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Showing posts with label proselytization. Show all posts

Friday, August 31, 2012

In Full Disclosure To My Non-Messianic Jewish Friends (e.g., UMBC Hillel and JSU)...

I need to state the following:

  1. As a Patrilineal Jew and Jewish Christian, I consider myself Jewish and (to be candid) a Completed Jew. As I've written, "I believe that Jews are first and foremost an 'am, an ethnos, a people--which is part of why, as Torah commanded, one must be cut off (i.e., exiled or even put to death) for worshiping other gods--viz., cutting yourself off from G-d in some way was cutting off your very life, your very being." Furthermore, " as the Talmud...rightly states...,... "A Jew, even if he sins, is still a Jew." Because of this and because of cutting yourself off from the Jewish G-d, you are a Jew who has cut his life off as opposed to a Jew who became a gentile. As Tanakh states, anyway, a Kushite can't change his skin and the leopard can't change his spots (cf. Jeremiah 13:23); thus a Jew, though he or she cuts his or her life off, remains a Jew."
  2. I do not believe that groups such as Jews For Jesus and Chosen People Ministries cause any havoc or tsores against the Jewish community. As I've written, " Jews for Jesus does not intend to "induce someone to convert to one's faith" or "recruit someone to join one's party, institution, or cause"-- that is not up to them." 1 Corinthians 3:5-7 explains the position of Messianic Jewish (Hebrew Christian, Jewish Christian) groups.
  3. I am offended by the implication that I am not a Jew even though I believe that a Jewish man was and is the Jewish Messiah--and Reform and Reconstructionist Jews don't even believe in a personal Mashiach or even (in some cases) a Messianic Age. So, why am I being punished for believing that a Jewish man fulfills the Biblical mandate and fits the Biblical concept of Mashiach? As I've written, "[D]on't tell me that I'm not Jewish because I believe that a Jewish man who you don't believe is the Messiah, is the Messiah."
  4. I do not believe in proselytizing. As I've written, "Many people...are  confusing proselytizing with being open about faith. My and other Messianic Jews' intent is not to convert or force conversion on anybody.... The Inquisitors, the pogromists, etc.--they proselytized." I won't be taken for a Pablo de Santa Maria or a Nicolas Donin, or a Pablo Christiani.   
In conclusion, I need to honestly disclose that I am a Patrilineal Jew and non-proselytizing Messianic Jew who considers Jews as primarily part of an ethnic group and secondarily part of religious groups (including Non-Messianic Jewish groups). On that note, I believe that Jews like myself--that is, Messianic Jews--remain Jews and believe that only G-d may lead a Jew to be a Messianic Jew. Messianic Jews such as myself, Jews for Jesus, and Chosen People Ministries are not individual Jews and Jewish groups who intend to forcibly attempt to convert fellow Jews to believe in a Mashiach, let alone in the Biblical and historical Jesus of Nazareth as Mashiach--the proselytizers are those such as the Pablo de Santa Marias, Nicolas Donins, and Pablo Christianis within the Messianic Jewish community.   

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

That Damned, Proselytizing Mormon, Frank....

He thinks that hating all of my YouTube videos, proselytizing and verbally abusing me in every singlew one of his comments, Anti Semitism, and any other intimidation and disingenuousness is going to get me to convert into Joseph Smith's Pseudo-Christian cult. He couldn't be more wrong. I am a Jewish Christian who is quite content in knowing Tanakh-Emet-- Torah, Nevi'im (none of whom were ever Mormon, by the way), Ketuvim (none of which ever included HaSefer Mormoni), and Hadashah.

By the way, I recommend John Kraukauer's "Under the Banner of Heaven". The Christian, Jewish or gentile, should not be afraid to read it-- even though Krakauer lumps in Christianity with Mormonism and vice versa. I had to read it once for a class, and I'm glad that I did.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Think That I Now Know Who Hates Me On YouTube...

That Mormon Antimissionary EscapeNewJersey seems to hate every one of my videos and, of late, always has an Anti-Semitic, Antimissionary, and Mormon Supremacist comment to make. Some comments he'll make anonymously (And what does he have to hide; except that-- oh, maybe-- he's a coward?); some he'll make with his moniker, and some with the "Dislike" button on YouTube (He's mostly or always the one "Dislike" which I get per video.).

Who proves whose points now, Frank (which you've said that your name is, EscapeNewJersey)? Get a life and go Mormonize somewhere else-- Mormon proselytization is not welcome here.