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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Offbeat: Part Of Why Reilly Is My Main Blog Subject Of Late

For one matter, I run Reilly's Facebook page and am her "Momma". For another matter, to do the commentary-and-analysis videos that I do is now basically impossible because of YouTube's phasing out of its webcam-upload technology and failure to replace it with new webcam-upload technology—and while I do record some videos, including videos of Reilly and Camille, on my camera and on my phone, to do so is much harder for me (and others whom are in my type of position). Besides, I don't have all of the fancy equipment to become a professional commentator and to be unable to do anything as even a layperson commentator is frustrating me (and many others are in positions that are similar to mine)—by the way, we can talk when you try being a single, unemployed, and living-at-home Millennial because you're a Millennial with debilitating and draining mental illnesses that are comorbid with Cerebral Palsy and capable of rendering you incapable even of being what kind of pet parent you could be to your nonetheless-as-patient-and-understanding-as-possible puppy, not to mention incapable of typing (among other kind of writings) long commentary-and-analysis (and other types of) blog entries (especially when you type with only one finger on each hand, which takes enough energy to do).

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