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Showing posts with label frustration. Show all posts

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Reworking On Teaching Camille To "Lie Down"

Understandably, meanwhile, Reilly wanted treats while Camille was getting treats as she was learning to lie down—and Reilly had to do a few tricks, including "Lie down." As for Camille, Camille was getting "lie down" without watching Reilly—all that "Auntie Nicole" had to do was a push-on-the-shoulders trick that two friends taught her.

Then "Mom-Mom" came and ruined all of that—since it was time for the girls' evening naps (and, thus, for the girls to go up with "Mom-Mom" until "night-nights" time), "Mom-Mom"decided that:

  1. "Auntie Nicole" had taught Camille enough and had given her enough treats for the time being.
  2. Camille could lie down just by hearing "Lie down" and watching Reilly lie down.
  3. Despite that her method didn't work, "Auntie Nicole"'s method still didn't work.
"Mimi" also was not exactly helpful when "Auntie Nicole" wanted to show that Camille is learning how to "lie down"—and Reilly stole some of Camille's treats that were meant to get Camille to get onto the couch to sit and have her shoulders pushed for her to "lie down"! 😬😖

("Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" gets little to no support! Even God seems to be, for whatever reasons, leave "Momma" hanging and providing few to no miracles!)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday Morning Antics: Camille Using "Auntie Nicole"'s Having To Use the Restroom To Play Games

Incidentally, incidents like this are part of why "Momma" needs a "Daddy" for Reilly and—as "Auntie Nicole"—an "Uncle" for Camille. Anyway, Camille led the trouble this time—despite that she was explicitly told to stay in my room while "Mom-Mom" was picking up "Mimi" from work. Reilly stayed but for a time or two times when she followed Camille down the stairs, and Reilly did come back upstairs for a belly rub. With Camille, on the other hand and for example, I had to try to trick her to go see "Mimi" upstairs, tell her explicitly to come back upstairs, tell her to get out of the living room and "Mom-Mom"'s room; and finally tell her, "Camille, I'm exhausted!"

"Auntie Nicole" can't just pick up Camille—especially with bare feet—and bring her back upstairs, and having a 5'1.75" height—along with Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis—gives "Auntie Nicole" little—if any—commanding and imposing authority.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Frustration With the Lack Of Webcam-Upload Restoration Technology On YouTube

Also see my previous blog entries on this subject.