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Showing posts with label commentaries. Show all posts

Sunday, March 29, 2015

When a Ger Tzedek Sheds Light On What G-d Meant in the B'rit Chadashah

Guys listen up: Eve was deceived in the garden, but Adam CHOSE disobedience! #fb Please discuss...
Posted by Kevin McCullough on Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sadly, even gerim such as John Gill were willing to follow the usual, stripped-of context interpretation, though. e.g.:

And therefore she is called by the Jews F16 (Nweh Ma) , "the mother of iniquity and sin"; to which they refer, ( Psalms 51:5 ) . And they say, F17 she was the cause of death to Adam, and to all the world: (See Gill on Romans 5:12). And they observe F18 the order of the punishment of the serpent, Eve, and Adam, as of their sin; the serpent was first accursed, then Eve, and last of all Adam. They say
 ``F19 Samael (the devil) could not subvert Adam, till the serpent came and turned the heart of Eve, and Eve turned his heart, and they both sinned; wherefore it is said, "the woman which thou gavest me"; Samael had no power to turn him, till Eve came, and she was the cause of his eating.''

To take the easy way out is to deliberately forget, e.g.:

  1. Paul knew Torah and the rest of Tanakh well, in case you forget. He knew about D'vorah the wife of Lapidot.
  2. He knew about Rut, who laid down at the feet of Bo'az.
  3. He knew about the mother of Lemu'el.
  4. He knew about the Malkat Sheva.
  5. He was of the same tribe as Hadassah.