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Showing posts with label New_York. Show all posts

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Okay; Here's the Deal Regarding the Once-In-a-Lifetime, Unexpected Opportunity

As far as the opportunity, who would be willing to travel to New York with me to a Superbowl party? Long story short, I won two tickets from WABC Radio to their Big Game Party on the 19th—and it was seriously an unexpected opportunity. I actually thought that I would not win, but I did. 

Nonetheless, I don't know with whom or how I would get to New York. I invited Mom to go with me and/or count it as my graduation gift, but she said that I'd have to find someone else to take if I was going to do. Also, I have no money for a flight—unless I win $1,000 or something (e.g., some kind of miracle happens). If anyone would be willing to take me up on the opportunity, please send me a private message (on Facebook or Twitter) or e-mail me, and I will send you the information.

PS Here's a conversation that I had with a friend about the matter—which shows you how badly I want to go. Originally, I had kept this specific news among only Facebook friends; so, that's why his or her name is not public, etc..

Also, I don't drive; so, I'd have to take the bus and subways.