want" entry seems to have been ignored, giving the liberals exactly what they want. While you're staying informed, inform others, inform me. Do you have something to say? Is there something you want me to post or that you think people should read or pay attention to? Send me or post your comments, and check out"

Why am I getting no comments?

I am still not getting many, if any, comments on this blog. At least I haven't had anyone comment on any entry for a while. Comment on my blog; don't just read it. After all, in the words of Gary Larson, "Stimulus response! Stimulus response! Don't you ever think?" Don't be an ignorant or apathetic pinhead; have a voice to speak out and respond to others.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Generation

Let me put this politely: If I were in school right now (and I'll be in school in two weeks), and my peers found out about this, I'd be much more unpopular.