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Showing posts with label 1990. Show all posts

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Reflections On The 27 Club: Because I'm Turning 27 On the 23rd, And Fellow 1990 Babies Will Be 27

The 27 Club: if you live past 27, The 27 Club is good. If you don't live past 27, especially if you're famous...welcome to the 27 Clubat least you're in the company of Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison, among others.

Of course, you don't want to be experienced with the Lord buying you a Mercedes Benz when the heavens stop the rain—if your hearse ends up being a Mercedes Benz and the rains stop, you've experienced the flip side of "Blessed are the deceased on whom the rain falls."

With that said, let's see where my life goes in 13 days...

Unlucky number 13...

Oh boy....

At least my hearse won't be a Mercedes BenzI'm Jewish and I care about what happens after I'm deadeven though I can't come back to haunt anybody if my experience does end up being that my hearse is a Mercedes Benz. At least if the rain falls on me, whoever would buy me a Mercedes Benz will be experienced with what it's like to be going home soaking wet, having to change clothes unless he or she catches a cold, and perhaps also having to leave this earthly realm—man plans; God laughs, and Mercedes Benzes are as good as the spoils that Achan ben Carmi took.

Update: If God is delivering us from Trumpand worse than Trump—in time to give many to-be-27-year-old people a birthday gift, the case seems to be that Ribbentrop just got Molotoved! Man plans; God laughs, and Trump might as well turn himself in to the FBI while he can do so—and hand over his Mercedes Benzes for at least bail money, since he's going to need a lot of it!

Friday, January 16, 2015

My Hebrew Birthdate(?)

I'm working on getting the correct date, though I have the date of 26 Tevet 5770 (really, 26 Tevet 5769). I was born on January 23, 1990, and I downloaded the Israeli New Moon Society archive table to find if January 1990 and Tevet 5749 coincided at all. Only three dates were listed for 1990, and none of them were in January of 1990. So, I wasn't going to find out what January 23, 1990 was.

I have been able to learn and observe, however, that the Biblical calendar (which factors in the Aviv Barley) and the P'rushi calendar coincide to some extent (and they actually sometimes exactly coincide. This month of Tevet 5774/"5775", they did not exactly coincide. I originally thought that they did, though I guess that I was tracking it on my own copy of the P'rushi calendar and put "Tevet 1 if not earlier.". I thought that my copy put Tevet 1 on December 23rd or 24th.).

So, then, here's what I've been able to calculate:

  1. I originally thought that my Hebrew birthday was on January 18, 2015 at sundown.
  2. I went back and looked at a moon-phases calendar (I originally tried the one from the Israeli New Moon Society. It didn't download.).
  3. I looked at the traditional Hebrew date again.
  4. I looked at the traditional start of Tevet 5749/"5750" (December 28, 1989. On December 29, 1989, it was the day of Tevet 1, 5749; since Hebrew days are evening-and-morning days.).
  5. I saw that the New Moon was actually on December 29, 1989. 
  6. So, then, began the count.
  7. The conclusion....
I was born on Tevet 25, 5749. Thus, I will be 25 Well, Happy Birthday to me and a Peaceful Sabbath to all (ליום הולדת שמח ללי ושבת שלום לכולם.). Meanwhile, I took a while to calculate this since math is not my strongsuit.