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Showing posts with label travel. Show all posts

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Somewhat Offbeat & Since Puppies Are Family Members, Too...

Maybe If "Momma" Can Take Reilly On A Trip To Pennsylvania Someday...
  1. "Momma" might try to make aliyah with Reilly from Philadelphia (God willing), since there are relatives there and an airport there.
  2. "Momma" has many sites that she wants to visit before she, God willing, makes aliyah with Reilly—among them are the port through which Great-Great-Grandma Gaydos came, Harvey's Lake (where the Rusnak Family reunions are held, just to get Reilly to learn to swim and recall what was good about those reunions), 207 Freed Street (which probably looks a good deal like it did when Great-Granddad and his family lived in 203-207 Freed Street; and Holy Family Cemetery in Sugar Notch (If "Momma" can, she'll have the bodies of relatives exhumed from there, and from wherever else she can, and reburied in Israel.). "Momma" also wants to take Reilly to some of those sites.
  3. "Momma" wants Reilly to meet relatives, friends, and other loved ones and associates thereof in Pennsylvania.
Besides, Reilly is "Momma"'s dogter. So, why can't Reilly know about the history of her human family? If only Reilly had a "Daddy" to get her and "Momma" up there, meanwhile!

Yesterday, Reilly begrudgingly looked at the camera here and waited for a walk. Besides, she's got to get bored of "Momma" being one of the few human family members around once in a while.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Video Transcript #1: I Am Not Blaming Malia Obama

As I stated, I am blaming Malia's parents for pressuring her. As I reasonably speculated, they probably told her, "Oh, don't want you want to go to Mexico? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You're in the White House, and Dad may not be in the White House next year; and your classmates might never get to go anywhere with a President of the United States' daughter...".

As I also stated, I do not blame Malia; and I cannot believe that I have to clarify this. I asked everyone to leave Malia alone and explained that she has just come of age, bat-mitzvah age; and that she may not be wise wise, experienced, or whatever else enough to forego an opportunity for her and her classmates to go to Mexico.