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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Offbeat: On Some People Whom Inspired "Momma" To Write About Reilly

A few people encouraged "Momma" to go and stay on her track to become a full-time author. Here are some interesting facts about them:

  1. One has met Reilly, and the others have yet to meet her.
  2. At least two of them share Irish heritage with the brought-into-a-partly-Irish-family Reilly, and at least one shares Jewish heritage with Reilly's "Momma".
  3. At least one has in common with Reilly that he or she has an Irish name of non-Irish origins with Reilly (which came from the Scandinavian "gregarious")
  4. All of them have lived in Reilly's birth state—Maryland—and are from ancestral states of "Momma".
  5. Reilly would love to meet and remeet the ones whom she's not met or seen in a while—whether they have full, half, one-month, or other birthdays in September—Reilly loves to meet and remeet people.
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